C9 Fighter Berserker Basic Guide

C9 Fighter Berserker Basic Guide by xxtysonxx

The 3rd introduction to yet another class, le Beserker

Bersekers only live, breathe , and bathe in one thing: Blood. Years of war has trained them to wield large claymores of swords that no other warrior can handle. What they lack in grace , they fufill with power and every opponent they defeat fills their satisfaction of bloodlust until they finally release that bloodlust into a frenzy of powerful hits.


Base Stats (Increase per level, based on a scale of 10):
Str: 30 (high)
Wis: 6 (very low)
Sta: 15 (high)
Int: 8 (med)

Fighting Style:
Melee Nuke/Crowd Control
Melee Nuke/Hard Hitter

Wide-Hard Hits, Blood Points (explained at the end)

Battle Stances:
-Normal (hack): The Berserker holds his blade over one shoulder with one hand, allowing for faster attacks then Heavy Stance, most attacks are vertical, many command skills and guard require this stance, default stance (refer to videos to see how it looks)

-Heavy Stance (slash): The Berserker drops his sword on the ground and drags it along the floor with 2 hands to allowing wider 180degree horizontal swings and power at the cost of reduced movement and attack speed, stance is cancelled if you are hit, use a skill (exception of Giant’s Swing, Bloody Wave, and Force Rave which are exclusive to heavy stance), or change stance. (refer to PvP video to see how it looks)

Key Skills:
-Bloodlust (can be stacked with fury mode): Unleash stored anger and fury for a short buff in Physical Attack at the cost of a decrease in Physical and Magical Defense, but the fury is so powerful that the Berserker takes damage over time while using it. The Berserker also causes the opponent to feel his wrath by adding bleeding damage to every hit. Can be cancelled before running out at user’s discretion.
-Blood Impact: The Beserker can add his stored fury to specific skills to make the attacks more powerful and wider
-Rage Control: The Berserker starts hurting himself for a short time to increase the fury and rage within him, thus gaining blood points more rapidly then usual
-Drain Rage: Steal the fury and anger of all surrounding opponents to recover HP and give yourself blood points

Ultimate Skills:Kaiser Sword: The Berserker swings his sword in a 360degree circle facing his side changing from his left and right hand and finishes by jumping in the air and slamming the ground causing an explosion. The lv 45 passive adds more swings and 50% more damage (Note that the 45 passive upgrade is DISABLED in PvP).

Storm Rage (level 50, only used during with max fury): The Berserker swings his sword in anger so fast that he becomes a giant, flaming tornado that hits everything in its path and finishes with a slam that makes the tornado expand before dying. Anything caught in it will be launched and held in the air until the tornado passes.

PvE Video:

PvP Video:

Why i should be a Berserker:
-Very high damage
-Focuses on Strength and Stamina
-Rewarded for killing and using skills via Blood Points
-Wide range
-2hand swords are badarse

Why I shouldn’t be a Berserker:
-2hand Swords reduce movement and attack speed
-Slowest movement of any class
-Attacks are slowest of any class
-Little long-range skills

*Blood points explanation
You can gain blood points in 2 ways
1.Killing enemies, which give 1 point per kill
2.Using skills, points vary depending on skill used

Your amount of blood points can be seen here:

They can be spent on two things:
100 blood points = Bloodlust Mode (explained under “Key Skills”), here is how to tell when your in blood mode [Activated/Cancelled by using Shift+Right-Click]:


20 points = Blood Impact (activated when you click right click while using the skill, only works for certain skills)

Blood Impact is just a term for a skill which is buffed in power and range by using blood points. here is an example of a skill without and with blood impact.


With (blood impact is what created the yellow sphere):

Hopefully this will give you a good concept of how a berserker is played. This is my introduction to the Warrior branch called Berserker

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