C9 Basic Gameplay Guide

C9 Basic Gameplay Guide by nOcrEam

Hey guys,in this guide I am gonna analyze some basic Hows To that any player should be aware of.{Using the Waterford Village as a reference point}

1)How To:Dungeons

Okie, first of all in order to enter a dungeon you must go to the available Stage Entrances of the village

When you enter 1 of those,a map with the dungeons will appear,with several party and dungeon options on the right of your screen

Select name:This is where you select your dungeon
Select Difficulty:This is where you select the difficulty you wanna your dungeon to have,higher difficulty=more mobs,more xp and higher drop rate of rare items
Loots Settings(Equipment/Other items):These are the loot settings of your party,meaning how will the distribution of the items between the party members be

Allow Intrusion:Allows players with the appropriate level to intrude(enter) your dungeon with the purpose of killing you and taking the dungeon
Tip:When this option is on,you get huge bonuses!25% more xp,higher drop rate of rare items and less stamina* consumption…
*Stamina is a system that allows you to enter dungeons,if your stamina is empty,you can no longer enter dungeons.Don’t be afraid though,stamina resets daily,and you get an extra 250 stamina every week!
Allow Parties:Allows parties to enter the dungeon

2)How to:Learn Skills

As in any other mmo,you’ve got plenty skills to learn in this game,by visiting the skill trainer of your class
(Shaman Trainer)

Just click on your trainer and select Learn Skills

To be able to unlock all the skills though,you need to complete the class advancement quests,and finally the quest that you’ll get to choose your branch at level 20(example Shaman->Elementalist/Illusionist/Taoist)

In order to learn or level up skills,you need Skill Points,which you get every time you level up,and from certain quests!

3)How to:Intrude

The intrusion is a system that lets you intrude into dungeons of other players and kill them!(PK)

You need to be level 25+ in order to be able to intrude!

Kill Bonuses:Every time you kill another player,you earn some things:
a)You can earn titles after killing a specific number of enemies
b)Every killed enemy drops medals,which you can exchange for boxes that give some random items!
c)If you are in a guild you earn Guild Points

Extra information about intrusion:

  • If you are bored of intruding alone,don’t worry,you can create a party and intrude with your party members!
  • Intrusion got an entry fee which depends on your level(I am not sure though what the calculation is)
  • You don’t get any xp from killing mobs
  • You can use the healing shrine!
  • You can loot item dropped in dungeon!
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