7 Dragons Pro Tips

7 Dragons Pro Tips by heinrich_hartman

Here are the pro-tips given by several experienced players (credited by spark ID) during the pro-tip event. I’ve weeded out the the bad tips (there are occasions where I didn’t even understand what they were trying to say). If you have a tip to add that is not listed already. Then please post in this thread and I will add it to the list. These tips are in no particular order. I have edited several for grammar (my grammar isn’t perfect, but I will fix the mistakes I know) and correctness. I have also merged tips that are alike while crediting both who gave the tip. If you feel any tip needs to be changed, for whatever reason, please say so and I will take it into consideration.

I’m adding this to the top because it is oh so important. Learn OutSpark Terms of Service and act respectfully (act the way you wish to be treated).

Credits will be in red; extra information I added will be in blue.

1. Build up your resources first. The more you have coming in, the better. You will be able to build more quickly. Build fields and make sure your warehouse is nice and high so it won’t get full. halosknight

2. In the beginning, hunt from 15 going no more than 25-35 away with no army and you will level fast. halosknight
(I would start going further, with troops, around level 18)

3. This late in the game, stay in beginner’s protection as long as possible and try to build as much as possible. halosknight

Leave novice protection early on and save the foison scroll for when you have a lot of resources. znemy1
(Contradictory, yes? Let me clarify. If there is a new server, there is little worry of a big player coming to attack you, so the foison scroll is a good option to go for. If the server is old, it has several advanced players that can pose a threat and the protection can help you build. I will say that most respectful players won’t attack a beginner for no reason. Make your choice and be aware of the consequences.)

4. Once your resources are up to a decent level, use your scrolls to buy a 3rd building queue so you can build more often. The faster you can grow the better. halosknight

5. Farming mills and wheels is a big key at the beginning for any new player. Use your 10 double experience points, then farm like crazy. It may not seem much at first, but it builds fast. halosknight

6. Save most of your scrolls for the last few levels of your resource mines (17-20). They will take several hundred hours to complete otherwise. Building a level 20 research center will help greatly with this. heinrich_hartman

7. When going to mills and waterwheels, don’t bring any units. Your hero will travel much faster by themselves and there is no threat to their health there. The same goes for treasure hunting and gathering. heinrich_hartman

8. Try to find Major Abandoned Wildland resource mines. They have a higher resource output than their lesser counterparts. They will have Major in the name and will be larger than the lower resource mines. heinrich_hartman

At first you have only your main castle, so you can only take 2 wildland mines… there are 4 types of mines (Wood, Stone, Crystal, Food), your question could be which 2 are best to take in the beginning?
I advise you to take a Major Abandoned Lumbermill and a Major Abandoned Quarry, as you will need more wood and stone at start then crystal or food. reddragonviper

9. Always look for a hero with T7 specialty. This will help a lot in the upper levels when everyone has T7/9. That extra boost may decide the battle. heinrich_hartman

10. When exploring, do not do it close to home. The success rate is higher the further you are away from your home. Except for the quest, you should wait until a higher level to explore. What you find is dependent on your hero level. heinrich_hartman

11. Make sure to upgrade your warehouse quickly in order to build resources when away for long periods of time. joeycapone

12. Make sure to do your daily quests to earn helpful rewards. joeycapone
(Assign gathering quests, the rewards may seem small, but if you’re persistent you can collect many rewards a day)

13. Upgrade your army units whenever you can, you will need armies to fight well in higher levels. Lukasz_Lucky

All bonuses for tier7 units apply to tier9 as well ( hero specialy, well of life, etc ). pietry
(It’s important to work towards T7/9 and upgrade their research first. They are your strongest weapon.)

14. Save exp potions to use when you are just a potion or 2 to the next level, instead of using a hunt. bluebloods222

15. Do not worry so much with allocating resources if you only need a small amount of just one resource. Check the markets for it first, and ask around if someone would be able to post some up for you to buy, then, if all else fails, allocate. bluebloods222
16. On the first sight, heroes might seem unimportant and useless compared to large armies. Their level is actually one of the most important parts of the game, but do not forget that you can only lead those large armies with multiple high level heroes.

To get those high level heroes, make full use of the 10 double exp bonus that you will get when a new day (server time) is starting and spend them wisely. This means that at the end of the day you will have reached 0. Also make sure that you are not hunting with 0 exp bonus, that’s a waste of time.

For example, if PlayerA is only able to access the pc for 10 hours/day and PlayerB 20hours/day
The most effective way to train the heroes will be:
-PlayerA : Sending heroes 30 minutes (+return = 60 minutes) far everytime and keep on doing that for 10 times
-PlayerB : Sending heroes 60 minutes(+return = 120 minutes) far everytime and keep on doing that for 10 times reddragonviper
(I would like to point out that there is no faster way of leveling than this right here, making this one of the most important tips you’ll see.)

17. When you begin to play, there will be a quest that will require you to join an alliance. You can see a list of Alliances at the Rankings section.

You should study all the Alliances, read their description and choose where you think you best fit.

If the Alliance you want to join has requirements that you can’t accomplish fast, I advice you to level up your Alliance Chamber to at least level 3 and then create an alliance just to finish that quest. You can delete the alliance after the quest is over. reddragonviper

18. The best advice someone can give you when you start to play 7 Dragons is to read the Game Guide (you can find it at: http://sevendragons.outspark.com/guide ).

You don’t have to read it all at once. Everytime you have a question just go to it and try to find the answer yourself there. reddragonviper

You can access the forum and game guides from the “Help” tab just above the chat box. Eloren

19. At the start (in a novice pack), you will receive a Bronze VIP Card (3 days). Once you use it, it will activate the VIP function for 3 days (it includes: automatic tax collection, custom hero icon, automatic arena registration, automatic challenges in free arena, coordinate collection/custom link/double stored messages.)

My advice is to use it later when you have more heroes if you are not a diamond user. This way, you can change all 10 hero pictures without having to pay. reddragonviper

20. Build up your research center early on. It’ll pay off by saving you time on building everything else. Eloren

21. Work on building things that take less time while you’re at the computer playing. Save the longer build times for when you’ll be away or overnight. Eloren

22. Higher-level heroes will bring home more gold from waterwheels and resources from windmills. Eloren

Leveling up your hero is one of most important aspects of the game. There are many reasons of it, but basically, better hero equals more gold and resources from hunting (and mills and waterwheels), better rewards from quests, stronger army, better items from drops, glory points etc. kibic

23. Building level 5 taverns in all of your cities will give you a better chance of finding good heroes when it’s time to recruit. Eloren

24. When you go to sleep, put your heroes in the training camp for protection and for experience. russke
(They’re protected in the medical tent as well, so if you have an injured hero, this is a good option.)

25. Put soldiers in a bunker to protect them while you sleep (with a double food cost). russke

26. If you know that you’ll be away from the game for couple of days, try to build as many warehouses as possible before so that you won’t waste that time. kibic
(Basically, make sure you have room for all the resources you’ll make in that time.)27. Try to find inactive players (easy to find out – fame stays the same after few days) with developed cities and use them as farms. This will bring you lot of resources with no threat from anywhere. kibic
(Still be wary of their alliance. An alliance may very well attack any who attack one of their inactive players.)

28. When you need to fight a demon elite squad:
– Go to your map and click “View Demon Elite Squad” on the top right, then choose the closest one to you.
-Remove your troops from your hero before you send him. It is a one on one battle (like the arena), so the troops will only slow you down and possibly cost you your chance to fight it. helion65
(If it’s further than about 100 distance, forget it and wait for another time.)

29. Building your second city requires 1800 civilization, which is added daily. jadedeath
(I want to clarify this point as no one seems to understand it. The daily civilization increase is NOT equal to your total population. It has nothing to do with your population. Each building has a civilization value as well as a population value. A population value may be one while a civilization value is zero. That one population will not change your civilization at all. It is still important to upgrade your buildings if you want more civilization. There is a chart in the game guide that tells you the population and civilization value of every building, go read it. The civilization value is what figures your daily civilization increase. Please read this, I don’t even understand why so many people get this wrong and it results in people being just a few off from what they need because they were informed wrong.)

30. Gathering will let your hero gather elemental beads. 10000 of a particular sort of bead (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Dark) can be exchanged for one respective gem, which will be useful in forging. Each bead locks a different stat. The farther you go, the more beads you will receive. jadedeath

31. Do not use a taming stone on a low level mount. Keep it for a higher level and use it on a better quality mount. There are mounts for level 0, 30, 60, and 90. elementalfox

32. Heroes can be revived at the tavern. You can only revive one hero at a time. Using a scroll can cut the revival time in half if over 2 hours, and do instant revival if under 2 hours. jadedeath

33. Hunting gives out resources depending where you’re hunting forest=wood, mountain=stone etc. Demon Cities give out gem fragments which can be traded in at the depot or the shady dealer in the tavern. elementalfox

34. You can trade gem fragments in for gems and sell them at the market , they are worth alot since they are on high demand and is trade-able! pk3dyoura1
(Gem fragments are normally best saved for the Shady Dealer if you can catch him on time or for Blessed/Soul Gems in the depot.)

35. When choosing a hero, pay attention to it’s stats as well as it’s specialty. If the specialty is a magical unit, then be sure that the stats are more in favor of using magic. The same goes for physical units matching with a physically attacking hero. copolen

36. Make sure you keep upgrading buildings and your defense. In order to be protected from other players attacks make sure you upgrade your city wall, arrow tower, and keep. nds34

A good defense tactic against other players is to build a level 10 Keep as fast as possible. With good wall and arrow tower it will be a pain to enter your city.
(There was a myth floating around once, saying that you don’t need an arrow tower or a city wall past level 10. Ignore that myth. The city wall increases the defense of units inside the city, the myth being that it doesn’t help units at all, only providing a small outer defense. The arrow tower does do damage, even if it is an incredibly small amount. Think, even if a big player breaks through these walls in a second, your units will still have that stat boost to work with.)

37. Don’t waste your money on getting equipment at early levels. You’ll be leveling fast enough to be changing armor at an accelerated rate. You should aim to get your first steady sets around level 50-60. nicholasfsm

38. Try your best to get a perfectly hatched pet from the Bestiary (The pet will have two stats, both +6). Once you have this you have laid the foundation for perfection and saves you time later in the game. nicholasfsm

39. Do the tutorial guide before asking for help from others. nicholasfsm as well as any other experienced player who is tired of hearing the same questions over and over when they are in the tutorial

40. Explore the game at your will. Trial and Error is your best friend when you start off. If you don’t understand language than decipher it as best you can and run it through things. Knowledge is power in this game and if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll fall behind and it won’t be very fun. nicholasfsm

41. Listen to all information given to you. Granted you can be tricked, but another area where knowing your stuff comes in. Good information can come from low leveled players as well as the ones at the top. The ones at the top mean they’ve had the time and knowledge to put everything into a result. nicholasfsm

42. If you join an alliance, talk with them lots. When the game becomes redundant, Outspark will add things to make it interesting but the periods between development will probably be boring. Talk to your friends, make jokes and have fun chats on the alliance forums. As a player of nearly 2 years I know this keeps me going knowing I have something to play for. nicholasfsm

43. If you attack a player, don’t be a bully. Once is the big ka-boom, Twice is finishing lap, Thrice and you’ve found yourself bragging about yourself. Exceptions would be if you plan to conquer the city or the player had previously attacked you or a friend. However, you should generally abstain from doing such things. nicholasfsm

44. This is still just a game. Play like it is one. Nobody beats a game without dieing a couple times and be proud of what you accomplish. nicholasfsm

45. Upgrading your research center is vital to having a successful army. It’s the only way to make your tier 9 units (this combines two tier 7 units which are made in your ultimate building) (Also, tier 8 is a catapult if you were wondering.) ringofthedamned

46. Dragon Tokens, if you are not a diamond user, are very important. Save them until you are level 61 or higher. There is a better chance of you getting a higher quality item than at lower levels. nene4u
(To clarify, the higher quality gears are dependent on hero level. Hero level 41 being the first appearance of purple gears in hunts and 61 bring the first appearance of orange gears.)

47. Conquering player-made cities can be a lot harder than you expect. So don’t be over-confident when deciding you are going to farm some inactives. Make sure you scout them out, make sure they don’t still have a ton of troops in their city, and if they have put a lot time and money into their city walls and arrow towers, I wouldn’t attempt it at a low level. hazedwolfeyes

48. Trade your Sar-Elam’s Tokens to the Shady Dealer to receive Gem Fragments that you can in turn use to purchase goodies from the Dealer when you can catch him. nene4u

49. Dont save your gold; build units. This is a war game and you will need to defend yourself.
Start with T1’s they’re fast and cheap to build then a middle unit and finally your T7’s & T9’s for battle. NEVER get caught with money in the bank it wont help you on the battle field. nene4u

50. Build your castles near your main castle, that way you can reinforce them fast. predatorul

51. Also, DO NOT spread your stats out evenly as your hero levels up. in contradiction to the tip that was posted in the event
(First off, you only need either strength or intelligence, not both. Find the one that benefits your T9 and go for it. Second, you can balance your defense and magic defense through armors. Focus on resilience and wear magic defense armor or vice versa. I would switch with heroes, i.e. have one hero with resilience stat and magic defense armor and the other being the opposite. Third, stamina and agility are good stats, you can focus on both if you want, but I prefer agility. Agility increases critical rate and speed, plus armor sets already do a good job of giving an HP boost.)

52. When you make a new city, make sure you have supplies to up its defenses quick. Remember, only your main city can not be taken. jynxist53. Don’t get too distracted by upgrading wildlands mines. Prioritize your main city’s mines as they hold less risk (can’t be stolen, unlike wildland mines and in a worst case scenario other cities). The earlier you upgrade the better. theadvokat

54. Try not to attack people in an alliance unless you’re prepared to be attacked in revenge. theadvokat

55. Don’t annoy people. Especially strong people, it’ll potentially ruin your game if you antagonize them enough. theadvokat

56. It’s good to have friends, be they weak or strong. theadvokat

57. If your hero is low on hit points, put a stat point into stamina. This will fully restore their HP. demen85

58. Main Chat – It’s simple common sense really, but never give your army stats on chat. That’s just asking to be attacked. phoenix2312
(I removed a bit from the original tip on this for obvious reasons that most may not know. Your co-ordinates are on your personal page that everyone can see. It’s no secret so there is absolutely no need to hide it. Same goes for glory level. All rankings you have can be found just by using your name. The only thing that is hard to judge, is the amount of soldiers you have, the level of your unit research, city walls and defenses, and who is reinforcing your city. Do not give this information on chat. Fame is an indication of how much you have spent. The smart player will take that number and guess at what your force looks like. Fame does not decrease with soldier deaths, so when they guess your force, it is a guess at the maximum number of troops you have.)

59. There is no need for a circus or park in your main city other than getting a temple. Demolish them for space afterwards. e-nzo

60. You do NOT get more money from farther waterwheels, but you do get more from farther demon cities. beefhammer61

61. Hold celebrations at the temple to increase your civilization faster. More civilization will bring you more cities. annya-a

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