Wakfu Pandawa Builds Guide

Wakfu Pandawa Builds Guide by Lindel

Earth build:

Pros: PvM oriented,
High Damage,
Good resistances,
Nice survivability (HP oriented),
Quick monsters killing, which makes you grind faster,
No need to think too much about your moves.
Quick play -> Speed Bonus stealing

Cons: You have to hold the Barrell,
Low MPs,
Limited skills (You only have your Earth Branch and a couple of support Skills),
Few strategies available,
Not really PvP oriented,
No real use of your +100 Dodge Speed Bonus.

Earth Build:
Works on Damage and Close combat, always carries the Barrell, not allowing him to use support spells and other Elementary branches, not really strategical but solid and trustworthy.
Also Blisskrieg is one of the highest damage spells in the whole game.

Barrell to lvl3 for 3AP cost -> Summon and Carry in the same turn.
Bottomless Barrell lvl10 to lvl20 -> Raises Quarts (with an higher ratio than Barrell skill does) and Lock, meaning monsters won’t run away as easily.
It’s up to you how much you want to raise it, you’ll have to max it out later anyway, to keep stuff locked, and be Merry for a bit more without having to re-summon it.
Sherpa (Milky instinct) lvl20 -> It basically shields you from an hit out of five, being a 20% chance of having the Barrell take damage that would be dealt to you.

This is the “Must do part” then you can go for two paths, Raising Karchamrak and Barrellhop for a 6AP teleport (Throw, Barrelhop, Carry again), or raising Barrell of Laughs and eventually Master Of Merriment.

Fire/Water Build:
Pros: PvP oriented, there’s no real “worst class” to duel,
Can get out of really sticky situations,
Lots of Skills and strategies,
Fire and Water branches are linked (Dizzy state, blinding.. ),
Double element resist,
Your hands are free.

Cons: Really tactical, think well or you’ll be dead in no time,
Not PvM oriented (Slow Grinding),
Thinking takes time, so don’t count on Speed Bonuses too much,
Low Damage compared t most classes,
Needs 8APs

This one uses the Water Branch to set “Dizzy” state on his enemies, triggering Fire Branch skills side effects. Medium-low damage, very tactical build, can teleport, carry/throw, remove range, remove lock, prevent other character’s teleport and can hit through obstacles, also has a great variety of spells in his arsenal.
F/W is great at getting out of sticky situations, and is really helpful in parties, anwyay it needs 8AP to be effective.

F/W Build:
Barrell to lvl7 -> 2AP cost, needs to be as low as possible.
Karchamrak to lvl3 or Ether to lvl6, depending on which one suits your gameplay better, Ether decerases enemies lock, allows you to hit through them and prevents them from teleporting, while Karchamrak allows you to carry and throw characters and summons (doesn’t work on Totems, Beacons Glyphs, Bombs, and characters under effect of Ether)
Ether if you went for Karchamrak and vice versa. Milky Instinct (Sherpa) to lvl20 or Barrellhop to lvl8-9, Barrellhop to do the same combo I explained in the Earth build, or just quickly move around (Note: you can’t Barrellhop if you used ether on yourself).
Milky Instinct if you went for Barrellhop and vice versa.
Only thing you must raise is lvl7 Barrell, being this build tactical it has to suit your gameplay and you can do an infinite number of combos with it, I reccommend going for Aggressive Barrell after Milky Instinct, since it will cause your ebemy to go Dizzy everytime the Barrell shields you from damage.

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