Wakfu Choosing Your Class Guide

Wakfu Choosing Your Class Guide by Venusquake

Hi, This topic is gonna be about The lore and style of each class.

Most players start up wakfu and hear there are 14 Classes !? what one should i pick ?

im gonna make this easier for some new players by giving them all “Labels” Tank, Support , Damage

If i put a word in Bold that means its the main Specialty for that class, If i put none in bold it is a mix of all, 2/3 bold its hybrid/un-hybrid (if you can get your head around that term)

Support can be both Offensive support and Defensive support D.Support , O.Support if none is mentioned its both.

The Chart

Iop : Damage,Tank

Cra: Damage,O.Support

Eniripsa: D.Support,Tank

Sacrier: Tank,D.Support,Damage

Saddida: Other,Support,Damage (Mass summoners)

Pandawa: Tank,Support,Damage

Enutrov: Tank,Damage,Other (Loot)
Xelor: Damage,O.Support

Sram: Damage
Ecaflip: Damage,Tank,Other (Luck based, Crits)

Rogue: Damage,D.Support

Masquerader: Damage,D.Support,Tank (yet to be released, but if its anything like Dofus masquerader)

Feca: Tank,Support

Osamodas: Other (Summoners: summons can be Support,Damage,Tank,or Other.)

In the world of Wakfu not all damage is absorbed by the tank. (unless its a smart tank)
There is no such thing as “Agro” like other MMO

Some classes will work better with others than some , Example Iops may not work well with Saddida because the summons can get in the iops way, whereas Saddida are a Cra’s best friend. they can summon a army of dolls to occupy the target while the Cra can stand back and take advantage of the range.

im gonna just say some standard noob freindly builds each class could go (that is not super weak)
Their difficulty will be 1/5 for easy 5/5 for hard

Class Difficulty+ Recommended Elements
(stolen from my old post)

Though its never good to Tie classes Down to just one Element you should allays be able to have a backup say if a monster had really really high Fire resist and you could only use Fire, you would be in a very bad position, but if you were to have balance between two elements its quite rare that you find yourself unable to fight (Taurs for example can make themselves practically immune to one element each turn) Whereas if you could use multitude of spells you could find that one tree is much more effective against a certain enemy, (such as a Cra’s Air spells can be used to hit targets behind walls , Very Far range or Push them away where you may not be able to hit them with the other element spells or they will have much higher utility)

1 Iops , Fire or Earth

2 Cra , Fire or Earth

4 Enutrov , Earth , Water

4 Xelor , Both Air and fire (get billi set)

5 Rogues , Fire or air (they will probably have changed alot)

3 Ecaflip , Fire (without tarrots)

4 Pandawa , Earth for damage or Water full support tank

2 Saddida water Summon support (heals),earth

2 Eniripsa Water heals (Fire/Air is sort of Shadow-priest i guess)

5 Feca Fire, water support ,Earth Reflect Tank

2 Osamodas Fire summon support , Earth (just for Curve because that damage is decent)

3 Sacrier Air support , Fire Recoil high damage , Earth Tank

3 Masqueraders, not out yet (probably Earth,Fire (Judged by Dofus masq and the image of them))

2 Sram , Fire

The Mindset
All classes have their own Unique style of play, i will mention the type of Mindset required to play each class

Iop : Get hit , Hit back harder

Cra : Stay far and use the field to your advantage.

Eniripsa : Make your allies last longer and they can fight for you.

Sacrier : The More HP i have means more time for the team to win

Saddida : i can just summon dolls and sleep while they do all the work *Yawn*

Pandawa : Get drunk, Get stronger / Get everyone where i want them to be

Enutrov : Epic loot! (by the way bigger purge bags don’t mean better loot)

Xelor : i can Go where i pleases/ protect allies by preventing the enemies

Sram : Get behind them and Damage (100% melee class)

Ecaflip : Love the thrill of Luck (often finds themselves in situations where 50% win / lose)

Rogues : Positioning is Key to Success

Masqueraders : … ( Shields , Pulls and Charges away/towards enemy)

Feca : if i put this here and that there … / If i take the hits there is a 20% chance of reflecting all of it

Osamodas :MOO! ,her name is Gobella and its my pet :3 (captures creatures and summons them (like pokemon!)

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