RaiderZ Berserker Skills In Depth Guide

RaiderZ Berserker Skills In Depth Guide by qezcake

Berserker is the combination of dps and tank class. They specialize in 2h Sword/2h Blunt weapon styles. A Berserker gets right into the fight to do maximum damage, and maintaining agro.

Pros: Cool looking sword, good dps, good armor, easy to use.

Cons: No long distance moves, only self heal during outrage, basic combo is pretty slow.


Really one of your bread and butter skills for a berserker. It does large amounts of damage and knocks the enemy down, allowing you to hit them with another skill or combo.

Recommended level:

Dodge Attack:

This skill allows you to dodge an opponent and do one attack. This skill moves you slightly to the right. As with all Dodge skills, this must be used preemptively, and being hit during the animation due to bad timing causes no damage to be done to the other player/npc.

Recommended level:

Buffalo Charge:
Charges at the enemy, hitting UP TO 3 times. If all 3 hits are successful it also knocks them down. Rather hard to get all 3 hits. And they are only 60% damage at start.

Recommended level:
There are better skills that are faster and stronger than this one. I never use it personally. However it can be useful at times

Two Handed Weapon Mastery:
Increases damage. Need I say more?

Recommended level:

A VERY FAST sword slash that starts out doing 120% damage and goes up to 160%. This skill is very good for interrupting combos or getting some quick damage in on your opponent. Highly recommended, practically a must have.

Recommended level:

Triggers outrage. As you level this up it decreases the cooldown, starting at 2 minutes and reducing 20 seconds per skill. Don’t see a need in this, it’s very easy to get outrage anyway.

Recommended level:

Jumps into the air for 200% damage. Downside is you have to be in outrage mode. If you plan on using the outrage buff a lot and want to be dependent on it, then you might want this skill. However! In the case you cannot get the outrage skill then this is totally worthless.

Either 0 or 1-5.
Put spare points in it if you really think you’ll use it.

Dash of outrage:
Increases speed by 40% for 4 seconds. Consumes 50 energy. Completely pointless in my opinion.

Recommended level:

Blood thirst:
Reduces amount of hits required to achieve outrage, starting at 1 and going up to 3. This is sort of a give and take. If you have spare points to put into this, I recommend it. If not, put only one in it.

Recommended level:

If spare points, more.

Downward Hit:
2 Very fast attacks *following neutralize* that start at 80% damage and increase by 10% every level. Again, this becomes one of your bread and butter skills as it’s very useful in combos because of it’s speed.

Recommended level:

Restores energy by 50, if outrage is active restores 4% of hp. This increases by 4% however each level, maxing out at 20%. If you plan on pvp instead of rolling with parties doing dungeons, then I highly suggest maxing this skill, as it’s the only self heal a berserker has.

Recommended level:
0 for Dungeon Raiders who party
5 for pvpers

Upward swing of the sword that deals 140% damage, increasing by 20% each level. If you get ANY outrage skill, it should probably be this one. Nocturne is nice but the animation is long. This one isn’t incredibly fast, but it’s shorter than others, and does a decent amount of damage.

Recommended level:

Reduces energy regen by 10%, increases stamina regeneration by 10% and attack and incantation speed by 1%. I don’t find this very useful. Stamina regen is fast as it is, and though I spam my skills I don’t find myself running out very much. Also, 1% doesn’t make a hell of a difference.

Recommended level:

Adjust outrage:
Increases outrage duration by 5 seconds, another 5 seconds for 2nd level. This is one of those skills if you’re going to get, you have to see if it’s to your playstyle. Do you use outrage mode a lot? Did you get the berserker skill? If yes, then go ahead, max this. If not, don’t bother.

Recommended level:
0 or max

Note: These are all my personal opinions on the skills offered to us during the beta and how I used them as I progressed through the game to my lvl 25 berserker. I tried to cover different play styles to be using different skills the best I could. This guide is not for hybrids. It is for PURE berserkers, and should be taken as such. Please leave constructive criticism down below.

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