RaiderZ Berserker Hammer Build Guide

RaiderZ Berserker Hammer Build Guide by rosenduck

First of all, the build detailed in this guide is not a PvP nor a maximum damage output guide. If you want those, go somewhere else, this pond is not for you. Stupid, show-offy swans…

This build is meant for farming small to medium sized mobs, the kind that are affected by mini-stuns, and to a lesser effect, knockdowns, all while keeping yourself alive, and once you get used to it, unhit. This is the same build I use to solo hardmode catacombs (without Manelloth, stupid shield healing dummy) without the use of any bugs. Do note that it does take me close to an hour for a run, and sometimes you’ll die (stupid ghoul mages and their stupid OP freeze spells).

Required Skills, in order of importance:
Divine Punishment
Circle of Punishment
Focused Strike
Strike of Heal
Whirlpool of Light

Optional Skills:

Dodge Attack
Hammer of Justice
Healing Touch
Crystal of Life thingy (if you somehow still get hit)

Recommended Gear Set:
Chain Armor
STR / INTgems (depends your preference, really)

How to:
1) Gather as many little mobs as you can handle (I recommend 10-30, try to avoid the ranged / mage ones at first). Try not to get hit.
2) Lay down Circle of Punishment.
3) Once the little mob thingies are close enough, use Focused/Heal Strike. This has a wide arc and will generate a mini-stun.
4) Divine Punishment. Use it. It makes shiny lightning things. Also has a mini-stun.
5) Crush. Knock those kids down.
6) Forward Attack (W+Left Click) then normal attack, then retreating attack (S+Left Click).
7) Dance. Preferably the disco one.
8) Run around shouting “NYANYANYANYANYANYA” and repeat steps 2 to 6. If Circle of Punishment isn’t ready yet, just use 3 to 6, it’ll still work, but will do a lot less damage.

If you’re having problems (I swear to god it’s not that I’m a noob, I’m just lagging!), use Whirlpool of Light to buy yourself some time to cast Healing Touch.

Good luck out there, son.

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