Path of Exile Marauder Gameplay Guide

Path of Exile Marauder Gameplay Guide by PauseBreak


So, you think you’re badass enough to play the manly manbeast that is the Marauder?

First take this simple quiz:

Do you charge into battle laughing maniacally and frothing at the mouth?
Do you love to loot and pillage?
Have you ever killed your allies just for the fun of seeing them bleed?
Did you skip the quiz because you know you’re badass enough?

If you answered no to any of these questions, including question 4, you’re not badass enough to be a Marauder. Get out of my thread, puny one.


What? You want to know how to level as a Marauder? Well, I’ll tell you how. You run into your enemies and swing your Axe at their heads. Split them straight down the middle and bathe in the blood. Why is there even a levelling section here? Toughen up.


It’s one thing to be able to swing your 120kg 8ft Double Axe, but sometimes, your opponent is tougher then you. It happens. It’s a long way to being the best Marauder there is, and even when you get there, lesser Marauders are always trying to take your title, your women, your gold, your mead and your weapon. That’s why you need to get good. To protect your spoils, use these moves every day:

There is nothing better then charging into a group of foes and cleaving them through the middle. A good Marauder knows the cleave well, as many notches come from it. Lesser foes will simply fall, but mightier enemies might require a few knocks. Use your battle knowledge and decide accordingly.

Enduring Cry
When I let out my Enduring Cry, my foes cower, the mountains shake and it awakens the Gods. Truly, it’s a sound to fear. Those that don’t die from fear of my coming, are taunted into trying to kill me, in hopes of glory. Let them come. They will learn. They will die from that mistake.

Glacial Hammer
A good Marauder always carries a few weapons. One of the weapons in your arsenal should be the mighty, solid Mace. You will need a Mace to be able to perform the Glacial Hammer. There are times when you’ve hit your foe and he’s become frozen in fear and probably pissed himself. That is the time to activate your Glacial Hammer and crush him into bone powder. The Glacial Hammer stops for nothing, and shatters all who would try.

Ground Slam
Again, you will need your Mace, although a solid staff can also serve a purpose here. If you can’t find a staff, take one from the closest coward in a robe. Sometimes, you need to stun your foes senseless. Nothing does that better then creating fissures into the very ground beneath them. Your natural strength is enough that tapping the ground with your weapon will create great cracks in the Earth beneath you. With enough skill and strength, you can aim those cracks at your foes, knocking them useless and inflicting heavy damage.

Leap Slam
There is nothing mightier then leaping into the fray of battle and scattering your enemies. Leap Slam is one of the strongest moves in your arsenal. A well-timed battle leap will knock your enemies into each other, stunning them and pushing them back out of fear and cowardice, giving you room to swing your mighty weapon into a few skulls. Some Marauders use Leap Slam as a way of escaping battle, they must be half-blooded coward.

Shield Charge
You spot your foe on the battlefield, but he is hiding behind legions of scum, as cowards do. He’s too far away for a Leap Slam and you think his blood would look pretty decorating your Axe. Using shield charge you can rapidly close the distance, knocking everything, including mountains, out of your way. Your target will be stunned in fear of your approach and will be in pain from being hit by your death charge.

There are times when you’ve become surrounded and are begining to take more hits then you’d like. Sweep will give you room to swing your weapon again freely, by knocking your foes back. Your mighty Axe or Mace is the most effective at clearing arm room, although a cowards staff can serve just as good.


You get the mightiest, most badass weapon you can find, the sexiest loincloth there is and go to battle. The blood and bone of your foes is your armor, so be sure you’re covered in it at all times.



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