Wonderland Online Cuss Burst Guide

Wonderland Online Cuss Burst Guide by Hoshu

Searched in the forums but only one guide was about this,for wind only so here are all steps for the 3 fires burst.

First,the RBed chars (3 fires)that don’t change and don’t get any exp; the Wit and Killer steps(as for SP i usually set my remote at 400-450) :

Next in the line,are the chars that need burst.
I start with the Fire (my current client)Fiery,Fiery,Slowdown,Poison,Poison

Example of exp gained with my chars :

Water: Freeze,Water Shield,Freeze,Shrink,Shrink; Wind :Speed Up,Shield Smash,Coma,Cord,Cord

Earth: Terra,Stone Wall,Bind,Blockage,Blockage 

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  1. I think for non-rb = Using Mess Spell instead of Poison Spell would receive more EXP right?
    I tried using Poison Spell and got 46k-50k EXP.
    I tried using Mess Spell and got 70k-115k EXP.

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