TERA Online Priest Class FAQ

TERA Online Priest Class FAQ

Q: How does the priest’s healing per second compare to a damage class’ damage per second?

A: As with all things TERA, it boils down mainly to the skill of the players involved. In multiplayer PvP, as with party play, the quick cooldown of the priest’s Heal Thyself and Focus Heal spells means the priest is going to be more concerned about positioning than spamming a heal button; a lot of the duels we’ve been fighting in-house have been ending in draws. And don’t discount the priest’s damage output either–this class is more than capable of holding its own.

Q: What party buffs can priests provide?

A: Aside from the “stop you from dying due to lack of health” buff, a priest’s blessings increase a group’s out-of-combat movement, boost strength, crit resistance, and also give a prolonged regenerative effect.

Q: Will the priest have damage output equal to other classes? Can priests solo through PvE content?

A: Try not to think of it as “equal to” or “less than.” Priests are effective both solo and in groups, and like any class, depending on the situation do better or worse in combat. Quick ranged attacks and fluid combat style make them very similar to an archer in combat, but with far different results.

Q: Will priests be able to resurrect party members in combat and why?

A: Yes. The Resurrect spell works like the priest’s circles, and does not distinguish between “in” or “out” of combat. As to why…let’s just say that priests use the best kind of armor in combat: yours.

Q: Will we see improvements in the awesomeness of priest and caster spell graphics?

A: As mentioned in last week’s Pegasus Express, skill graphics are not yet finalized.

Q: Do priests have any skills to help them survive a PvP encounter? How effective will a priest be at healing themselves compared to healing allies?

A: As mentioned above, the priest’s self-heal is on a pretty short cooldown, and restores a significant portion of the HP bar. Cast times for it and the mana regen skills are similarly short, and a skilled player can use the range of their attacks to good effect during PvP. But a priest has other protections besides healing-shields and buffs go a long way for an agile priest.

Q: Are priests required for successful group play? Will groups need both mystics and priests?

A: Priests bring vital survivability to a party and adventuring without one would be difficult but not impossible. Mystics are very different than priests in their hybrid nature. Parties with both a priest and a mystic benefit from survivability and enhanced damage output.

Q: Why is the priest named “priest”?

A: Priests delve into TERA’s entire pantheon to learn from the successes and mistakes of the gods. Their studies immerse them in the divine energy the gods imbued into the world and their creations. Priests strive to emulate all the good aspects of the gods of TERA: life, justice, knowledge, protection, and devotion.

Q: Do multiple priests’ heal-over-time spells stack?

A: At this time the effect of multiple priests casting Rejuvenation Circle simply causes the duration to refresh, not stack.

Q: Do priest buffs work like some healing spells, which affect a circumference around the caster?

A: Some do, yes. Since priests don’t generally need to cast them during combat, they don’t broadcast their area of effect like the healing circles.

Q: Does the Fiery Escape skill always cause knockdown?

A: No; in fact, if your enemy is agile enough, it may not even cause damage. This skill is to help the priest get out of a scrape by moving them out of it.

Q: Will there be specific stats and gear for priests?

A: Also mentioned in last week’s Pegasus Express, as you progress in TERA you’ll find that some armor is designed with the specific classes in mind.

Q: Can priests resurrect players outside of their party?

A: Yes.

Q: Is priest lore different for each race?

A: The internal divine energy that created each race is slightly different and some races have gods they gravitate to. However, priests are learned in the ways of all the gods. And since the gods’ powers were severely diminished during the Divine War, the priest has to tap into the divine energy of the entire pantheon.

Q: Are amani priests allowed to eat meat on Fridays?

A: Amani priests are not allowed to eat meat on Fridays, it’s an amani tradition.

Q: Do priests perform marriages or civil unions? How about circumcisions?

A: Each culture in TERA has its own rituals for marriages and civil unions; priests are able to officiate them all. Circumcisions require the assistance of a berserker, slayer, or warrior, whichever the parents prefer.

Q: Would you say a priest’s skills are limited more by mana or cooldowns?

A: A combination of both is a fair answer.

Q: The Divine Bolt spell says that it will always hit the opponent with a critical hit. Are there other benefits of critical hits besides increased damage?

A: The Shocking Barrage (Divine Bolt was an old name) has some special damage escalating properties but doesn’t guarantee a critical. The priest class doesn’t gain any special benefits from critical damage.

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