TERA Online Lancers Tips

TERA Online Lancers Tips

Ten Tactics Tips for Lancers

1) Stand Fast uses your shield to absorb damage. Party members behind you also receive less damage while this skill is active, although some ranged skills will not fire through your defense. Stand fast when those behind you are low on health and the enemy is in front of you, for unmovable defensive power.

2) Debilitate uses your shield to weaken your foes’ endurance. You can use it up to three times to stack the effects. Once you’ve softened them up, a powerful skill such as Decisive Blow will do lots of extra damage.

3) Spring Attack is a massive damage dealing skill with a slow activation time. You can speed it up by first using Shield Bash, Shield Wallop, or Combo Attack.

4) Shield Bash does limited damage, but stuns every time. Shield Wallop does more impressive damage, and might stun on the second tap of the skill key, but it uses more MP and has a longer cooldown time. Use Shield Wallop when you need the damage and stunning is an added bonus. Use Shield Bash when you must stun. It’s a good skill for those stun-and-run situations.

5) Lancers can draw and hold aggro, which-along with their amazing shield defense-makes them excellent in a tanking role. Infuriate draws aggro every time. Challenging Shout doesn’t guarantee aggro, but makes it likely. It costs the same MP, has a shorter activation time, and a cooldown 1/60th as long, so use it as needed while Infuriate is cooling down.

6) Lance Charge and Onslaught are both charging skills that damage everything in their path. Lance Charge moves you forward 15 meters, then delivers four lance blows in quick succession. Onslaught advances you 20 yards, thrusting with the lance the entire way, for up to 12 hits. Onslaught has the higher hitting power and number of strikes, but Lance Charge costs 1/5th the MP. Lance Charge is most useful for covering ground between you and a foe rapidly, and Onslaught for doing lots and lots of damage.

7) Retreat from multiple foes long enough for them to line up behind you in pursuit, then turn and hit them with Onslaught to take out the whole queue. Against enemies likely to knock you down, Onslaught is not only a good finisher, but it helps keep you on your feet longer.

8) Foes too far away? Grab them from up to 15 meters with Leash, then pummel them while they’re stunned, using power strikes like Shield Wallop and Spring Attack.

9) When you’re taking a beating and there’s no priest in sight, Second Wind allows you to regain HP for ten seconds that may save your life.

10) Retaliate takes advantage of a knockdown with one of the most damaging counterattacks in your arsenal. Learn to time this for maximum effect. If your foes stay nearby after attacking, use it instantly to regain your feet and minimize the extra damage you take when knocked down. If they move away, you can delay using Retaliate for a few seconds to catch them as they return in your circle of destruction.

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