TERA Online Crystal Combinations Guide

TERA Online Crystal Combinations Guide by Ryan

By no means is this an end-all crystal guide, but I will show you the results of my research, as well as my personal opinion on what crystals will fit best for different situations. You’re free to try your own combinations, and give me feedback on your findings. Also keep in mind that there’s a LARGE difference in crystal effects when choosing between PvE and PvP. They could very well change the tide of the battle.

*NOTE* Currently this guide is based on a DPS character’s view. I will add Tank and Support sections later on. ALSO keep in mind that I’m basing this on you having gold weapons/armor for 4x slots. You will need to subtract one for blues/greens. Use the English patch to get the same names shown here.


PRECISION STRIKE: Grants a solid crit rate increase. It may not seem like much, but crits in TERA are very rare and level dependent, so every bit helps. This is a no brainer. Works in PvE/PvP.

DIRTY BLOW: Grants crit damage when hitting something on its back. This one is universal, aka anything hit and crit’d on its back will receive a generous boost of damage. Works in PvE/PvP.

MORTAL STRIKE:Grants crit damage when critting WITH LESS THAN 50% HP. You do NOT need to be aligned with their back for this crystal to work. Keep in mind that this is a very dangerous crystal to use, and I only recommend it when you’re in absolute control of the situation. Works in PvE/PvP.

EXECUTIONERS ANGER:Grants crit damage when hitting a NORMAL SIZED MONSTER on its back. Like above, but only works on regular sized monsters. Aka, the leaders of those packs of monsters, or those that come in pairs/singles. Works in PvE only.
WRATH OF THE CHALLENGER: Grants crit damage when hitting a LARGE SIZED MONSTER on its back. Similar to Dirty Blow, this crystal will add even MORE crit damage, but only on large sized monsters. Do not be misled by its translation mentioning medium sized. Works in PvE only.WRATH OF THE TERMINATOR: Grants massive crit damage when critting on AN ANGRY MONSTER. Yeah, you know the type. They hate you, they want you dead, and they’re pissed that you kicked their ass. You do NOT need to be aligned with their back for this crystal to work. Works in PvE only.

THE FLOW OF MANA:Grants X amount of MP every 5 seconds and *STACKABLE*. For Berserker, Slayer and Archer especially, MP is a very important factor in your soloing. You want to be able to always use your highest damage skills while never stopping to rest. These crystals are GODLY for that. Works in PvE/PvP. Sorcerer may not need the MP boost, thus you’ll need to find your own substitute. Go nuts.

BATTLE OF THE SPEED:Grants X amount of movement speed while in combat. Its not much, but becomes noticeable when youre constantly dodging danger(PvE/PvP), or when chasing(PvP).

GRANDEUR OF THE CHALLENGER:Grants X amount of raw damage while fighting MEDIUM SIZED monsters. More info on this in crystal combination sections.

ASSAULT OF THE PROJECTION:Grants X amount of MP when you hit a PLAYER CHARACTER. Self explanatory, this is about double the amount of FLOW OF MANA. Works in PvP only.


FLOW OF THE RECOVERY:Grants X amount of HP every 5 seconds and *STACKABLE*. These crystals are AMAZING. As long as you’re not completely incompetent in PvE, you’ll always be at max HP.

SPEED OF PEACE:Grants X amount of movement speed while not in combat. It may not seem as important, but you WILL spend a long time going from mob to mob as you solo grind. I’ve never put this baby down, myself.

PATIENCE:Grants X amount of MAX HP, and *STACKABLE*. No description needed. The amount they give is rather large. Such as 2.5k each at level 48. Ridiculous.
BLESSING OF SALVATION:Grants a 50% chance for a self buffed shield that blocks a certain amount of incoming damage, when you’re knocked down or INTERRUPTED. It lasts 5-8 seconds depending on the crystal. Works for PvE/PvP. NOTE: The buff will tell you exactly how much it absorbs.


-Mortal Strike, -Wrath of the Challenger/Executioners Anger, -Wrath of the Terminator, -Dirty Blow

Because I know this is the part people want to see the most. At 35+, this grants about 7x crit damage. At 48+, about 8x. Use this if you want to see the highest possible damage your character can put out. Keep in mind it only works when you crit on an ENRAGED monsters back and you have under 50% HP. Extremely situational, but so freaking satisfying. (PICTURE OF THIS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE POST!!)


The enemies’ attention will not be focused on you, so your job is to go absolutely insane and destroy everything. Your primary task will be to align yourself with the monsters backs, and pray for crits. But once you DO crit, your numbers will be insane. Preferred crystals:

-Precision Strike:Crit Rate is always sexy.

-Dirty Blow:No limitations on monsters backs. Sexy.

-Wrath of the Challenger: More crit damage to large monsters’ backs.

-Executioners Anger: More crit damage to normal monsters’ backs.

This is the setup I normally use, balanced to give 300%+ crit damage to every monsters’ back. Keep in mind that if you KNOW what you’ll be primarily fighting, substitute the crystal that does NOT correspond to that monster type, and add something for more power, or MP recovery. Wrath of the Terminator and Mortal Strike work best here.

-Grandeur of the Challenger 4x: Raw damage against medium sized(big) monsters.
In TERA, your crit rate is lowered when fighting mobs your level or higher. As you keep leveling, you gain more and more(drastic, really) crit rate against the same monsters. Use this setup when fighting medium sized monsters higher level than you. Its better than stacking crit damage when your rate will be nerfed dramatically.


For PvE, sustained survivability will be your best bet. There’s very few chances where you’re allowed a shot at a monsters back, thus making most of the crit crystals useless. Your goal here is to take down the highest number of mobs possible without needing to rest. Preferred crystals:

-Precision Strike: Duh.

-3x Flow of Mana: You’ll always be able to keep the slaughter going with three of these babies.

This is my USUAL setup when Im mindlessly grinding solo, since I don’t get too many chances to hit monsters’ backs when their attention is focused solely on me. If you don’t need that much MP recovery, feel free to sub one for Battle Speed or Mortal Strike and Wrath of the Terminator.

-Grandeur of the Challenger 4x: Raw damage against medium sized(big) monsters.
In TERA, your crit rate is lowered when fighting mobs your level or higher. As you keep leveling, you gain more and more(drastic, really) crit rate against the same monsters. Use this setup when fighting medium sized monsters higher level than you. Its better than stacking crit damage when your rate will be nerfed dramatically. This setup is when soloing same level or higher mediums. (You should REALLY… not do that.)


Sustained survivability remains as a main objective, and there’s crystals that help greatly when it comes to that. However… there’s not much difference between party and solo play. Preferred crystals:

-Speed of Peace: You’ll spend a lot of time going from mob to mob. This helps cut that time by A LOT.

-4x Flow of the Recovery: Yep. You’ll rarely ever be in danger if you have three/four of these. Absurdly effective for soloing. OR…

-4x Patience: Party specific, you won’t need the recovery that much since you’ll probably be with a Priest/Mystic. However, the max HP may save you from those OHSHI- moments.


Big difference when 1v1ing between ranged and melee classes. It may be a mind game for some, or a breeze for others. There’s large differences between each class you face, but not that many in the crystals you choose. Preferred crystals:

-Battle of the Speed: Sorry mates. This one is practically a requirement. Chasing or running, it doesn’t make a difference. More speed will ALWAYS be helpful.

-Precision Strike: Another requirement. A well placed crit may very well end the battle in one shot. You want all the rate you can get.

-Mortal Strike: Although you don’t exactly want to be put in a -50% HP situation, it will happen to you. A LOT. This will help you change the tide of battle with those few last crits.

-Assault of the Projection: MP is incredibly important in PvP. Though it may be more beneficial to some classes, it remains noticeable for everyone. You’ll definitely want to grab this.


Almost a no brainer when it comes to these. You want whats best to SURVIVE. Some classes, such as tanks, may find certain combinations to be far more effective for them. I will cover those later. Preferred crystals:

-4x Patience: Simple, isn’t it? Your HP is the single most important defensive aspect you CAN improve, and this will give you a huge chunk of it.

-Blessing of Salvation: Situational. Slayers and Berserkers have ridiculously high knockdown rates, so specifically for them, feel free to substitute one of the HP crystals for this. It may very well save you from being rombo combo’d.

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