SWTOR Legacy and Legacy Name Guide

SWTOR Legacy and Legacy Name Guide by Aieny

What is Legacy?

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, your Legacy is your impact on the server, regardless of which character or faction you play. At this time, we have very little information on the Legacy system, other than being able to choose the name of your Legacy and that more is forthcoming (and apparently Stephen Reid is excited about what’s coming, but he can’t tell us anything…yet).

When do I get my Legacy?

Your Legacy is unlocked when one of your characters first completes Chapter 1, which is around level 30. Legacy is on a per-server basis, so if you play on two different servers, unlocking your Legacy on one server does not unlock it on the second server.

What benefits do I gain from Legacy?

Currently, your Legacy name can be displayed on all your characters, either as a last name or a Legacy name. You can also choose to hide the Legacy name from your characters. Also, you can begin to accrue “Legacy experience”, which will be used to unlock future Legacy benefits.

Is my Legacy related to my character, my faction, or is it server-wide?

Your Legacy is server-wide, so both your Republic and Imperial characters will share the Legacy name. Thus, it is important that you choose a Legacy that is appropriate for all the characters you intend to play on that server (or opt to hide the Legacy from those characters where the Legacy does not match well).

Will my Legacy name appear exactly as I enter it?

No. All Legacy names, regardless of how you enter it into the system, will appear with an initial capital letter and all lowercase letters afterward. The Legacy name follows the same restrictions as character names. For example, entering “GrandMoffAieny” as my Legacy name would turn that into “Grandmoffaieny“.

How do I gain Legacy levels?

Legacy levels are earned through regular experience earning channels. A percentage of all experience you gain is also granted to your Legacy experience. Also, your Legacy experience is shared between all your characters, so playing multiple characters still builds your Legacy.

Wait, are you saying I’m losing experience to Legacy experience?

Nope, not at all. Even with your Legacy active, you still gain 100% experience. However, you gain additional experience that is sent to your Legacy experience pool.

How much experience does it take to earn a Legacy level?

The first Legacy level requires 240,000 Legacy experience. That translates to roughly 1.2 million regular experience points. Subsequent Legacy levels increase the requirement by about 1000 Legacy experience each, or about 5000 regular experience points.

How do my alt characters contribute to Legacy experience?

The amount of Legacy experience earned while playing a character is level dependent. For example, a level 35 character earns about 20% of her normal experience in Legacy experience. On that same account, a level 1 alt character earns about 66% of experience in Legacy experience. The higher the level of the character, the smaller percentage of experience is added to the Legacy experience.

This keeps players who like to play alternate characters from being penalized in their Legacy experience gains. While a high level character earns more absolute experience, the progressively smaller percentage (aka sliding percentage) added to Legacy experience means that low level characters contribute significantly more experience to the Legacy than if the system used a straight percentage.

Are Legacy names unique to the server?

Yes. Legacy names are unique to the server. As James Ohlen puts it, the Legacy name is your “family” name on the server. It is an identifier of who you are, regardless of which character you are playing.

Can I allow other people to share my Legacy?

No. Your Legacy is yours and your alone; there is no option to allow other accounts to share in that Legacy.

Can my other accounts use the same Legacy?

No. Legacy names are unique to an account; accounts cannot share Legacy names.

Can I change my Legacy?

Unfortunately, there is no option to change your Legacy name, so be extremely careful when entering your Legacy name. Only in cases where the Legacy name violated the Rules of Conduct have people been able to get their Legacy name changed.

What if I delete all my characters? Will that delete my Legacy name?

No. Once your Legacy is created on the server, it is permanent to that server.

How can my Legacy name be displayed?

Rather than try to describe how the Legacy name appears, I will give several examples of Legacy appearance. So, let’s assume that I use two different titles, “Darth” and “the Forcewalker”, and my legacy name is “Legasaria”. So, here’s breakdown of how my name could appear:I could choose to show it as a last name. This is the default when the Legacy is first unlocked.

Darth Aieny Legesaria
Aieny Legesaria the Forcewalker

However, I could choose to display it as a Legacy Title, where it appears under my name:

Darth Aieny
The Legesaria Legacy
Aieny the Forcewalker
The Legesaria Legacy

As a third option, you can hide the legacy name so it doesn’t appear.

Where is the option to change how my Legacy is displayed?

The Legacy display option is in the Preferences menu, under Social. Look in the Legacy section for a dropdown menu to choose how to display your Legacy.

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