SWTOR Directive 7 Flashpoint Guide

SWTOR Directive 7 Flashpoint Guide by Petrus

Level: High level (Lvl 50)
Detector (mini boss)
Mentor Assassin Droid
Cyborg (mini boss)


Mentor Assassin Droid

The Mentor Assassin Droid fight is the first full boss fight in the Directive 7 flashpoint. There are three enemies, the main boss and his two bodyguards. The bosses use a combination of a conal aoe attack, a knockback, and shields as their mechanics. The real key to this fight is watching and managing the attacks on the shields.

The orange shield reflects all attacks, including dots that were already on it when the shield goes up, while the blue shield absorbs all attacks. Players needs to attack whichever Droid is not shielded at the time, and be quick about switching targets when it changes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyANtXlsktw (4:30)

Dots are pretty rough on this fight, as the orange shield can switch to a new enemy that already has dots on it, doing quite a bit of damage to the player who cast them. If possible, avoid using any dots that last longer than a couple seconds.

Tanks should face these enemies away from the entrance to the room, and away from the group.


The Interrogator is the second boss int he Directive 7 Flashpoint. Over the course of the fight, the Interrogator will cast scan on a player, spawning a clone from one of the doors to the bosses left or right. Clones spawn on a timer, and if they aren’t DPSd quick enough will act as a soft enrage.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzeD2OXVM…yANtXlsktw (3:32)

If possible, the tank should bring the clones near the Interrogator so that AoE abilities can be used. Ranged adds that won’t move should be burned down quickly, and classes with dots should keep them up at all times.

If a healer ever gets cloned it should be burned down as soon as possible.


Bulwark is the third boss of the Directive 7 Flashpoint. Over the course of the fight, Bulwark will cast a ground targeted missile AoE under a player that they must move from. Bulwarks main ability is called “Defensive Protocols”. Panels to the left and right of him activate, and cast a shield on Bulwark, making him immune and dealing massive AoE damage to the party.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzeD2OXVM…yANtXlsktw (6:13)

Ranged/Heals should stand to the left and right of Bulwark so that they can deactivate the panels when he uses Defensive Protocols.


The Assembler is the fourth boss in the Directive 7 flashpoint. He starts the fight with two turrets, which he heals when they get low on health. Throughout the fight, Assembler will attempt to use a channeled ability called “repair mode”, and if it’s not interrupted he will heal himself for a significant amount.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCX9KJvPU…feature=iv (0:43)

The easiest way to do this boss is to have one of the ranged players aggro both turrets, and then hide behind the the wall near where you start the fight at. DPS down the boss, interrupting his Repair Mode, and then once he’s dead finish off the turrets.


Mentor is the Final boss of the Directive 7 Flashpoint. At the start of the fight, Mentor will spawn two defensive laser turrets, and players will need to take these out. Mentor will also summon a claw that targets an individual party member and blasts them for high damage. This ability needs to be kited.

Once the turrets are down, one of Mentor’s processor cores can be destroyed. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though. During this phase, a processor core guardian spawns with very high hp, and does high damage. This needs to be tanked, and killed. At the same time, players much destroy the two Processor core turrets, the processor core itself, avoid the AoE ground targeted missiles that Mentor is launching, and still watch out for/kite the laser claw.

After the Guardian is destroyed, the first two Defensive turrets respawn, and two more Processor cores become vulnerable. Players will still have to kite missiles and the laser claw. Once these cores are destroyed, the fourth, and last core becomes vulnerable, along with two more turrets and the second and final Core Guardian.

Once all four Cores are destroyed, and the final Guardian is dead, Mentor himself comes out to fight. He will randomly attack players with a high damage, unavoidable laser. Players must be shielded or healed through this attack, or they will die. Mentor himself has very low HP, and should be burned down ASAP, while still avoiding the laser claw and the missile attacks. The overall length of this fight is about 10 minutes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCX9KJvPU…feature=iv (3:40)

During the first phase with the two defensive turrets, players can LoS one or the other, making the fight much safer, and saving resources for the long phases ahead.
During the phase when the processor core is vulnerable, it’s best to take down it’s defensive turrets, and then the processor, before focusing on the Core Guardian.
This is a long fight. Resource management and off healing will be extremely important.
During the final phase, any survivability CDs, shields, etc should be used, and all players should focus on burning Mentor. Don’t forget to keep kiting the laser claw and missile attacks however.

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