La Tale How To Enchant Your Gear Guide

La Tale How To Enchant Your Gear Guide by Tanukiyasha

Okay, I have people asking me all the time how I get such high enchant values on all my gear. So today, I’m going to make a guide on how I enchant my things.

(note, this may not be the best method, it’s just what works for me)


Okay first off, you want to make sure you have both Master Hand Title, AND a Metal Crafting Mask (from the fashion shop), otherwise the best you can enchant your gear is at 95% success. If you can’t afford the astros to buy a mask, then find someone who already has one who can enchant for you (note, they can only enchant trade able items for you). Also, be sure to use an Enchant Remedy every time, or if you can afford it, an Advanced Enchant Remedy. Using all these together can get you 100% enchant success rate as long as the durability is above 105. Once the durability hits below that, that extra 6-8% helps A LOT, believe me.


Make sure your gear has at least one high level option (lv7 – lv10 is acceptable), and the durability is between 230 and higher. With coli gear, this can be frustrating/expensive to pull off. Most of the best gear in the game only needs 2 enchants, instead of 3 or 4, the reason for this is that there just simply isn’t enough dura to make more than two enchants unnaturally high. So be sure to choose which two stats you want on your gear, and remember you can always add a manual option yourself through puzzles. If you can’t find gear that meet these qualifications KEEP TRYING, never settle for sub-par gear.

Once you find the right quality gear, then you have the perfect potential overpowered equips. Once you got what you need, be sure to re-option said gear at the NPC Tonio in Elias City. Considering his re-option rate is only 50% success, you may want to stock up on Re-Option remedies and make sure you have A LOT of ely. I’m not kidding, Tonio will make you go broke if he can so a 15% success rate boost form the Re-Option remedies help a lot.

When re-optioning, be mindful that the level of the enchant will always stay the same, but the value of the enchant will be randomized. If the value seems too low for it’s level, don’t stop there. A lv10 enchant for example, can have a value over 30, and not 12. Keep this in mind.

Often, you will end up with a left over low level/value enchant, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. This is where the first stage of cubing comes in. Cubing lowers an enchant by one level at a time, but also increases the durability by 1 – 3. This can add up and that extra little bit of dura can go a long way. When cubing the enchant, just make sure it’s one that won’t effect you negatively, like “Rare Item Drop Rate”. THis is because an enchant cubed down to lv1 can easily go in the negative values and take AWAY from your stats, (like -4 stamina). So be very careful.


Now you’re ready to use puzzles on your gear! Only use super puzzles on gear you plan to have/use for a very long time. Super puzzles are too expensive to waist on temporary or short-term gear, so use your money wisely.

Now, when you start to enchant with super puzzles, pay close attention to the added stat value of each puzzle added. If the value increase is only 1-2 points more than 3 times out of the 10 different level puzzles, just stop. At that point, you may as well have used normal puzzles, and is a strong sign the gear will not make it to hax level, so it’s not worth the time and money wasted in resources to continue. But sometimes you can get lucky, so if you want to risk it, it’s your gamble.

Now, once you’ve added the 10th puzzle are you happy with the value of the enchant? Is it over 50 points or higher? No? Well this is where the second stage of cubing takes place. After the enchant level hits 10 you can re-cube it to level 9, and then add the lv10 super puzzle again. The value the super puzzle adds is usually greater than the cube takes way, making the lv10 enchant higher than it was before. How often you can do this without breaking your gear greatly effects how high the value of the level 10 enchant can go. However, you may get unlucky and the value will decrease after re-supering. If this happens more than 3 times, it is another sign to stop and give up. But again, you could get lucky if you continue, so just another gamble. Below is a chart on how much you want to risk your gear with enchanting with super puzzles.

SAFE – No chance of breaking

Once the success rate is no longer 100%, just stop. Then you simply can’t break your gear. (easy right?)

Stopping at this rate will often result in decent to greatly enchanted gear, but not often pro, unless you are very lucky.

RISKY – about a 50-50 chance you’re going to break it….

Keep re-supering until the success rate hits around 80%! This can be risky because even from 80 – 100% success, things still have a nasty habit of breaking easily. However, if your gear does not break, you will usually end up with some awesomely enchanted gear, on pro level!


DANGEROUS! – This doesn’t often end well.

Keep re-supering your gear until the success rate hits around 70%. Now this method is almost asking for your gear to break, and doesn’t work out very often. However, if you CAN make it work, congratulations, you may have some pretty hax enchants on your gear! This method is not for the cheap or doubtful, so do you have the courage to push it that far?


Hey, did you know the highest level enchants are lv11and lv12? These level enchants can only be added through puzzles, and no such super puzzles for these levels exist. Level 11 and 12 puzzles can only be purchased through an NPC, however these two puzzles are very tricky.

Unlike lv1 – 10 puzzles, which their success rate is dependent on the item’s durability, lv11 and 12 puzzles have a set success rate, regardless of item’s durability.

Lv11 Puzzle = 70% success
Lv12 Puzzle = 60% success

Those set values CAN be increased through Master Hand Title, Enchant Remedies, etc, but even then the odds of them succeeding are very low. However, if you can make them work, you can end up with very hax, or even GODLY enchanted equips.

There are no cubes for lv11 and 12 enchants, so once those puzzles are added, the enchant is done forever, and can not be modified through enchanting.

NOTE: This is a serious gamble, so for the last time…ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP!!!

I hope this guide is very helpful to you all!

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