Firefall and Team FPS in General Strategy Tips

Firefall and Team FPS in General Strategy Tips by Teamplayer

I’ve been wanting to write a comprehensive and yet easy to follow guide for pretty much any team based FPS or MMO for a while now, and I’ve got a little time to do so. And I’m a 100% certain all these will apply to FireFall. I figure I’d put this up here and other game sites I play at in hopes of people becoming better players in what ever game they are currently playing and when Firefall comes around we will hopefully have people playing smarter! Even if you think you are pro (or are), or have nothing to learn, trust me, you will find at least one or two of these useful.

1. Kill healing classes/items first. Probably the most important rule and should be your first target. Pretty much period! No point in shooting guys that just keep getting healed.

2. Don’t roam alone. If your in a PUG pick someone and just stay close to them and focus guys together. Pretty much at all times be within 20-30 meters of another teammate, this allows you guys to assist each other. Also no need to be in hand holding distance because missed shots at your teammate can hit you more easily and once some AOE comes your way, your asking for it.

3. If your aware of something going on that’s hurting your team, say it, or type it. Such as enemy turret behind building or medic, assault and engineer behind rock at point, need to clear. Simple easy to read messages will get read and responded to (even if its only a few) makes a big difference. I’ve noticed a correlation between my win% when I’m doing this and when I’m not.

4. Be aware of your surroundings, such as cover, where your teammates are, how many are remaining and know when its time to retreat. Have a escape route planned in the back of your mind. A general rule of thumb is just before half health, you should be on your way to an escape. No need to die and give moral to the other team. Fall back get your health and move out with each other. Trust me this shit works.

5. When entering a hot spot (high activity area) and are not sure of whats around a corner/rock/wall, be more careful, pop your head in and out real quick to see whats going on then move out accordingly. So many people die because they blindly go places, only to realize that more than half their health is gone and they have no time to retreat.

6. When you enter a location with a bunch of enemies, take a long 1 second and sweep your mouse over each guy in the room. Assuming health bars are revealed, you have a immediate understanding of who’s low and who’s not. Also when you see a guys back to you, there’s a good chance hes retreating to get health so look at him first. If he’s fine he’s still a good target to start with generally, since you’ve got a momentary advantage.

7. When you get a player low, any decent one will have an escape route and with a little map knowledge you can see it. Knowing this can allow you to cut them off and lead your shots or abilities.

8. When your dead, look at the scoreboard and see who’s contributing on both sides. Seek those people out and support them and make sure the top contributors on the enemy side are being focused ( communicate this info on voice, or a quick text like, player x and y enemy team are killing us, everyone focus them, or player x and y on our team are our top contributors, lets support them). This is what sports teams do for top players because it excels your team and shuts the others out. Trust me only if 1-2 people listen it can shift games.

9. After each game, take 2-3 mins and reflect on why you died, what worked and what didn’t and how you could improve. I guarantee you’ll find something and improve.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and if you’ve got anything to contribute, please do so. I’ll be adding a few more as well since I know there are a couple that have slipped my mind.

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