Eden Eternal Shaman Skills Review and Analysis Guide

Eden Eternal Shaman Skills Review and Analysis Guide by qwert3377

Shaman begins at a great start with Natural Punishment, which is awkwardly stated. It should be Nature’s punishment. Is Natural Punishment is some kind of sado-maso thing? This skills is great… well sort of. It does decent-pretty good damage and instant, quick cooldown, and a good effect. Well too good. The immobilization has a cool down of 30 seconds. Even if you immobilize the enemy, you are not able to do so for another 30 seconds. Why? Did the enemy see through all your tricks or something for 30 seconds. Whatever… The skill is a 6/10. Compared to the cleric’s Sanction’s Light the skill is kinda bad as you can keep using the effect of Sanction and refreshing the effect every shot while this you cannot.

2nd skill is Thorn Shield, which I have to say is pretty good at lvl 1. Not point on putting more into the skill as it only increases defense by insignificant digits. 10/10 (no problems)

3rd skill- Marks of Wind, this skill is completely outclassed by cleric’s Light Blessing. When both used, the effect is awesome, but soloing, shaman has weaker effect. 7/10 (Great in pt with clerics as I have hit high 30% of crit)

4th skill- Earth Energy. It’s okay, I guess. The scale for the skill is 2 more to str and int per level. Which translates into around 10 more M-Attack. 6/10

5th skill- Drops of Heaven. I suggest name change for this one, probably to “Rain” or “Water Sprinkler” as the effect is almost equivalent to such. This is probably the most worthless skill and the only class heal that Shaman gets. 1/10

6th skill- Totem of Wrath. Seriously disappointed in the signature skill of shaman. Pathetic and almost worthless. The damage is does is worthless. The M-attack it gives is worthless. The stun, considering aggro and stun immunity, is worthless in non-boss/pvp situations. I would rather have them focus this to give me an offensive buff rather waste a skill on this crap. Investing skill points into the +5 level makes the totem die in 5 shots rather than 4. Amusing. 4/10 (stun is okay, I have died when the totem aggros an excess # of mobs before it dies and the mobs automatically retarget and kill me).

7th- Totem of Grace. I saw the usefulness of this skill in the Dungeon: Veninfang. (Veninfang is known for getting level 45 bards to level 50 in a day.) Shamans however struggle tons as they aren’t a healing/tanking/ nor dps class. The skill is used to remove the debuff that prevents healing named burnt something. This was a great concept except the fact that the cleric and you need to heal every second not every 3+ seconds. 2/10 (heal for this is pathetic, debuff is equally pathetic) Funny thing is that it debuffs at a 20% chance, mathematically thats once every 5 times which is once every 15 seconds. Twice per totem in other words.

8th- Lightning Fury. Almost exactly like Magician’s Winter chill except Winter Chill reduces movement while this reduces att speed. Another difference is that this skill is one of the main skills of shaman (haha) while winter chill was considered crap to me and not invested on as you don’t need it for anything cept dungeon/pvp. Decent skill overall otherwise. 7/10 (Mana drainer).

9th- Future Skill Panther Transform. I believe that they have ran out of things to do to further depress the Shaman audience. 1/10. For 12 worthless seconds you can move faster and not get hit more. Who cares, you get hit, you heal. In dun, you never get hit. Most worthless level 50 skill there ever will be. I hope the creators of this skill have suicided and will never continue making worthless skills such as these. Or I hope that it can last at least a minute…

10th skill- Callback. Amazing copy of cleric’s revive. This can be used in battle making it somewhat useful. I would give it a 5/10 for being actually useful but this skill is a waste of a level 60 skill.

Shaman is therefore, the biggest waste of time one has to experience to get to Warlock. For the Eden Eternal GM, please rename the class to “Warlock’s Prelude” and simplify things. People get the idea that this class can heal or support at ALL but in a party you’ll see how worthless it is when the Shaman doesn’t know what to do.

For those who believe that shaman can kill or own in pvp, it cannot. The stun is 30% and casted every 3 seconds. I have no doubt any melee class can and will kill you if you don’t get it on first try.

I warn everyone who wants to level up to obtain shaman to consider it twice as it does less damage than bard or magician/illusionist and less heal than bard or cleric. Shaman is the worst class to play in EE, no doubt about that.

Alternate Review by Aashmir2

1. Natural Punishment – It’s a great skill, fast cd, mine does 3k crits. First of all, the root/stun immunity granted on a mob is given to them from ANY root or stun skill. If the immunity status was removed, then everyone could perma stun mobs/players. So, this skill is nice, I love it.

2. Thorn shield – It’s nice, reflects 30% P-ATK. Defense multiplier is lower than Magicians frost shield, but this shield also reflects

3. Marks of Wind – Well, don’t compare this to Clerics. Cleric’s Light Blessing ONLY gives luck (and nature and light resist) So, in all, Light Blessing should be stronger, since it focuses in one stat. Whereas marks of wind gives LUCK and AGI. Yes, you didn’t meniton the AGI there.

4. Earth Energy – Gives Str/Int, its nice. Simple as that.

5. Drops of Heaven – The skill isn’t worthless, it requires lvling. It’s not as strong as the cleric’s radiance but this skill also procs a HoT that regens every second. Not much, but it makes up for the lack of base healing.

6. Totem of Wrath – Crap skill. Every shaman knows it is crap. I may have come to the conclusion that totems are counted as a separate person. So when it says Increase M-ATK by xxx I believe it is refering to the totem’s matk. Which in any class, explains why damage doesn’t change when I take off my staff

7. Totem of Grace – It is affected by G-Healing (Since it heals higher than the value it says) I find it really good actually, in dungeons I can put it down and it will heal Ranged dps and healer(s) while also removing debuffs. It works well actually.

8. Rage of Lightning – You also forgot to comment that this skill also reduces cast speed. So it reduces cast/atk speed and also deals a DoT. It is an amazing skill with an amazing animation. Only bad thing is it is single target.

9. Puma transformation – Yes. Crap. I see no reason for it. Unless it is translated wrong. Since skill says movement and evasion but the knowledge says FURTHER increases patk reduction by 5% so..one of them is wrong. It may be like the Illusionist’s Invis skill in CB. CB said CAN”T MOVE and it regens MP but knowledge said increases mcrit rate while invis? In OB the skill got changed to YOU can move and it increases your mcrit rate while invis.

10 Callback – Clerics revive? o.o You do know all classes share the same GENERAL class expertise. So everyone has a base revive, TMK cleric has no CLASS specific revive. So…? Also, this can be used in battle. Depending on the cooldown, will determine how useful it is (Kitsu Saga’s 1500 sec cd on in battle res

It is an average class. It doesn’t excel at anything. It can dps nice, it has good cast time. It can be not so squishy (Thorn shield with HP knowledges) also it can generally keep up with healing since it has G-Healing AND wisdom increase knowledges, but thats if you choose to go pure healer route. Whereas I went more damage over heals.

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