Eden Eternal Magician Introductory Guide

Eden Eternal Magician Introductory Guide by Emulcification

Magicians are, at this point in the game, the best AOE DPS outputting classes available. Even in terms of single target DPS, they rank at third under Martial Artists and Illusionists (except in situations where the triple hit does not come into effect, ie. Territory War crystals). Magicians, as are all magic-DPS classes, have much more stable damage outputs in comparison to physical-DPS classes, by virtue of the ease of attainability and availability of M-CRIT Rate and DMG in cloth armors and associated magic-DPS accessories. A Magician’s DPS output relies heavily on these three attributes: M-CRIT Rate, M-CRIT DMG and M-ATK, and this guide will attempt to explain to you how best to balance your accumulation of these attributes to best optimize your magician DPS-wise. Keep in mind, this guide already assumes you have general knowledge of Magicians, regarding their skills and related weapons and armor.


A Magician’s ability to land critical hits is critical (lol) to its ability to DPS. Really, the same goes for any class out there, but even more so for Magicians, as the higher their M-CRIT Rate, the higher their overall DPS and the more stable it becomes. There are two statistics that contribute to a Magician’s M-CRIT Rate, LUCK and M-CRIT Rate (kudos to you if you guessed it). People will tell you that the ratio between Luck and M-CRIT Rate is 1:1, which is not true. While one Luck does give the equivalent of one M-CRIT Rate, the overall worth of Luck far exceeds that 1:1 ratio that is always given out.

My reasoning for such a statement is the various amounts of multipliers attainable in this game (ie. 10% Luck, 5% M-CRIT Rate, 15% Wisdom). Luck, like STR, WIS, or AGI, is a primary attribute, meaning each primary attribute affects various secondary attributes. The primary attribute, Luck, gives M-CRIT Rate, CRIT Rate, and Accuracy. But the other secondary attributes aren’t important (for this discussion), the reason Luck is more valuable than M-CRIT rate is because it gives a second multiplier.

For example, assume a multiplier of 25% Luck and 40% M-CRIT Rate:

+10 Luck gives: 10 Luck x 1.25 multiplier = 12.5 Luck > 12.5 M-CRIT Rate x 1.4 multiplier = 17.5 M-CRIT Rate


+10 M-CRIT Rate gives: 10 M-CRIT Rate x 1.4 = 14 M-CRIT Rate

Why is this important? As mentioned before, there are three main attributes that contribute to a Magician’s DPS, M-CRIT Rate being one of them, getting as much as you can (towards to threshold point of 100% M-CRIT Rate) helps maximize your Magician’s DPS.


M-CRIT DMG determines how much damage a critical hit applies, as a direct multiplier of a Magician’s base damage. Let’s say your base damage on your Magician is ~1000, if your M-CRIT DMG multiplier is 3.0 (the game’s CRIT DMG soft cap), your criticals will do ~3000. Because of the ease of attainability regarding M-CRIT DMG, I won’t focus too much regarding the subject in this guide, just know that if you don’t have 3.00, you don’t have enough.

Where can I get it?

– Certificates (.40)
– Staves (.13-.31)
– Enchantments (.12-.18 )
– Rings (.12-.16)
– Necklaces (.08 )
– Armor (.06-.35+)
– Glyphs (.05-.15)
– Prime Wings (.10)
– Trophy Enchantments (.08 )
– Heroic Traits (.10)
– Legendary Achievements (.10)
– Knowledge Points (.02-.40)

Keep in mind you start off with 1.50, so you only need to get an additional 1.50 from your gear, which is easily obtainable.


Perhaps the most direct attribute to a Magician’s DPS, this attribute determines a Magician’s base damage. As a result, you can think of the other two attributes mentioned above as multipliers to M-ATK. The more you have of this, the bigger your numbers (and everything related) becomes. Unlike M-CRIT Rate and DMG, the most redeeming quality of M-ATK is that there is no currently known or attainable cap, so when you’ve exhausted all other options to upgrade your gear (which can happen quite easily), you can still fall back on attaining more M-ATK. The two attributes that contribute to M-ATK are INT and M-ATK (again, kudos if you guessed this).

M-ATK itself is pretty self-explanatory, as it is given as a direct stat from weapons (and on a lesser note, trophy enchantments and Class Score). There aren’t many ways to attain M-ATK other than getting a Staff and fortifying it, so there’s not much room for variability here.

In terms of M-ATK, what will set you apart from other Magicians (that +10 their Resurrections, Sami Staves or whatever Purple Staff they chanced upon), is the amount of INT that you have. Prior to the 60 cap and the release of trophy enchantments and glyphs, INT was not a stat that was heavily coveted, mainly because it was harder for Magician’s to cap their M-CRIT Rate and DMG at 100% and 3.00 respectively. But now, the only avenue for a Magician that has otherwise capped off his M-CRIT Rate and DMG is to increase their INT. Their are various ways to do so, with multipliers coming from Certificates, Heroic Traits, and Legendary Achievements, not to mention fortification bonuses and the general bonuses attained from equipment and accessories.

The Customization

Cast Speed

One very important factor to DPS is how fast you can hit. The same applies to Magicians, but not as much in this game, at this point. Many readers have probably wondered why I left out such a critical aspect from the introduction, and that is simply because Magician’s can reach their cast speed cap without much help from anything they cannot obtain passively, either from Certificates, or by other means.

Eden Eternal has a limit on how many skills one can cast, called the Global Cooldown (GCD for short). This GCD is estimated at somewhere around one second. If a skill finishes casting anytime before the GCD ends, a Magician won’t be able to do much but wait before they can cast another skill. As a Magician’s main DPS skill, Fireball, has a relatively short cast time of 1.5 seconds, acquiring enough cast speed to cut that down to a 0.6 or 0.7 second cast is quite easily attainable (as long as the Magician knows how to animation cancel, which will not be mentioned in this guide). For me personally, 45% cast speed gets me into that sweet spot.

Why 0.6 or 0.7 seconds? Mathematically, 35% cast speed (a 0.35 multiplier) is enough to attain a 1 second cast time. However, there are many factors in play you have to account for, such as human error (reaction time), as well as server/client-sided delay or lag. Depending on the person, and his computer, this time may vary. You can test it out yourself to achieve the cast speed cap. Time yourself for 30 seconds, and hit something repeatedly, cancelling each time. If you can hit around 26-30 times, then your cast speed is fine. If you can lower your cast speed and still attain the same number of hits, then you have too much cast speed, and should focus on allocating some of your cast speed resources into other areas, such as M-ATK. While there are uses for cast speed, especially in PvP, they do not play a factor in direct DPS (AKA spamming Fireball) when all you’re doing in between casts is waiting that 0.8-0.1s before you can cast again (and by waiting, I mean repeatedly pressing your skill button although the GCD is still running).

Knowledge Points

In terms of direct DPS (AKA spamming Fireball) there are only three areas of KP that you should focus on, Staff M-ATK, M-CRIT Rate and DMG. The level of priority goes from M-CRIT DMG, Staff M-ATK, and lastly M-CRIT Rate. Put all the KP you need into M-CRIT DMG to cap it off at 3.00 if needed (do not forget to factor in all other avenues of M-CRIT DMG before doing so), and depending on your situation regarding M-CRIT Rate, get STAFF M-ATK either to 15-20 and the rest you can dump into M-CRIT Rate.

**M-CRIT Rate is extremely important to a Magician’s DPS, but it is also a stat that comes in abundance from buffs that are provided from other classes, such as a Cleric’s Luck buff (currently capped at +149 Luck) or a Bard’s M-CRIT Rate buff (currently capped at +208 M-CRIT Rate). In other words, unlike M-CRIT DMG or M-ATK, one of which is very easy to cap while the other has no cap, M-CRIT Rate can be capped with assistance from others, which should always be available either in Trial Dungeons or in Territory Wars. For example, a Magician can have 75% M-CRIT Rate passively, but with the help of buffs and potions, he can achieve 100% for durations where squeezing every last bit of DPS is important (ie. Territory Wars).

Class Certificates

There are only a couple useful Class Certificates a Magician should use, but because there are limited Certificate slots, there is a lot of room for customization. Currently, the “cookie-cutter” magician Certificate slots should have:

2x 10% Cast Speed Certificates
2x 20% M-CRIT DMG Certificates
2x 10% M-CRIT Rate Certificates
1x 15% Luck Certificate

Where the customization comes to play is, if you have too much of one stat, ie.:

– “3.20” M-CRIT DMG (over the cap)
– “115%” attained M-CRIT Rate (over the cap)
– 70% Cast Speed (25% extra cast speed when using Fireball)

If either of these situations apply to your Magician, you can afford to ditch one of the pertaining Certificates and put in a 15% INT Certificate or two. If it hasn’t been made evident now, then you should understand that a Magician’s goals regarding DPS is:

– 1 second cast time
– 100% M-CRIT Rate
– 3.00 M-CRIT DMG
– Everything else into M-ATK/INT

The Gear

Getting to the level cap is not hard in this game, so as a Magician, you shouldn’t focus on optimizing your gear unless you hit the level cap. Currently, at the 60 cap, there are two sets you can focus on, the Ruin Vortex/King Set, or the Time Orientation/Rocket Set. Both sets have their own advantages, but for the “big picture”, it’s not too much of a difference regardless of which set you have as long as you utilize your accessories well.

As the main purpose of this guide is to DPS, and by DPS I mean firing as many hard hitting Fireballs as possible, the Ruin Vortex/King Set gets first mention. DPS-wise, it’s better than the Time O/R set by far. The set bonus places highest priority to INT, as well as offering .35 M-CRIT DMG overall (remember what I said about replacing certain Certificates with INT 15% Certificates?). So the overall INT bonus over the Time O/R set is immense, there are players in Aquamarine that can achieve over 1000 INT passively. That adds up to nearly 3000 more M-ATK to Magicians on the Ruin V/K set compared to those with the Time O/R set (assuming an INT to M-ATK ratio of ~5.5). Not to mention, the 2-Piece effect of the Ruin V/K Set gives 10% received M-CRIT DMG*. That’s a 1/15 bonus in DPS (assuming 100% M-CRIT Rate).

*Though there is a soft cap of 3.00 for M-CRIT DMG, the set effect doesn’t add onto a Magician’s M-CRIT DMG, but rather acts as an additive upon anything being hit, much like a Warlock’s pet debuff.

The Time Orientation/Rocket set doesn’t have a distinct DPS advantage over the Ruin V/K set, but it does offer more flexibility due to its higher cast speed. The Time O/R set is a better PvP set, because it gives more cast speed and Agility over the Ruin V/K set. Cast speed, though unessential for DPS, comes very important in PvP, when casting before the other player(s) could very well dictate the match from the first hit. The AOE’s for Magicians have a longer cast time than Fireball, so more cast speed is required to, if not beat the other players in getting the first cast in, than to at least achieve a cast per second. The extra Agility also gives a distinct advantage in terms of survival, as Agility translates to both Parry and Evasion (with enough accessories, Magicians can achieve dependable amounts of both Evasion and Parry when PvPing).

*The extra cast speed also makes Clerics with the Time O/R set viable for healing in Trial Dungeons, but don’t mistake it for a full-on healer. It won’t be able to replace properly geared Clerics when it’s important (AKA Territory Wars).


Accessories include any rings, necklaces, and capes that a Magician equips. Regarding DPS, it should be fairly obvious by now, if you’ve read the guide, that you’ll want accessories that add either M-CRIT DMG, Rate, or M-ATK. At this point in the game, there aren’t any two rings that a Magician can use that are too much better than any other. The Storm Tale Ring, although it gives 8 M-CRIT DMG as well as a 1327 M-ATK proc, offers no M-CRIT Rate, while the Dark Heart Ring gives both M-CRIT DMG (ring enchant for rings Lv58+) and 23 M-CRIT Rate, doesn’t give any M-ATK. Regardless of whichever type of ring you choose, the difference wouldn’t make too much of an impact. However, for necklaces and capes, both the Angel Voice Necklace and the Mist Possession Blessing (DPS wise, there isn’t any close competition at all for this cape) are clear front-runners.

*This guide does not focus on PvP, but because of the importance of cast speed accessories, it will get a small footnote here. Though cast-speed doesn’t have much of a place in DPS, PvP wise it is very important that you get the first cast. Having instant cast-speed helps immensely, so it would be wise to use any cast-speed proc accessories as it takes for you to dependably reach instant-cast times.

***For Ruin Vortex/King Users: You can make up for your lack of cast speed during PvP’s by equipping the four cast speed proc accessories available. Especially in Territory Wars, this can help you achieve instant or near instant cast speed, diminishing your disadvantage against Magicians who use the Time Orientation/Rocket set.


Currently there are five trophies for Magicians that stand out among the others.

Juan’s Trophy – Agi + 38, M-CRIT Rate + 77, 15% to cleanse
Chieftain’s Bloodtooth Bugle – Nature Resist 5%, M-CRIT Rate +83, +415 Cast Speed
Jungle Adventure Badge – MP + 328, M-CRIT Rate +83
Karen’s Trophy (Trial) – INT +38, M-ATK + 5751 5% proc
Ulicul’s Love Charm – INT + 42, MP + 238, M-ATK +6000 (exact number needs verification) 5% proc

*Salvio’s Silver Bag – +42 INT, +83 M-CRIT Rate, +249 Cast Speed 5% proc (not out as of the writing of this guide)

In terms of DPS, Salvio’s Silver Bag and Chieftan’s Bloodtooth Bugle are probably the best trophy combination simply because of the pure amount of M-CRIT Rate added. However, if you have the means (enough M-CRIT Rate), switching out one or possibly even both of the trophies for Karen’s and/or Ulicul’s would give a massive M-ATK boost. Adjust accordingly to your available and attainable M-CRIT Rate as well as your available trophies.

Heroic Traits and Misc.

There are two Heroic Traits that contribute to a Magician’s DPS the most, Crack Shot and Apostle. Deciding on which one to use for your Magician is simple. If you need Crack Shot to hit 3.00 M-CRIT DMG or 100% M-CRIT Rate, use it. If you’re well geared, chances are you can acquire those two attributes by other means, get Apostle. You won’t find many other avenues where you can increase your M-ATK by 5%.

As for which pets to use, get either the 5% M-CRIT Rate Kirin or the 10% Luck Chihuahua, either serves it’s purpose and the difference between the two are negligible. Perhaps, the biggest factor between which of the two to choose would be in how cute you find them. Kawaiiiiiii~~~ ^o^.


If you main a magician and are level 60, then I hope you already understand most, if not all of this. The purpose of this guide isn’t to provide a singular path for Magician’s to follow. It all varies towards the end depending especially on the fortification bonuses a person gets and how they allocate resources. The purpose of this guide is to instill within people, if they haven’t known already, that in order to maximize DPS, the following things should be achieved:

– One second cast time
– 3.00 M-CRIT DMG
– 100% M-CRIT RATE
– Get as much M-ATK as possibly while achieving the three targets/goals above

There is plenty of room for customization based off of fortifications. If you were lucky (rich) enough to land on Luck bonuses on all armor and weapon pieces, go ahead and take off a 10% M-CRIT Rate Certificate and put on a 10% INT Certificate. This is just one scenario of many where a Magician can differentiate itself from others.

*Keep in mind the vast majority of the guide was dedicated towards maximizing single target DPS (Capping a crystal in Territory Wars). If you find any suggestions or statements in this guide that you feel aren’t accurate in terms of PvP or other scenarios, that’s because this isn’t a Magician PvP guide.

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