Eden Eternal Blade Dancer Guide

Eden Eternal Blade Dancer Guide by jm2900


Gymnast : +5% move speed

Comment: [in a dungeon] /Blade dancer 1 dies /Martial Artist Dies. Both revive at the same time. Blade Dancer: See you at tha boss suckah. /runs off

Sword Expert: +10% (M and P)-ATK

Comment: nothing to see here


Pros and Cons

Dungeons: The best you can have since you Aoe the [4 or 5 ] mobs

PvE: GREAT Killed 9 mobs and only losing 1K hp

PvP / TErritory Wars/ Arena : Suck and fail

Section 1: Builds

Build 1

Pure Evasionist (Most Reccomended)
Advanced Spin : 15
Yoga : 10
Secret Claw Set
Water Symboism
your best +AGI Title like Vowkeeper
Shadow Lacerater (lv 50 yellow dagger from Ulta Hall Trial, Kenny)
AGI trophies

after that if you’re well funded get some AGI lv 2 gems eternal chisels then socket them into your sword. (and dagger)

Build 2:

Pure Crit Build (its OK if you can get your crit rate up to round 60% 80%)

Advanced Steps: 15
Rising Star : 10
Sword Dance : 10

Secret Claw Set

Fire Symboism

Delphi/ Blackflame dungeon trophies

Build 3

Balancer (OK)

Advanced Spin: 10 (evasion)
Advanced Steps 10 (crit)
Art of the Sword : 5 (dmg)
Firebird Dance:5 (for Tango)
Tango:1 (heal)

Blood Knife set

Water symboism

Any trophy you want


Swords (in order of most recommended)

1.Horrible Nighmare (Trial: Ulta Hall , Tiamat)
2.Steel warlord ( One – Eyed Taen/Roger, Trial Vile Shark HQ)
3. Horrible Dream (lv 50 orange crafted sword
4.Imperial Guard (lv 50 crafted sword)
5.random white/green/blue lv 50 sword


Shadow Lacerater (Evasionist)
Skull Cutter / WIld Arrogance (Crit build)
any yellow club (rofl)


Lv 5

+ XXXX amount of P-ATK and hits a single target 2 times
Comments:fairly useful when waiting for Blade Dance / Fury hit to cooldown keep it maxed

Lv 10
Song of patience
Reduces P DMG by XX(X) pts
Comments: Total bull poo thats not worth leveling , not even worth putting it in the hot key

Lv 15
Blade Dance
Deals 3 hits to all nearby targets within 15 feet. Each hit does less damage than the last. Damage enhanced under Spirited Melody.
Comments; Level to the max put it i the hot key and use it like err whatever you love most.

Lv 20
Magic Samba
Reduces M-DMG by XX(X) pts. reflects 30% back to attacker
Comments: worth putting in the hot key but not leveling

Lv 25
Dance of war
Increases Crit rt. and ATK SPD by XXX points
Comments:level to the max, hot- key it and have fun with the attk speed

Lv 30
Charms an enemy to attack another enemy nearby.Reduces all P-DMG taken by 50%
comments: total poo, just for fun , real fun to use

Flashy Charm
reduces ACC and EVA of all enemys within 15 ft.
Comments: yet again poo until a higher level

Slow Dance
Recovers XXX amount of HP a second for 12 secs. effect does NOT end when attacking
Comments:Worship it, use it, ect. level, hot key and use it like Blade Dance

Lv 60
Firebird Dance
hits target 1 time with alot of dmg. takes double damage when target has burig metal on them.
Comment: replace this with superstar OWNAGE Very Happy


Eva certs ad some crit rate certs im using thief,bard,MA,BD certs

Accessories & back


Since all capes suck use Rainbow Cloak from Golden Plains fame chest


Ring 1:

Polar Sunset ring (DUH)

Ring 2:

Wolf Howl ring (delphi fame chest) (evasionist)

Sadness ring (Crit build)

Balance Build – Any of the above rings

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