Dragon Nest NPC Friendship and Gift Locations Guide

Dragon Nest NPC Friendship and Gift Locations Guide by Chronoa

I. What is the Friendship system?
II. How do I up an NPC’s Affection Bar?
III. What is Aversion?
IV. When are new Conversations unlocked?
V. Where can I find gifts?
VI. Friendship Album
VII. Alliance Points
VIII. NPC Gifting Chain Reaction List

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I. What is the Friendship system?

The Friendship system is like a dating sim type of system inside this game. This system has many benefits which will be listed down below.

II. How do I up an NPC’s Affection Bar?

An NPC’s affection bar can be increased in three ways: Gifting, Quests, and Conversations.

Gifting is an option when talking to an NPCs after you have accomplished a certain feat. Irine is the first person you are able to form a friendship with. There are many different types of accomplishments you must first do before being able to befriend an NPC. e.g. To befriend May, you must acquire 100g. You can tell which NPC you are able to befriend when you see a pink heart in a bubble above their heads. This bubble strongly resembles the quest bubble and is hard to miss. It also shows up when you enlarge the Map(Default Button: M), so check the map whenever you can to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Gifting an NPC also has an added effect of increasing other NPC’s Affection bars. e.g. Gifting Irine will also up Kevin’s and Lily’s Affection bars. Note that this increase for other NPCs is minuscule. (About .01~.03)

NOTE: The Pink Heart bubble may not show up, so make sure you have accomplished what you need to do to befriend the NPC and check their quests even if there is no Pink Heart bubble. Credits to Lexalise for this information!

You can see what you must do to befriend a certain NPC by clicking on their portrait in the Friendship menu(Default Button: Y).

Doing certain quest lines will increase NPC’s affection. May has a rather long quest line that boosts her Affection up by like 3% for every quest finished. Irine and Lena will also have quest line sto boost their affection once Saint Haven dungeons have been released.
NOTE:  Not all NPCs have quest lines that will boost their Affection bars

New conversations with NPCs are unlocked once their Friendship rating has reached a certain point. In other words, you MUST do gifts or quests in order to unlock new conversations. Answering correctly for NPC special chats also increases their Affection by ~2% or so. Answering wrongly increases their Aversion rate by 10 ~ 20%.

III. What is Aversion?

Aversion, in other words, hate, is a bar that increases whenever you do something that the NPC does not like. e.g. Gifting Bailey will increase May’s Aversion bar. Once Aversion reaches 100%, both the Aversion and Affection bar reset to 0%. Aversion drops whenever you gift the NPC. Each gift takes off about 2%(?). I’m not sure if different gifts take off different amounts of Aversion though.

IV. When are new Conversations unlocked?

I believe that it’s different for each NPC, but make sure you check after gifting them a few times. New conversations will not expire nor will they be overwritten by newer conversations, so it’s unnecessary to pause and check for new conversations in the middle of gifting a large number of items.

V. What are the benefits from gifting?

I believe it’s random, but gifting an NPC has a chance of that NPC sending you items in the mail. These items include but are not limited to: 3 Crude [Insert any jewel here], 1-3 Iron, 1 Crude Onyx, and 1-3 Amber. Iron and Amber only exist to be sold pretty much.

At 30% friendship rating, chat with the NPC and they will give you a gift that holds a special meaning to them, such as Kevin’s Old Goggles or Irine’s Handkerchief. Keeping this special gift in your inventory while gifting to the NPC that gave you this gift will increase the amount of Affection per gift. Their special gifts can be NPC’d for about 1.5g once you have maxed out the NPC’s affection. At 60%, chat with them again and they will give you their Memory Regenerator. These Memory Regenerators, when right clicked, just allow you to hear the NPC’s voice. These sell for around 4.5g at the NPC. Memory Regenerators only take up space, so unless you have a special place in your heart for a certain NPC, then it’s best to just sell off the Memory Regenerator to a NPC.

In addition to the above, certain NPCs have side benefits should you befriend them as well. If befriending May, then any items you sell to her will increase in price and any items you buy from her will decrease in price, saving and netting you more money in the long run. Should you choose to befriend Bailey, then the gold cost for crafting Crests and the Dimensional Fragment cost for buying Skill Plate Pouches will lower dramatically, saving you money and allowing you to buy more Skill Plate Pouches for a lower amount of Dimensional Fragments. This system, however, has not been implemented in the NA version of Dragon Nest.

V. Where can I find gifts?

Higher quality Gifts can be found from Dimensional Rabbits at the end of an Abyss run and lower quality Gifts are dropped by mobs in any dungeon run. From what I’ve seen, the gift drop rate from normal mobs is much higher in Masters than it is in Abyss. However, Abyss runs guarantee you at least one higher quality gift from the Dimensional Rabbit at the end.

Gifts can also be crafted at the Blacksmith in the “General Goods” section. These crafted gifts are actually what drops in certain dungeons at the end of Abyss runs in the SILVER Dimensional Rabbit’s Box. They also require two lower quality Gifts to make. e.g. Sponge Cake = Honey + Pie Crumbs.

Epic tier gifts are acquired from the Splendid Theme Park, which has not been implemented yet in the NA version.

Dimensional Rabbit Gifts and Gifts dropped my mobs are specific to a certain “group” of dungeons. Notice how dungeons such as Valley of Mourning and Dead Man’s Road are grouped together in the Dead Man’s Pass’ dungeon select screen? This is what I mean by a “group” of dungeons.



Dungeon Group (Dungeons this group includes. Any dungeons under level 8 will NOT drop any gifts from mobs and do not have an Abyss Mode for Gifts to drop from Dimensional Rabbits):
Gift item (Location Dropped) – NPCs that correspond to gift
NOTE: Gift items will be color coded and these colors will be the same as the border color of the Gift, which represents the quality/tier of the Gift : D Grade, C Grade, B Grade, A Grade.

B Grade Gifts will up an NPC’s Affection the most out of all the other potential Gifts, but A Grade items will up an NPC’s Affection and ignore all potential chain reactions at the same time. e.g. Gifting Bailey the Saliana Album Limited Edition will NOT affect Deckard’s Affection bar nor will it affect May’s Aversion bar.

Thanks to chaose5 and perfecti for helping me out with information on A Grade gifts!

: Dungeon groups that include dungeons that are level 8 or below will NOT have any mob gift drops, so avoid these areas if trying to farm for easy gifts. These groups with level 8- dungeons will still have Dimensional Bunny drops if there is an Abyss mode in any of the dungeons in the group. e.g. Catacombs Access has both Catacombs (level 5) and Inner Catacombs (level 18) and thus, mobs will not drop any gifts. However, Inner Catacombs has an Abyss Mode and therefore you are able to get gifts from this dungeon from dimensional Rabbits that appear at the end of an Abyss run.

Catacombs Access (Catacombs and Inner Catacombs):
Sponge Cake (Silver Rabbit) – Irine, May, Hubert
Meat Pie (Silver Rabbit) – Warrior Trainer Chandler, Kevin, Invisible Thief

Gale Woods Temple (Ancient Temple, Ancient Temple Excavation Site, Temple Chapel):
101 Ways To Get Lucky (Silver Rabbit) – Bailey, Deckard, Invisible Thief
Troll Stew (Silver Rabbit) – Hubert, Warrior Trainer Chandler

Silent Cloister Gate (Silent Cloister and Silent Cloister Main Hall):

Freesia Bouquet (Silver Rabbit) – Archer Trainer Adeline, Captain Steve, Priestess of Darkness Miliya
Jelly Bean (Silver Rabbit) – Archer Trainer Adeline, Irine, Lily, Captain Steve

Raider’s Rock (Assassin’s Den and Marauder’s Lair):

Pie Crumbs (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Kevin, May, Deckard
Milk (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Lily, Hubert, Invisible Thief
Meat Pie (Silver Rabbit) – Deckard, Kevin, Invisible Thief
Sponge Cake (Silver Rabbit) – Irine, May, Hubert
Red Muffler (Golden Rabbit) – Deckard, Captain Steve

Dead Man’s Pass dungeons (Valley of Mourning and Dead Man’s Road):

Soft Feather (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Lily, Rupert
Four Leafed Clover (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Irine, Bailey, Priestess of Darkness Miliya
Feathered Trinket
(Silver Rabbit) – Kevin, Rupert
Natural Science: Harpy Ecology (Silver Rabbit) –  Rupert, Bailey
David’s Autobiography
(Golden Rabbit) – Kevin, Rupert, Priestess of Darkness Miliya

Lost Sanctuary dungeons (Forest Sanctuary and Sanctuary Nexus):
Meat (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Warrior Trainer Chandler, Deckard
Ancient Book (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Hubert, Captain Steve, Invisible Thief
Troll Stew (Silver Rabbit) – Hubert, Warrior Trainer Chandler
101 Ways to Get Lucky (Silver Rabbit) – Bailey, Deckard, Invisible Thief
Divine Flirtations (Golden Rabbit) – May, Bailey, Invisible Thief

Dread Forest Pass (Dread Forest and Basin of the Fallen):
Freesia (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Irine, Archer Trainer Adeline
Tree Fruit (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Kevin, Rupert
High Fat Milk (Silver Rabbit) – Warrior Trainer Chandler, Lily
Fruit Tarts (Silver Rabbit) – May, Priestess of Darkness Miliya
Spirit Tree Leaf (Golden Rabbit) – Irine, Archer Trainer Adeline, Lily

Forgotten Temple dungeons (Temple of the Sleepers and Prayer’s Retreat):
Honey (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Warrior Trainer Chandler, Hubert, Priestess of Darkness Miliya
Mist flower (Mobs/Treasure Chests) – Archer Trainer Adeline, May, Captain Steve
Jelly Bean (Silver Rabbit) – Archer Trainer Adeline, Irine, Captain Steve, Lily
Freesia Bouquet (Silver Rabbit) – Archer Trainer Adeline, Captain Steve, Priestess of Darkness Miliya
Power Razor (Golden Rabbit) – Hubert, Warrior Trainer Chandler

VI. Friendship Album

After reaching 90% with certain NPCs, talk with them in the chat menu to find a new option. Choosing this option will get you a ‘Bromide’ and once you accept this gift, you will be able to look at the NPC’s special picture any time you want in your Friendship Album.

VII. Alliance Points

You might have noticed an Alliance tab on your Friendship Menu. This lists out the number of points you have received for gifting NPCs of certain factions. You can click on a certain faction’s section to see what benefits they each give out. There are certain benefits such as being able to trade alliance points for equipment or pouches that contain a wealth of useful items. Each NPC is part of a certain faction and you can see which faction they are in by hovering your mouse over the icon on the top right corner of their entry in the Friendship tab. This is one of the main reasons why you should target certain NPCs over others. NPCs who have no union are usually left out by most players since these NPCs have one less benefit than other NPCs do. e.g. Gifting Lily or Invisible Thief gets you no Alliance Points and thus it would be a better idea to use gifts that target NPCs who are not in Unions on NPCs that are in Unions.

VIII. NPC Gifting Chain Reaction List

[Gifted NPC]: [NPCs that are also affected by the gifting of the original NPC.]
A (+) by the name of a NPC will indicate an increase in Affection.
A (-) by the name of a NPC will indicate an increase in Aversion.

Irine: Lily(+), Kevin(+)
Lily: Captain Steve(+)
Captain Steve: Lily(+), Deckard(-)
Bailey: Deckard(+), May(-)
May: Archer Trainer Adeline(+), Warrior Trainer Chandler(-)
Archer Trainer Adeline: Irine(+)
Warrior Trainer Chandler: Deckard(+)
Deckard: Bailey(+)
Rupert: Archer Trainer Adeline(+)
Hubert: May(+), Kevin(+), Invisible Thief(-)
Kevin: Hubert (+), Invisible Thief(-)
Invisible Thief: May(+)

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, I’ll be more than happy to listen to them!

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