C9 Stamina System Guide

C9 Stamina System Guide by PoeM

To start off with the basics…

Daily Stamina [250]
– Replenished at 7AM GST every day

Weekly Stamina Booster [250]
– If you use all of your stamina for the day, you can start using this to continue gaming. However low you drop it before the stamina reset or logging off, it will remain at that amount all week until the reset.
-Replenished at 7AM GST Saturday

Now to go into what Stamina is used for…

-Dungeons –The harder the dungeon difficulty, the more stamina will be consumed (4 Difficulties: Normal>Hard>Expert>Master)
–Each time you enter a dungeon, after a minute or so, a small amount of stamina is taken based on the difficulty of the dungeon. (It really isn’t much and only takes 7 for the hardest difficulty)
–I was informed stamina is only taken when you are fighting mobs/hitting things. This means you can afk and your stamina will be spared!
–When fighting… (“The amount taken is half rounded up. The other half is taken once you kill the boss. Furthermore, the amount is fixed by difficulty.”)

 a. Soloing
–However, the longer you stay in a dungeon, the more stamina will be consumed. (This is because it takes you more attacks and, virtually, a longer time to finish the mission)

b. Partying

–When you do dungeons with a party, it takes the same small amounts at the beginning, but overall applies an equal stamina extraction because you will probably do the dungeon faster as a party.

c. Conclusion

–It’s fair to say that soloing and doing dungeons with a party take about an equal amount of stamina (Possibly 1 stamina less when partying… Lol)

d. Extra

1. There are seperate dungeons called warehouses that you can solo after obtaining three pieces of that map then assemble them into one. They aren’t required dungeons but let you obtain items that you can disassemble for materials. These  warehouses have cost me a flat rate of 3 stamina (So far.. and i’m at the last continent and have tried all of them)
2. There is another seperate dungeon that isn’t a warehouse but cost 7 stamina. (Also require three pieces of that map assembled into one before you enter)

– PvP : [
Will update with further detail when it’s released]
–No Stamina Cost (Enjoy)

-Intrusions : [Will update with further detail when it’s implemented (means, working in game)]
–Costs Gold – No Stamina Cost (Pretty much you can do it until you’re poor)

Additions by Aixa

Nice guide PoeM, I wanted to add some details and corrections to help out:

-Stamina is taken the moment you trigger something, or hit a monster. The amount taken is half rounded up.  The other half is taken once you kill the boss.  The amount is fixed by dificulty and you can afk in dungeons without wasting stamina.

-Stam consumption listings (for normal at least) are all off on 131.com and thisisgame.com at least.

-Bonus maps, warehouse 3, non warehouse 7 (northern border, heretic island).

-When doing parties, it seems only for master, 1 stamina less is spent.

-When intrusion is enabled, on all difficulties 1 stamina less (maybe more on master, not sure) is spent.

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