C9 Improve Graphics Tweak Guide

Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) Improve Graphics Tweak Guide by Fyren

I noticed that through the ingame graphics settings Light Volume is permanently disabled for Nvidia graphics cards (It says its AMD only). This makes a huge difference, if you have seen the gameplay trailers for C9, the lighting looks so much richer than what the game actually lets you play at.

I have already maxed all the settings available ingame, but there are a lot of setting you can change in the config file aswell (C:Program Files (x86)WEBZENC9C9.cfg, just right-click and edit with notepad):

You can enable antialiasing here or manually through your graphics card control panel

The biggest one here is ‘LightVolume = 0’ change it to ‘LightVolume = 1’ (THIS WORKS ON NVIDIA CARDS TOO, DESPITE THAT IT IS DISABLED INGAME)

NOTE: It doesnt seem like AntiAliasing = 1 makes a difference in game. Look at the very end for how I tweaked this.

Beware Make a Copy!! [Edit at your own risk]

But I wanted to get my game looking better, so I first forced some options on through Nvidia Control panel (ATI catalyst control for AMD users):


– Set Anistropic filtering at 16x

– Improve Texture Filtering

Force VSync on to 60FPS (My graphics card was hitting 3000+ FPS in menu screen, and this isnt good)

The end result is a much better looking game (varying AA):

You can see what light volume does here, although its much better in the forest at day:

UPDATE: New Antialising Settings : A bit excessive… ;-)

To get to Nvidia control panel, just right click on your desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings Tab > ‘Add’ > go to the C9 installtion folder and select C9.exe > change settings > apply

Result with 4x Zoom to get as close as possible:

[Updated 2/8/2012] For full cp settings:

To get to Nvidia control panel, just right click on your desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings Tab > ‘Add’ > go to the C9 installtion folder and select C9.exe > change settings > apply

Hope this helps you guys

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