C9 Classes Introduction Guide

Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) Classes Introduction Guide by BraveHeart

Well this topic is a peace of a small introduction to everyone who doesn’t know yet the classes in C9 “Continent of the Ninth”.

Now, there are 3 professionals, each of which has three class branches, so altogether 9 classes for C9. Each branch in PVE, PVP has a different performance. There are not a best class, but the best gamers. However, such action game as C9 are, the practical skills, excellent equipment, and the player’s operations are indispensable. Following i will give a simple evaluation of the nine C9 classes.

Profession: Fighter

Fighter is a close-fight type of career, their can equip various weapons and shields. As for their attack skills, they can dash with their shields and attack with their weapons. Three branches of fighter at the final class transfer are respectively: Warrior, Blade Master and Guardian.


Guardian’s performance in the PVE is believed to meet the gamer’s expectation. The fighter’s various group skills coupled with the strongest physical, which is a big advantage in the PVE. However, it is not the best choice for team work. That is because the current high-level BOSS can not be killed by the simple skills as these, but need long-range attack. So, some team leaders will choose the class with long-range attack skills. Another reason is that gamers can block the BOSS, so the long-range attack can maximize its potential. So this is bit of surprise. However, the fact is that there are a lot more gamer of hunter profession.


There have been so many articles about this class, as it said that the warrior is the heir of elite fighter. Not exactly, the warrior has a lot of attacking skills such as the cast and the leg skils, which makes them to be the best choice of the long-range class’s strong opponent.

3.Blade master

The blade master focus on the attacking skills, with the unlimited space sliding and double damage in the warrior state. However, in the world of C9, which pay more attention to the temporary reactions, the best skills for blade mater turn to be a dispensable part.

Profession: Hunter

Hunter is a career who is good at long-range attack. Their weapons are dagger weapon and bow. In the close fight, they always use dagger to attack their opponents quickly and continuously, and in the long-range battle, they use the bow to fire the enemy. Three branches of hunter at the final class transfer are respectively: Assassin, Ranger and Scout.


All I can say is that scout is a promising branch, but he was doomed not to be the mainstream. Based on current observations, in addition to a certain advantage in the assassination, PVP is very weak.


Ranger has the longest attack range in all professions. From the security point of view, it is high! In the advanced instance, a player with some experience can live for hours without using the resurrection volumes, and even some ranger players, one day without spending a resurection volume. (Resurrection Volume is currently presented in the form of a daily issue in hanbok. If it will charge in the future, this will be the main expense for most of the players. So this is the most cost-saving career. But if you have a lot of bows and arrows, it can also spend much of your game gold.)


The assassin is the most popular class in all of the nine C9 classes. We can make a prediction here that assassin will be the choice for most of the players in the later period. With the fastest move-speed, the fastest attack speed, and the strongest combo, all of that is attractive. However, only the best player can realize the ultimate mastery of assassin.

Profession: Shaman

Shaman resembles the priest in the other games, but the difference is that C9 shaman can not only use magic to attack, but also they have a magic wand, which can also be their weapons to attack enemy. After they reach 25 level, there are three branches: Illusionist, Elementalist and Taoist.


Fort strongest elements career, elementalist is of course the only choice, and it is the most popular in team work. In pvp, if players with good skill can switch among the various skills, it will become a powerful branch.


Illusion in C9 somewhat resemble the summon in Lineage 2. Because of the baby, and the fire power is inferior to the illusion ability, coupled with the shaman class itself is a weak profession, the pvp performance is poor recently.


To subvert the traditional close combat mage profession, with a strong body of 15 seconds hegemon, now there are many taoist pk masters in C9 . However as a weak career, the taoist will encounter much trouble in PVE. We can imagine that the biggest problem in the future will be the quick consumption of resurrection volume.

In the world of C9, there are 3 professions and 9 classes. All of them has different properties and features. Here is a guide for you to choose the right class.

Profession: Fighter
Class transfer process: fighter intership-elite figher-choose one from the three(warrior, blade master and guardian).

Profession: Hunter
Class transfer process: hunter intership-elite hunter-choose one from the three(assassin, ranger, scout).

Profession: Shaman
Class transfer process: shaman intership-elite shaman-choose one from the three(illusionist, elementalist, taoist).

Hope you guys enjoyed the this Introduction.

Best Regards,

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