Bounty Hounds Online Main and Sub Quests Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Main and Sub Quests Guide (Lv 1 to 40) by Xairam

Main-Quest Guide (Lv. 1 – 40)

• [1] Spaceport Descent
Proceed to the Outfitting Hall, and report to Weapons Tech Bono.

• [2] Initial Gear
Report to the equipment Tech Grandall.

• [2] Initial Gear
Report to Yi Xiu, the Medicine Supplier.

• [2] Initial Gear
Go find Cynthia in the Command Centre.

• [2] Initial Gear
Destroy 3 Elementary Practice Targets, and then report to Cynthia.

• [3] Invaders
Proceed to the Intelligence Centre, and report to Wilden for an update on the current situation.

• [3] Determining Superiority
Defeat 5 Pirate Navigators, and then report back to ‘Eagle-Eye’ Williams.

• [3] Emergency Actions
Proceed to the Operation Centre, and report to ‘Eagle-Eye’ Williams.

• [3] Emergency Actions
Defeat 5 Space Pirates, and then report back to Williams.

• [4] Invaders
Destroy Central Defense System units and collect their Memory Chips, and then return the Memory Chips to Wilden..

• [4] Passing on the Teachings
Learn Maximillian’s fighting techniques.

• [4] Legendary Hero
Proceed to the Command Centre, and report to Maximillian.

• [4] Invaders
Proceed to the Armaments Lab, and ask Beyer about the current situation.

• [4] Invaders
To the armory, in the vicinity of a giant mechanical tactical backpack items using “optical camouflage detector,” no matter what is found in the command Shichuan Gong woo report to the defense.

• [5] Further Trials
Return to the Outfitting Hall, and report to Wolfe.

• [5] Further Trials
Go to the field base in the Wastelands, and report to Alex.

• [6] Training by Unreasonable Demands
Proceed to the Western Craters, destroy 5 Aluminium Shelled Beetles, and then report to Hanan.
You can increase your Movement Speed by using Standard Anti-Grav Board Trial Type.

• [7] Mr. Insect’s Research
Proceed to Windswept Wasteland and collect 5 Shells from Mutated Parasites for Hanan.

• [8] Tracing the Source
Search for 3 Strange Ores in the craters, and give them to Hanan.

• [8] Tracing the Source
Bring back a Living Alien Sample to the guard post and give it to Alex.

• [9] A Stench to Wake the Dead
Proceed to the Radioactive Zone, capture 10 Spotted Rock Worms, and deliver them to Alex.

• [10] Force Strike
Take a Tactical Device Activation Chip and proceed to the Experimental Hunting Grounds. After killing 10 Venomrock Parasites, carry proof and report back to Alex.

• [12] The Most Dangerous Trial
Escort the Thermal Scanner to Ying Feng within 6 minutes. To protect the Thermal Scanner, you must stay within a specified distance of it throughout the entire course of the escort.

• [13] A Critical Clue
Collect 10 chunks of Crude Salt, and deliver them to Ying Feng.

• [13] Chance Discovery
Proceed to the east coast of the Salt Flats and carry out an investigation.

• [14] Shadows of the Past
Speak with Maximillian.

• [14] Shadows of the Past
Proceed to the Central Crossroads, and report to Yan Fang.

• [14] The Answer
Return to the Field Base and report to Alex.

• [14] The Answer
Activate the Videocaster, and contact Maximillian.

• [14] A Critical Clue
Inject the Hormone into the Blood Invaders, then report back to Ying Feng.

• [15] Shadows of the Past
Proceed to Silted Lake to search for clues.

• [16] Down and Out
Help Hooshen Drunkeye by driving off 10 Longhorn Forester Moths at Silted Lake.

• [16] Down and Out
Help Hooshen Drunkeye by collecting 10 Wire Ferns from the corpses of Parasitic Algae Moths.

• [18] Intelligence Report
Report back to Yan Fang with your findings.

• [18] What is a Life Worth?
Go to the gathering place of the Tapir Beggars in Foulwater Ruins and retrieve the Remains of Hooshen’s Brother.

• [19] Major Malignancy
Go to Foulwater Ruins and capture the escaped convict Mikela Lamefoot.

• [20] Back into Action
To receive mini-monitors, and read the contents inside.

• [20] Back into Action
Take your Travel Permit and head to the Sunshine City guard post.

• [20] Back into Action
Proceed to the Galactic Council in Sunshine City, then find Lei Yan, Security Army Chief of Staff.

• [20] Undercover
Proceed to Dipole Island through the East Gate, and find Patrick.

• [20] Undercover
Speak with Marshall at Benevolence Square.

• [21] We Are Assembly Masters
Collect 10 Power Converters by defeating Rippedrock Mechanical Sentries in the vicinity of Benevolence Square and the Central Bay Bridge. When finished, deliver them to Isaac Nimblehand. If you resolve his problem, he’ll give you the protection money.

• [21] We Are Assembly Masters
Deliver the car keys to Santtes at Benevolence Square.

• [21] We Are Assembly Masters
Deliver the remuneration to Isaac Nimblehand at Benevolence Square.

• [21] Annoyances
Help Vanessa drive off the Rippedrock Underlings in the vicinity of Benevolence Square. If you resolve her problem, she’ll give you the protection money.

• [21] Making a Living
Help Abe get money from the Rippedrock Outlaws near Benevolence Square to pay his fees. If you resolve his problem, he’ll give you the protection money.

• [21] Paying Up
Collect protection money from Vanessa, Abe, and Isaac Nimblehand in Benevolence Square, and then hand the money over to Marshall. You can provide them with services to make them willing to pay.

• [22] New Identity
Proceed to Rainbow Cove and find Hamex Greyfinger.

• [23] If Bloodshed is the Only Way
Proceed to the Sorrow’s End District and defeat 15 Rippedrock Bodyguards.

• [24] This is Our Land
Strike down 20 Rippedrock Vanguards at Lunar Circle West.

• [25] A Tragic Affair
Proceed to the Galactic Council and speak with Randal.

• [25] Spy vs. Spy
Proceed to Peace Square and find Ian.

• [25] A Tragic Affair
Proceed to Reward Bar and speak with Qingyin Song.

• [25] A Tragic Affair
Purchase information from Qingyin Song for 500G.

• [25] A Tragic Affair
Take the briefcase to Peace Square on Dipole Island and find Orange.

• [26] Spy vs. Spy
Take out 10 Sandstorm Underlings at Peace Square, and then return to Ian.

• [26] A Tragic Affair
Central to the Peace Bridge Plaza, or near, the destruction of twenty sandstorm defense machinery.

• [26] A Tragic Affair
Proceed to the Supremacy District and find Marilyn.

• [27] Spy vs. Spy
Take care of 15 Sandstorm Boxers, and then go see Ian.

• [27] A Tragic Affair
Hunt down the Sandstorm RXT Rippers in the Supremacy District and retrieve Marilyn’s Silver-Chained Pocket Watch.

• [28] Earning Trust
Report to Harold at Spring Circle East.

• [28] A Tragic Affair
Search for Maji at Spring Circle East.

• [29] Mech Barrier
Dismantle some Sandstorm Mech-Guards at Spring Circle East, and bring their components back to Harold.

• [29] A Tragic Affair
Speak with Lakos.

• [30] Suspicious Powder
Proceed to Benevolence Square and speak to Patrick.

• [30] Suspicious Powder
Proceed to Sunshine City and speak to Lei Yan.

• [30] What Hurts You, Helps Me
Take the Sandstorm Gang Transaction Ledger.

• [30] Thorough Investigation
Down with “fanatical” in Europe, to find clues to Harrods deal. The proposed team for this task.

• [30] The Goose is getting Cooked
Wrest the Rusted Key from the hands of the Sandstorm Couriers in Spring Circle East and Oasis Land, then use the key to free Bonavan from the Suspicious Container.

• [30] A Tragic Affair
Proceed to Oasis Land, pick up the Small Packet of Powder from Phillip Dillon, and deliver it to Marilyn.

A team is recommended for this mission.

• [30] A Tragic Affair
Return to Sunshine City and deliver the Envelope to Randal at the Galactic Council.

• [30] A Tragic Affair
Go speak with Lei Yan.

• [30] Sewers
Use the Tactical Device Core Controller that Lei Yan gave you, then proceed to the Shadow Canals to find Kazumi Ito.

• [31] Guarantor
Kill 20 Venomworms at Corona Ghost Town.

• [31] Guarantor
Go to Corona Reclamation Field and speak with Anderwin.

• [31] You’re not Related?
Find Subawan, the Sandstorm contact person.

• [32] A Mysterious Notebook
Await orders from Anderwin.

• [32] To Con a Con
Defeat Anderwin’s lackeys.

• [33] Survey Complete
Tell Anderwin that you’ve completed your survey.

• [33] Preparations
Return to Kazumi Ito and report your findings.

• [34] My Mistake
Collect 10 Power Saw Components by destroying the Self-Propelled Power Saws in Nucleo Ghost Town.

• [34] Cutting Pipes
Go to Nucleo Ghost Town and find Wallio.

• [34] The Plumber
Wrest 10 Slimy Banknotes and Complete Information from the hands of Slimy Robbers in Nucleo Ghost Town.

• [35] Friend of a Friend
Find Bakour in Umbra Ghost Town.

• [36] Secret Transaction
Kill 30 Slimy Robbers in Nucleo Ghost Town.

• [36] Destroy the Warehouse
Place 5 Bombs in the rubbish heaps in the vicinity of Nucleo Reclamation Field, and then give the detonator to Kazumi Ito.

• [36] Results at Last
Report Bakour’s findings to Kazumi Ito.

• [37] Facing Reality
Confirm the current plan with Anderwin.

• [37] The Walls have Ears
Confirm progress with Kazumi Ito.

• [38] A Chance for Explanation
Speak with Anderwin and convince him of your innocence.

• [38] Justice No More
Proceed to Blackring Ghost Town and wrest 20 Embezzled Goods from the hands of Sandstorm Fugitives.

• [39] The Truth Unveiled
Meet with Kazumi Ito to formulate plans for the future.

• [39] An Eye for an Eye
Go to Maria Reclamation Yard and kill Mayer. Then, report back to Anderwin. A team is recommended for this mission.

Sub-Quest Guide (Lv. 1 – 40)

• [3] Combat and Tactics Unit (CTU)
• [3] Answer Force with Force
• [4] Answer Force with Force
• [4] Answer Force with Force
• [5] Entering the Battlefield
• [5] Entering the Battlefield
• [10] The Weapon of Champions
• [10] The Weapon of Champions
• [10] The Weapon of Champions
• [25] Expansion Power
• [25] Enhance Equipment Upgrade
• [35] Resetting Attributes

• [6] Machine Modifier
• [7] Spray Paint Can
• [8] CTU [Steelblade]
• [8] Expander
• [9] CTU Repair
• [10] CTU [Thunderbolt]
• [15] CTU Locator II
• [15] CTU Locator I
• [20] Behind the Scenes Support
• [20] Enhanced Gloves
• [20] CTU Database
• [25] Precision CTU Locator

• [5] Preparing the Set Out
• [5] Exterminating the Pests
• [5] Uninvited Visitors from Beyond
• [6] My Darling Princess
• [6] Square Pegs, Round Holes
• [6] Fulfill Every Promise
• [6] Newbie’s Error
• [7] Indestructible
• [8] Live Together, Die Together
• [9] Battle of Vanity
• [9] The Dignity of Scholars
• [10 Eating Onwards
• [11] Hard Parting
• [11] To Die for Love
• [11] Everything Under the Sun
• [11] A Risky Investment: Alien Eggs
• [11] A Risky Investment: Alien Eggs
• [12] Craze
• [12] A Risky Investment: Giant Cysts
• [12] Survival Contests
• [13] A Risky Investment: Luck-Changing Stone
• [13] A Risky Investment: Stir Fry
• [14] Returning with a Full Load
• [15] Hunting: Longhorn Forests Moths
• [15] Sophisticated Entertainment
• [15] Summons
• [16] Scavenger
• [16] Hunting: Stealthwing Poisonmoths
• [16] Poachers
• [17] Hunting: Nome Gelin
• [17] Periodical Maintenance
• [17] Bread and Butter
• [17] Hunting: Inorganic Bodies
• [18] Work is Work
• [19] Resource Recycling… No, Stealing
• [20] Friends in High Places

• [20] When Shopping Don’t Forget Bonuses
• [20] Command Performance
• [20] Buy and Sell
• [20] Returned Goods

• [20] The Duties of a Citizen
• [20] Sandstorm Insignia Arms Dealer
• [21] Ultimate Weapon
• [21] Dispute
• [22] Secret Communications
• [22] All for One, and One for All
• [23] Ability is all that Counts
• [23] The Fires of Vengeance
• [23] Declaration of Sovereignty
• [24] Nightmare
• [24] A Reason to Live
• [24] A Reason to Live
• [24] Earning Trust
• [25] Being Independent
• [25] Double Crossed
• [25] Happy Disc
• [25] Regaining what was Lost
• [25] Profiting from Others
• [26] We Are Modification Masters
• [26] We Are Modification Masters
• [26] We Are Modification Masters
• [26 The Continuous Theft
• [26] Nectar
• [26] Fees
• [26] This is a Hold-Up!
• [27] Overt and Covert Attacks
• [27] Once in a Blue Moon
• [27] Us and Them
• [28] Rubbish Should Stay in the Rubbish Heap
• [28] Powder Keg
• [29] In our Midst
• [29] Unleashing the Fire
• [29] Quelling the Storm

• [31] A Civil Servant’s Cris de Couer
• [31 Checking In
• [31] This is definitely a process of problem
• [32] A Filling Meal
• [32] Dreams in the Muck
• [32] the dark light (PVP)
• [32] A Most Beautiful Dream
• [33] Indecision
• [33] What Else is There to Ask for?
• [33] of the way of stone
• [33] Removing Obstacles
• [33] Pest Control
• [34] Head of the Table
• [34] are all the fault of the upstream firms
• [34] Human Trafficker
• [34] Human Trafficker
• [34] Human Trafficker
• [35] tapir drinking habits of family
• [35] an opportunity to make a comeback
• [35] Endless Retaliations
• [35] Tipping the Scales
• [36] The Place of Dreams
• [36] The Place of Dreams
• [36] tapir drinking habits of family
• [36] tapir drinking habits of family
• [36] A Most Beautiful Dream
• [37] Hosting a Banquet
• [37] Dreams in the Muck
• [37] worth of garbage
• [37] tapir drinking habits of family
• [38] Decayed Wood
• [38] Dreams in the Muck
• [38] Meyer’s new business
• [38] Assistant mistakes
• [38] Lost Relics
• [39] Salvaging Relics
• [39] I want to Sleep
• [39] Ingratitude
• [39] works accident
• [39] new new atmosphere (PVP)
• [39] Transporting Relics

• [32] Bookie’s Plight
• [32] Fight to the Death

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