Backyard Monsters Death Traps Guide

Backyard Monsters Death Traps Guide by PokeySlayer

-Hi there avid BYM players! It’s me again bringing you a comprehensive guide to help you better design your bases. This time I’ll focus on the Silo Death trap (SDT) and the Town hall Death trap (THDT). I made this as comprehensive as the other guides and practical enough for you guys to better build bases. To make this guide easier to understand I divided this into sections. Pictures with labels will be used to improve visual presentation and to better explain concepts presented.

Backyard Monsters define death traps as a defensive concept in which the main purpose is defending a structure with the booby traps. But which structures are better protected with these traps? The answer is the silo, town hall and the outpost. Tower death traps are also made in which snipers, cannons, lasers, teslas, and ADTs are being protected with traps.

Why is a Silo death trap (SDT) or Town hall death trap (THDT) so important?
I replied to one thread before the new traps (heavy) came out and my response was….

Originally Posted by PokeySlayer
The silo deathtrap is a base concept that still is useful even today for several reasons:
1.) Since silos constitute 4% of the total banked resources, integrating an SDT adds protection with the towers defending it and pathing as well put into play. There is a huge difference if a silo is well protected with traps from a silo without one. The same goes with the town hall (8%) and the outpost (5%).2.) Placing traps to protect towers is not a bad idea at all however it is not as effective. Traps placed there will be useless against a 10 million putty rage attack. Even without putty rage and someone uses crabs the traps won’t be enough to kill it especially if it is supported by a zafreeti. Not to mention if the towers are catapultable, what good are the traps if the tower itself is down or destroyed? From my point of view the best towers to place the traps with are the ADTs and the Lasers when they are the last towers to be brought down.

3.) It’s true that monsters now have gained special abilities but those monsters still are easily killed with traps except the DAVE of course. The best way to counter the looting monsters especially with the abilities is to ensure to place a working NEC leading them away from the SDT making it harder for the attacker to loot the silos plus the fact that he/she will still have to consider the traps within the SDT. DAVEs will be a problem but it is still costly to make (600k goo for one level 5 DAVE) and takes time.

4.) To counter champions (especially Gorgo and Drull), a NEC still be will be useful to divert them away from the SDT first. If they do reach it, how well the SDT was made will be a huge factor then. The attacking player might still accompany it with a zafreeti but will take time to make it which will present the attacked yard to ninjas. One thing as well is that if the attacking player used the champion in the first attacks and it already took some damage, traps within the SDT will be useful to kill them.

5.) Flying monsters and Fomor do make the SDT useless however if the base itself is not easy to take down and the ADT is still standing then the attacker will have second thoughts to use aerial attacks to loot the silos and he/she then will have the option to use ground monsters instead.

6.) Not all players are pros at attacking at a base so not all will send a bolt or pokey one by one to destroy the traps in the SDT.

7.) Lastly to answer how many traps should you put in the SDT, I would have to say at least more than 60% of it. Let’s take for example my base (not my warlord’s yard since I have a new one), I have 33 traps placed in the SDT. The rest of it I’ll place it to protect the ADT and some random area in the base.

In conclusion, the SDT is still not useless.

First step is to prepare the essential buildings and other things needed to create the death trap which is:
1.) Silo (depends on how many you have with a maximum of 5), Town hall (any level will do), or Outpost.
2.) Blocks/ Walls – wooden blocks are still okay but black diamond walls are preferable.
3.) Baiter – to test out if the death trap works.
4.) Booby traps (Heavy and common types)
5.) Damage protection – optional to help protect your yard from any attacks while you are tinkering with the death trap design.
6.) Yardage
7.) Yard Planner
8.) Time (it is precious)Death traps are made first by enclosing the structure with blocks, make an opening or entrance by taking those blocks away then put in the traps. Sounds easy? It is but requires testing if the death trap works.

This will lead us then to the parts that make up the death trap as shown below:
1.) Body – this is the structure enclosed with the blocks
2.) Entrance – the part where the opening is located for the monsters to path to reach the structure
3.) Passage way (optional) – the area where the monsters path leading to the entrance

After the death trap structure has been made, it is now time to test it out with the baiter or with someone else by attacking your base and flinging in monsters to analyze how effective the pathing is. The one shown above is just for one silo. The design becomes complicated once the other silos and the TH are incorporated all together. As the monsters move from one silo to another or the TH make sure traps are there to kill them.

With five Silos in hand, a variety of designs can be made for the death trap along with the Town hall. Even with different designs made there is one main goal why the death trap is made and that is to force monsters to path the passageway or the entrance to reach the building triggering the traps killing the monsters in the process. In the death trap, monsters should not cause any breech in the wall making those traps useless. Let me show you the death traps I made using 4-5 silos and a TH. I’ll pinpoint the flaws instead so that you guys can learn from it.

-This is a simple design with 4 silos. The advantage of this design is that it only has 2 entrances. The downside to this is that if the enemy only attacks from one side then the traps leading to the entrance on the other side are not tripped.

-The drawback to this 5-silo design is that it has too many entrances (4) which mean not all traps will be triggered. The good thing is that pathing has been tested and it works.

-this design has 3 entrances. The only problem with this is that for example the enemy attacks at the TH entrance the traps there will have to be triggered. However once inside, the traps lined at the entrances leading to the bottom silos will no longer be triggered. Good thing is the TH entrance is hidden from view.

Some designs as well are like this:

Most players think that if towers or even bunkers are placed within the death trap they will ruin it. I say to them not at all times. In the example given above if the ADT will be protected by those traps then the death trap will still have protection against aerial attacks same goes with the laser which can destroy easily looting ground monsters.

1.) Conceal entrances with other buildings eluding the attacker messing his attack.
2.) A much better design of the death trap goes from silo-silo-TH or the TH is the last destroyed just like my Atlantis SDT/THDT.
3.) Always test if the pathing works and that in any given circumstances the monsters do path those entrances and not munch on the wall.
4.) Remember the death trap parts. If one is missing it won’t be effective.
5.) Place the death trap structure at the center of the yard.
6.) Ensure that the NEC surrounding the death trap would either direct the monsters to it (leading them to the traps) or away from it (defend against aerial attacks).
7.) Experiment with trap placements whichever works best for your design.
8.) You can use as well the cage as a wall to save blocks.
9.) As much as possible more than 60% of your tower ranges protect the death trap.

How effective the death trap is, is evaluated with a simple checklist:
1.) Does the monster pathing work?
2.) How many entrances are there?
3.) How many traps are triggered?
4.) Is it eye-ra proof?

Keep thinking of new ideas in creating better death trap designs. Don’t just copy them from others, improve it. Or better yet create your own. Free your mind! (Morpheus from The Matrix movie).

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