Wakfu Osamoda Guide

Wakfu Osamoda Guide by origoO

Before i start, let me just say, i’m writing this off my experience gathered up til last day of closed beta. I’m keeping french spell names (most of those are in french at the moment), i’ll also use number for spells, it might be easier to understand whitch one is whitch. I hope this will allow the readers to some general and some specific information on osamoda, as it enters open beta. If this guide will be considered good enough, i’ll keep updating it.

All right, lets get started with a bit more detail.

List of content:

info on summoning and summons

Osamodas can catch any fightable monster and make it into a summon. Since summon usually cannot be controlled, a number of spells are used to better ‘guide’ your new friend, ranging from verbal orders to direct mind control. When not petting its summon, osamoda can be quite versatile middle/close range fighter, with quite a bit of atttention to critical hits for additional spell effects.
Differences from dofus osamoda. As all dofus characters, osa has 20 base spells, while wakfusians have 35 spells. Additional 15 spells should make classes more refined in what they were doing in dofus era. And in osa’s case, they do. In dofus osas had fixed summon types, whitch composed a large portion of spells, wakfu osa has only one summoning spell. Wakfu osa no longer wields water element; still wakfu osa has total 11 damage spells to compensate loss of lashing claw:p. Also wakfu spell structure pushes lower level osamodas to have fewer summons – no more mister tofu spammer.

Next, to Spells

Osamodas have weapon, support, fire, air and earth spells. Lets browse though those in a bit more detail.

Weapon spells, so far, nothing special, all spells are similar to other classes spells. Just as a special note, let me mention, that weapon most probably will become stronger than spells towards higher levels. When at lvl 25 i put on gobbal hammer, was doing 50+ AoE dmg per hit and that was stronger than any other of my attack spells. So dont neglect this.

Support spells. Here it comes! The deadliest spell in game! The seduction!

First spell in support tree – seduction. All right, seduction captures the monster and makes it your summon, if empty slot is provided. Chance of capturing depends on seduction’s level, monster’s level (its rumoured that if monster’s level higher than seduction level by 8, its uncatchable), also monster’s hp – the lower it is, the better chance to catch. Also, every 25 levels of seduction adds additional summon slot.
Now, why’s it so deadly? Well, it doesnt take long to notice that seduced monster is removed from the fight and gives xp, no matter if you have empty slot for summon. When my seduction was lvl 25, i kept seducekilling goballetes (lvl 19) with their hp being 70-90 out of 220. Instant death spell, if you know when to use it, makes fight way faster, and if its not changed, i see it as one of deadliest attack spells – even if its a support spell. 5 AP 1 WP cost seems adequate.

Second spell in support tree – caress – pet healing for 3 ap. If you want your pet to tank tough meanies, evel it.

3-7 support spells are pet buff spells, that are pathetically weak at low levels and seem to be quite more useful at higher levels. They all cost 3 AP. Wakfu fighting specifics (smaller battlefield, dumber summon AI) makes 6 (mp gain) and 7 (AP gain) buffs less impressive. I liked 5th spell (instinct predateur), whitch added damage and criticals.

Fire spells.

First spell – Crow, or … cry of the crow. Does 3 fire dmg on lvl 1, 23 dmg on lvl 100, 3 ap cost.
Annoying short range (2 squares, are you kidding me) at the start makes it quite limiting. Still its range increases as you level, 3 range at lvl 25, 6 range at lvl 100. No LoS makes it primary attack for those osamodas, who like to hide behind their summons.

Now, fire tree spells branch into two very different spell groups.

Top row spells 2, 4 and 6 – atttack, defend and protect respectively. They are verbal commands that tell you summon do action, corresponding spell’s name. The only problem, that at lvl 1 there’s only 20% chance the summon will obey. Only level 100 makes it unavoidable order. Well, it might be useful, but wasting 3 AP for command that most probably wont be obeyed… might be tough to level.

Bottom row fire spells – 3, 5, 7 are attack spells.

Fire spell 3 is a wakfu version of whip, called queue du kitsou. Costs 3 AP, does big fire damage (15 dmg on lvl 1, 95 dmg on lvl 100), works only on summons. So far there’s been little use for it. Maybe higher level monsters will give a better justice for it.

Fire spell 5 , the so called serre du kwakere. 5AP, 1 MP cost for close combat spell… well, its most damaging osamoda spell going over 90 dmg at lvl 100, scratch that, they nerfed it for open beta. Still does nice damage (10 dmg for lvl 1, 60 dmg for lvl 10).. And if itsn’t enough, it also lowers target’s resistance to fire for 10% at lvl 1, 30% at lvl 100. Thus making next strike that much stronger.

Fire spell 7 , called gueule de la gargouille – average damage (5 dmg at lvl 1, 45 dmg at lvl 100), close combat, tiny AoE spell for 6 AP. Immolates target on critical. Didnt impress me.
Here’s what close combat tiny AoE means:

Air spells. Ranged damage spells plus advanced summon control.

First spell – summoning xxx. Like it or not, its the spell to bring out the summons into fight, also adds a bit of healing to summoned creature. Not much to talk about it here. Wanted to reach lvl 25 this week (to check, if it adds some bonus, like leadership) but closeed beta ended before that.

Air spells 2, 4, 6 (or top row spells) are for additional options to fool around with summons.

Air spell 2 (called rappel) is your basic unsummon with a bit of healing for summon for 3 AP and 1 WP. Recent changes in closed beta no longer allows to resummon unsummoned summons:p So if you rappel your summon, say goodbye til next fight.

Air spell 4 , fidelite. Adds resistance to summon and additional effect, whitch might act like sacrifice. Havent tested it enough. Oh, the cost is 4 AP and 1 WP.

Air spell 6, echange corporel. Take over that dumb summon’s brain and move it the way you want it! Finally, ankama has done it! … but there’s a catch, you cannot control your main character while you’re busy with your summon. At higher levels of this spell it last for several turns, casting it might end up being fatal mistake. Useful notice about this spell – once spell activates, summon’s spells are placed in your spellbar, you can rightclick them and check spell info. Cost is 3 AP and 1 WP.

Air spells 3, 5, 7 (or bottom row spells). Non typical ranged spells (range does not increase with higher levels of spells).

Air spell 3, croc du mulou. 2-4 range low damage (4 dmg at lvl 1, 34 dmg at lvl 100) non-linear tiny AoE spell for 4 AP. I have a feeling Ankama will work on it a bit more, because this type of AoE just doesnt work with non linear. Its not bad, but it loses to what’s coming next…

Air spell 5, ailes du scarafeuile, or the stationary machinegun spell. Low damage (4 dmg at lvl 1, 24 dmg at lvl 100), 4 range spell for 2 AP 1 MP. I love this thing. Lock target with summon, come to side, and shoot some holes into it. Damage is quite high, if you can use spell 3 times.

Air spell 7, fureur du Tofu, (or as my lack of french language says, The Tofu Führer) Craziest AoE spell. Basically line from top left to down right, that hits all in that line with average damage(4 dmg at lvl 1, 44 dmg at lvl 100). Cost is crazy too – 4 AP, 2 MP, 1WP. VERY limited use for this spell at its current state.

Earth spells, i like them. Earth spells branch out into two groups – powerful selfbuffs and damage dealing stuff, crowned with everyone’s favorite Crackler’s punch.

Starting spell, called pince de crabe, is boring average damage (6 dmg at lvl 1, 46 dmg at lvl 100) close combat attack for 4 AP. Well, on critical it lowers target’s earth resistance. But that’s IF you can get a critical hit…

Spells 2, 4, 6 or top row spells are selfbuffs, that last during the turn they were cast.

Earth spell 2 peau d’Ecailles – defensive buff for 1 MP, adds some earth resistance%, might be nice at higher levels. If you feel like playing feca style.

Earth spell 4bestialite. It should awaken your inner beast for 1 WP. Efects so far uncomfirmed. According Eraniverse, it should give you resistance to the major debuff states such as Destabilize, Frozen, or Immolate. Highly situational, if thats true.

Earth spell 6sauvagerie – awakens your inner savage for 1 WP. And when its awake, all the dofus srams will want it, as substitution for their unstable chakra concentration+impulse. Yes! Buff that adds criticals and strength (35 criticals and 110 strength at lvl 100), plus makes those critical hit effects reacheable. Very nice.

Earth spells 3, 5, 7 (botom row spells) we do damage with it, on criticals we do something more.

Earth spell 3 defences du sanglier – above average close combat damage (5 dmg at lvl 1, 65 dmg at lvl 100), on critical hit, pushes target 2 cells. Costs 5 AP. It is highest damage spell in earth tree, with unreliable pushing effect.

Earth spell 5 sabot de taure – 5 AP cost, lowerish damage (5 dmg on lvl 1, 35 on lvl 100), close combat tiny AoE spell (same as fire spell 7). Has noncritical chance to remove mp from target (the so called destabilisation). Target can dodge it. Because of its AoE effect, You can use it as 2 range spell. At higher levels, it could be used as spell to slow some fast monsters while retreating.

Earth spell 7crackler’s punch. 6 AP for this beauty. Starts off at high damage and keeps gaining damage quite fast, but gets slower eventually – ends up with 48 dmg at lvl 100 – average damage, noticeably stronger on criticals. Difference from dofus? 0 Range, you cast it on yourself.

Info on summoning and summons

Mmkay, mechanics of summoning in wakfu.
Important stat is leadership, whitch represent the max number of summons you can have out in batttlefield. Later on you’ll be able to improve it with items (at some point in close beta blue larva hat increased leadership) and maybe spells.

Next thing is specific menu for summons, you cant miss it (that brown spiky thing looking at you, at bottom right corner above spellbar). Opening it shows few slots, whitch could contain captured summons. At level 1, you only have 1 slot available. Every 25 levels of seduction adds 1 more slot. Rightclicking on caught summons allows to release or rename them.

Releasing summons. You get rid of summon through summons menu, rightclicng and choosing to release. Its a no brainer outside battle. But during fights there’s quite often a situation when monster you want to capture is too tough for you without summons help. Summons can be released during fight, just they should not be alive in batlefield. So either get your summon killed, or unsummon it, and then you can release it.

There’s only one spell to summon in wakfu, and you can summon any of available summons with it (just select the right one from summon menu before using a spell). Currently you can use unique summon only once per fight. If it dies, or is unsummoned, you cannot bring it back during the same fight (it wasnt like this in earlier closed beta stages, it might change again – its still beta). Summons start with the same amount of hp they ended up in last fight. If it died, it will start with 1 hp (summoning spell heals a bit, so it never start with 1 hp, usually a bit more).

Now, lets talk about summons a bit. This sadomaso slave is ready to jump into a fight at master’s whim for a pitiful 6 AP cost.
No matter what kind of slave you catch, they all have one common feat – idiocy. When summoned against a bit larger group of monsters, slaves tend to pick hardest to reach targets first. They also get tackled when trying to go for backstab (you know, +40% dmg bonus attacking from the back). Best example of stupidity came in form of emerald larva, whitch has a nasty belief that the only right way to fight is to headbutt as many targets per turn as possible. It doesnt mean that they act this way all the time, though. Just often enough to make you lose the fate in their ability. Anyway, the less targets are there, the better summon performs. In worst case, it acts as a shield.
Next, leveling up summon. It levels up along with you, exact formula of summons xp gainage is a bit unclear now, sometimes it catches up to summoner, sumetimes it starts to level slower. Once summon reaches its max level available in outside dofusworld, it keeps gaining levels, but stops gaining hp. Level of summons attack spells is equal to summons level.

Summons worthy of checking out (will be updated as i level up, or if some people will suggest some):

seduction 0-5 levels – piwis, or whatever you catch. It doesnt matter at such low levels.

seduction 5 – 10 levels. You can heal summons now, time to get some tanker. First get youself a summon like chacha nu – cat nudist. Has ~40 hp. Its not a wonder, but it will bridge the path towards useful summmons like chacha siamwa, or white/black gobbals. All those have over 100 hp and are quite adequate for such level. you could replace those with big tofu – 100+ hp, 5 mp and quite high attacking power.

seduction 10+ – so far, two worthy mentions – chacha sauvage – savage cat (monster level 11-16), love this thing. But quite hard to catch at the moment, since it resides in south-east astrub, and is hunted down ferociously PLUS has high resistance to seduction. 100+ hp, 4 mp, has a very useful attack – it cause hemorage: -50% to monster’s resistance to all elements. Makes you/everyone else in group do 50% more damage on the target. Hard to top it.
…but this one maybe be close – tofu ventripotent (monster level – 13-19, i think). Located below astrub river, way east. Comes with 140+ hp, 3 mp, average attacking power, but bufs you for +1 ap, also some initiative and hp for two turns and keeps recasting it. Your pocket eni, except its bigger than you
Oh yes, arakne majeure 400+ hp lvl ~14 monster and 6 mp. The main problem is refilling that huge hp mass, might get tiresome since at such level caress doesnt heal for that much. Look for them at the bottom of map.

Current stat system has put 3*level stat cap on any stat type (equipment bonuses included). It roughly means you could dual two stats making mixed build, or having main element stat +wisdom or life. Way too early for some refined strategies. The gobbal set with hammer (osa weapon) does earth+fire damage though.

Osamoda builds, equip sets… This is wide open teritory. Go out there and explore Hope the info i provided will help to graps basics and few tricks osas have

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