Wakfu Eniripsa Beginner’s Guide

Wakfu Eniripsa Beginner’s Guide by ImaDofusGuy

The Eniripsas are a class who can heal the gravest wound with a single word. Their power over languages is formidable, and Scholars have even a fraction of the understanding of Ancient languages that a single Eniripsa has. You had better never upset an Eniripsa, lest you set off their rage, and find yourself tortured by words not of this world.

Okay, introduction to the class done, here’s a bit of explanation on what I remember.

The Eniripsa in Wakfu has been totally redone, no longer are they reliant on other classes till a certain level, they are now nearly unstoppable juggernauts! They can melt your skin from your bones with Word of Redemption, a spell that might only have two range, but makes up for that with decent damage and 3 AP cost. If you find yourself on the business end of this spell, you had better pray to your god for help. Then again, Eniripsas can be your saviors, mending your scorched flesh with Healing Word, the first spell in the water tree line… for 3 AP! The rest of the Water Tree is for the most part healing spells, with one or two that have different effects.

But then again, Eniripsas aren’t as simple as that. They have many more complex spells, such as Phoenix Word, which costs 5 AP, 1 MP, AND 1 WP… as well as 40%(goes down with level) of your current health. It’s benefits? It does 15 base damage(level 1), heals your allies 15 base(level 1), AND hits linear for infinite range. Definitely worth leveling. On the flipside, you have simplistic spells with nice bonuses. Vampiric Word, my personal favorite, is an example of this. It costs 6 AP, but is non-line of sight, AND it steals 50%-75%(depending on level) of the damage it does. The damage it does isn’t so great, but don’t judge it on that… this is an AWESOME spell. Admittedly, it should be lowered to 5 AP, but it probably won’t be.

From the water tree, one of the level 5 spells are Mot de Rappel(Word of… Retraction? I’m not sure), which will bring back an ally who has been KO’d with 20% of their total health. For clarification, this will not ressurect an ally that has died, but an ally who is on his knees for a few turns, and when you hover the mouse over them, something will happen. You MUST cast this spell on them before they “Disembody”, or they will not only die from the fight, they will also become a gravestone.
The other level 5 spell is Revitilizing Word, which is Healing word basically, but with a Cross shaped splash zone, and almost double the AP cost. Not recommended leveling unless you plan on being a leechy lizard in the back of the fight.

The Air spell tree on the Eniripsa is for the most part support spells, such as the first one, Mot de Pite(Word of Pity), it does a small amount of damage and takes a percent chance to tackle away, allowing you to move away from the enemy. Of the 2 level 5 spells in the air tree, one(Mot de punition) appears to be broken, while the other is extremely useful. It, for 3 AP, pushes the enemy away by one cell(increases with level), and has a %chance to cause the condition “Cowardice”. I’ve not yet seen the effect in play, but I’m assuming it will reduce MP.

The support spell tree of Eniripsas is EXTREMELY useful, with the first spell being the Wakfu equivalent of the Coney from Dofus, and the next two being Regenerating Word(it heals a Percentage of your total health, depends on level), and Stimulating Word are helpful to.

In the beginning, I would recommend leveling on Piwis rather than Bow Meows or Bow Wows, due to the main fact that you can get Piwi sets from the Piwis, while the Bow Meows give a slightly higher level set. After you’ve reached 3-4, I would say that you should start leveling on low level Gobblies(the higher level ones WILL kill you, their damage scales with level), or leveling on big Gobballs with groups. DO NOT ENGAGE GOBLETTES! I cannot emphasize this enough. They have high health(150-220), and the white ones can heal 30 damage on themselves every round, Black ones every other round. They have no attack spells, but the white one can take control of
your character, and they both can summon Baby Gobballs.
After you have a good set, Emerald and Sapphire Larvas seem to be pretty nice experience. You can find them almost halfway between Astrub and the bottom of the island, in a downward direction. Caution when fighting them, and all larvas: They WILL take your AP, and they cast a Fire shield, which will deal 15 damage at max whenever you cause damage on them. Taking them on one at a time is recommended until you have a good handle on how to defeat them.

That is all for now, it should get you off to a head start on planning your Eniripsa, and playing the early levels.


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