Final Fantasy XIV Boting (Botany) for Gil Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Boting (Botany) for Gil Guide by Azurymber

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people are not maximizing their bot’s potential. It also seems like a lot of people choose to bot in low-return areas. This has kind of confused me so I asked some of the people why they didn’t bot elsewhere and they seemed to be unaware that there are significant differences in location. That is why I chose to post this in the general forum. I’m hoping some people will read it and not make the same mistake many others do when they begin boting.

As a result I’ve created this simple guide which I’m guessing can also apply to mining. The point of this guide is to explain how to best maximize gil from boting by targeting specific trees + gathering locations and generating a patterned approach.

To begin with we will look at the most profitable logs:
Walnut logs – seem to average from 8k – 10k depending on server
Yew logs – seem to average from 5k – 8k depending on server
Next we will look at the most profitable gathering items:
Flax – averages around 3000 each.

Your server may have different values, or other items in high demand. If so just use the techniques in this guide and visit in order to find where items are located.

How to bot for gil:
Step 1: If you are only able to log a tree 1 to 4 times, get as much +output gear as you can in order to increase the amount you can log.

Step 2: know the sweet spot of the item you are targeting and always log at that sweet spot when on the corresponding tree. Check botany forums for lists of sweet spots.

Step 3: Pick an area, visit and determine where the “profit” trees and gathering spots are. In order to master this you will need to spend a few hours logging. After a while you will know exactly what tree gives what logs and what gathering spots give what items.

Step 4: Pick 4 spots. Cycle through those 4 spots in order non-stop. I believe it either takes 2 or 3 diff nodes before you are able to log the same node again so thats why you pick 4.
For example: @ Humblehearth east of leve: flax-harvesting spot > Walnut tree > Oak tree > elm tree.
If the trees aren’t available, substitute one of the trees or harvesting spots just to the west of the leve.

Step 5: Sell and Profit.

Why bot this way? Because you will end up with just as much sp or more (since you end up running around less), you will not have an inventory full of useless stuff, and you can focus on getting the most profitable items.

Best Locations:

Grade 3

Tranquil: Flax
Bloodshore: walnut

Grade 4
Humblehearth: walnut + flax
Cedarwood: walnut + yew

Grade 5
treespeak: walnut + flax

I hope this guide has helped you. Botany is one of my fav jobs in this game and I would highly recommend if you haven’t tried it, that you do.

If anyone have any tips to add or notices any errors please post them and I will correct/update the guide. Thank you.

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