Dekaron Upgrading Guide

Dekaron Upgrading Guide by blackfox123

Got bored, so felt like posting some information on Upgrading in Action 7. Not all this information is 100% accurate, nor does it mean we will get all of this stuff when we, eventually, get Action 7. So don’t be to upset if my information isn’t 100% accurate, but I figured I’d add some information that not everyone knows (and hopefully this will help others find stuff that I couldn’t find).




In Action 7, as most know, you can upgrade Accessories such as Rings and Necklaces from +1 -> +9. To upgrade these accessories you can use normal Copper, Silver, and Gold Argates.

Unfortunately, you CAN NOT use NORMAL Blacksmith Tailsman to help upgrade these items. Instead you have to use these cash shop items to assist in upgrading Accessories:

They ALSO come available in success rates like the Random Box Blacksmith Tailsmans: 20%, 25%, 30% and 50%

Unfortunately, I don’t have the SPECIFICS (well I’m to lazy to look them up) as to what certain Accessories will add + too when they are Argated, and how much. ALSO unfortunately, I don’t know the Argating % Success Rate, BUT I can ASSUME its the same % Success Rate as Argating a Weapon (hopefully they are nice and make it the same as Armors, but I think its Weapons).

================================================== ====================

The following List is Considered RARE Accessories:

-Baz Gold Rings
-Baz Indigo Rings
-Vado Mori
-Kadirun’s Red Eye
-Spell Plume
-Nobel Soul
-Daes Aries *Note – Personal Item*
-Helion’s Seal
-Seal of Destruction
-Orb of Engulfing Flames *Note – Personal Item*
-Link of Hallucinations (환각의 고리) *Note – Personal Item*
-Howl Light Ring (하울 라이트 링) *Note – Personal Item*
-Howl Storm Ring (하울 플레임 링) *Note – I think its a Personal Item*
-Enhance Dark Eye *Note – Personal Item*
-Levy Oh Nation Necklace (기보르의 목걸이) *Note – I think its a Personal Item*
-Dead Man’s Dark Eyes (망자의 검은 눈) *Note – I think its a Personal Item*
-Levi Tan Ah (레비아탄의 목걸이) *Note – I think its a Personal Item*

*Note: There are Probably More that I Left Out, but this is ALL I could find with some information on*

How these Rings are Upgraded/Levels:

================================================== ==
Baz Gold Rings → ????? (강려한 바즈의 골드링)
Level to Upgrade: 145
How: Involves a Quest

================================================== ==
Baz Indigo Rings → Wise Baz Indigo Rings (현명한 바즈의 인디고링)
Level to Upgrade: 145
How: Involves a Quest

================================================== ==
Vado Mori → ???? (바도 모리에) → ???? (바라도스 모리엘)
Level to Upgrade: 155 → 170

================================================== ==
Kadirun’s Red Eye → ???? (어둠추적자의 붉은 눈 ) → Shadow of the Red Eye Watcher (어둠감시자의 붉은 눈)
Level to Upgrade: 155 → 170

================================================== ==
Spell Plume → Spell Weaver (스펠 위버) → Spell Karkow Zion (스펠 크라시온)
Level to Upgrade: 155 → 170
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Nobel Soul → Imperial Nobel Soul → Heavenly Soul
Level to Upgrade: 155 → 170
How: Using Sealed Dust
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Daes Aries → ????? (아비스 아리에) → ???? (티에스토 아리에)
Level to Upgrade: 155 → 170
How: Using Sealed Dust

================================================== ==
Helion’s Seal → Avatars? (화신의 증표)
Level to Upgrade: 150
How: Involves a Quest
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Seal of Destruction → Despair (절망의 인장) → Chaos of the Tension (혼돈의 인장 )
Level to Upgrade: 155 → 170
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Orb of Engulfing Flames → Orb of Eternal Flame(영원한 화염의 오브)
Level to Upgrade: 145
How: Involves a Quest
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Link of Hallucination → Guardian of Hallucinations Ring (죽은 수호자의 반지) -> Guardian of Dead Pledge Ring (환멸의 서약)
Level to Upgrade: 145 → 160
How: Involves a Quest

================================================== ==
Howl Light Ring (하울 라이트 링) → Howl Flame Ring (하울 플레임 링)
Level to Upgrade: 130
How: Involves a Quest
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Howl Storm Ring (하울 플레임 링) → How Flame Ring? (하울스톰 링)
Level to Upgrade: 150
How: Involves a Quest
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Enhanced Dark Eye → ?????? (망자의 검은 눈)
Level to Upgrade: 100
How: Requires Obsidian
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Levy Oh Nation Necklace (기보르의 목걸이) → ???? (레비아탄의 목걸이)
Level to Upgrade: 100
How: Requires Obsidian
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Dead Man’s Dark Eyes (망자의 검은 눈) → Devil’s Dark Eyes (악마의 검은 눈) → Devil’s Black Eye (마신의 검은 눈)
Level to Upgrade: 130 → 150
How: Requires Crevice Crack Pieces
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ==
Levi Tan Ah (레비아탄의 목걸이) → Belpegoreuui Necklace (벨페고르의 목걸이) → Baal’s Necklace (바알의 목걸이)
Level to Upgrade: 130 → 150
How: Requires Crevice Crack Pieces
Screenshot: NA

================================================== ====================

Okay, this part to be honest, I am really confused about myself, some stuff I understand, but some of it (name wise) when it refers to items, I don’t exactly know what it means.


For those who don’t know, a NEW Cash Shop Item was added to Dekaron KR called SEALED DUST (below Picture).Once applied to a personal/non-trade-able item, it puts the item in a special RED BOX, that can be traded, the number of seal dust required varies depending on the item, and the rank of it’s upgrade.

Seal Dust Comes in Packages/Stacks of:

– 10 Sets
– 30 Sets
– 50 Sets


1.) You go to the Loa/Braiken Agency, and talk to either of the Following NPCs:

2.) Talk to Either of the NPCs to Bring up the Following Screen

3.) Place the RARE/PERSONAL Accessory in the Box. The Middle Box will instantly place a Number that corresponds with how many Seal Sets are NEEDED to Upgrade this Accessory.

4.) Select the Stack of Sealed Dust from your Inventory (must be equal to or greater than the Center Boxes’ Number). After doing this HIT the REFINE Button. *NOTE*: There is NO FAILURE RATE

5.) After you HIT the REFINE Button you will get a RED BOX placed in your Inventory.

6.) *NOTE* If I am correct, don’t quote me, IF YOU DO NOT OPEN THE BOX you should be able to trade/sell this PERSONAL/RARE Accessory.


List of Accessories and Required Sealed Dust to Upgrade:

-Soul of the Rings (영혼의 반지) ————————– 3
-Enhanced Dark Eye (강화된 다크아이) ——————– 20
-Jebastian heu Ring (제바흐의 반지) ———————- 30
-Daes Aries (다에스 아리에) —————————— 70
-The Avis here (아비스 이리에) ————————— 70
-Tieseuto to Aries (티에스토 아리에) ———————- 70
-Noble Soul (노블 소울) ———————————- 40
-Imperial Noble Soul (임페리얼 소울)———————– 40
-Heavenly Soul (헤븐리 소울) —————————– 40
-Dead Man’s Dark Eye (기보르의 목걸이) ——————- 20
-Devil’s Dark Eyes (악마의 검은 눈) ———————— 20
-Devil’s Black Eye (마신의 검은 눈) ———————— 20
-Levi Tan Ah Necklace (레비아탄의 목걸이) —————- 20
-Belpegoreuui Necklace (벨페고르의 목걸이) ————— 20
-Baal’s Necklace (바알의 목걸이)————————– 20
-Link of Hallucinations (환각의 고리) ———————- 55
-Guardian of Hallucinations Ring (죽은 수호자의 반지) —— 55
-Guardian of Dead Pledge Ring (환멸의 서약) ————– 55
-Howl Light Ring (하울라이트 링) ————————– 22
-Howl Flame Ring (하울플레임 링) ————————- 22
-Howl Storm Ring (하울스톰 링) ————————— 22
-Le notation of the Necklace (기보르의 목걸이) ———— 20
-Flame Of Storms (화염폭풍의 오브) ———————– 12
-Ahwooreu necklace (아우르 네크리스) ——————– 3
-Gibors necklace (글라우르 네크리스) ———————- 3
-Boohreu necklace (보오르 네크리스) ———————- 3
-Kaalre (카알레)—————————————— 5
-Ahwoore (아우레) ————————————— 5
-Orb of Eternal Flame(영원한 화염의 오브) —————— 12
-Spell Embassy (스펠 엠버) ——————————- 11
-Coral spell (스펠 코랄) ———————————– 22
-Spell fifty (스펠 쉰) ————————————- 33

*NOTE1 – I got Lazy so some rings may not match up with the rings I listed above, but I left the Korean Names for anyone who wants to look more closely at it*
*NOTE2 – Some Rings/Necklaces/Earrings I did not list as I have no idea what they are*


In Action 7, Wings can be upgraded a second time at Level 151 to New Wings that Look Different. Most people know this, but what most people don’t know is that you can upgrade Wings BETWEEN Levels 102 and 151, AND after Level 151.

Wings and Levels to Upgrade:

First Wings – Level 102
Rank 2 Wings – Level 115
Rank 3 Wings – Level 127
Rank 4 Wings – Level 139
Second Wings – Level 151
Rank 6 Wings – Level 161
Rank 7 Wings – Level 171
Final Rank Wings – Level 181

Wing Effects:

First Wings
+10% HP
+10% MP
+10% Move Speed

Second Wings
+10% HP
+10% MP
+10% Move Speed
+385 Critical Rate
+122 Accuracy

Rank 6 Wings
+10% HP
+10% MP
+10% Move Speed
+410 Critical Rate
+145 Accuracy

*Note: Between 102 and 151, and for Wing Ranks AFTER 151, the stats are improved for the Wings, but I forget by what Stats and how much*

How to Upgrade to Second Wings:

*Note: This Section is not 100% Accurate*

1.) Talk to Hosea NPC in Parca Temple and get the Quest
2.) Talk to Kentaro NPC (?)
3.) Obtain Mithril Obsidian (from Crespo?)
4.) Go to Deadlands, attend a Deadlands Event and Kill the Mobs and Farm for a Relic (Drop)
5.) Gather a Copper, Silver, and Gold Argate OR Gather 3x of an Argate Type (3x Coppers or 3x Silvers or 3x Gold)
6.) Bring the Argates, Mithril Obsidian, and Relic to Kentaro
7.) Kentaro will FORTIY the Obsidian (if FAIL gather Argates/Items Again and try again)
8.) If FORTIFY is SUCCESSFUL, bring the Fortified Obsidian to Hosea
9.) Talk to Hosea to receive the Second Wings

*NOTE1 – Not sure if the last part of the quest requires you to pay DIL like when getting the First Wings*
*NOTE2 – Not sure if this is ALSO done EACH time an upgrade to the wings are made, or just when getting the Second Wings*
*NOTE3 – NOT 100% SURE, BUT if I am correct, BEFORE you can UPGRADE to Second Wings, you NEED to get Wings Rank 2,3 and 4*

Classes and First and Second Wings:

Azure Knight

Bagi Warrior

Vicious Summoner

Segita Hunters

Incar Magicians




In Action 7, the NEW 15x Armor Set is introduced. Most people already know information about the 150 sets, but more importantly, mostly people aren’t aware of how Upgrading Armors change in Action 7 (which I will TRY to explain, but do a terrible job at probably).

Levels for 150 Set:

Pants = Level 150
Boots = Level 152
Gloves = Level 154
Armor = Level 156
Helmet = Level 158

Classes and 150 Armor Sets :

Azure Knight

Bagi Warrior

Vicious Summoner

Segita Hunters

Incar Magicians



How Upgrading Affects Armors:

With the current game, if you Argate Boots, Gloves and Pants an additional Stat is added for +4 and Higher.

In Action 7, this still applies, BUT Past +5 (so +6,7,8 and 9) MORE additional Stats are Added, AND not only to just Boots, Gloves and Pants.

The Following Chart Shows what Stats are Added to EACH Armor Piece as they are Argated for Each Class.

Vertically 1st Column (Classes):

Azure Knight/Segita Hunter/Incar Magician/Vicious Summoner/Segnale/Bagi Warrior/Aloken/Special Stats for +9

Horizontally 1st Row (Armor Pieces):


EDIT: If I have Time LATER I might convert this into English so people can read and understand it, but for now I don’t feel like it, but it shows what Stats will get increased (not specifics as it varies per Armor Level Sets).


+STR (힘) = Close Damage/Attack/Block Rate
+DEX (민첩) = Range Attack/Attack/Block Rate/Guard Rate
+SPR (정신) = Magic Attack/Attack/MAX MP/Bonus Healing


Since the Summoner Class can use either Twin Blade or Staff as a Weapon, they have the OPTION (not sure how it works) or they just get these additional Stats Added for balance.

Additional Information:

1.) Rings and Necklaces, not taking into consideration of Level, +6 and UP on Accessory Necklaces/Rings will add +STR/+DEX/+SPR (reguarding Level/Type may add other Stats, but not 100% sure).

2.) +1, 2 and 3 for Legendary Items add Stats.
Gloves = +Critical
Boots = +Vitality
Helmet/Armor/Pants = +CON (Health)

Thats pretty much all I have…. AGAIN, don’t be upset/FLAME ME if some of this information is not 100% ACCURATE, because ino not all of it is perfectly accurate, BUT it has some useful information that I don’t think many people knew about. Either way, this will provide other people with some interesting info as a starting point in case they want to look stuff up and fill in some/a lot of the information that I couldn’t find.

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