Avalon Heroes Jonathan Swift Gunslinger Guide

Avalon Heroes Jonathan Swift Gunslinger Guide by Kurakresh

NOTE: This guide is for mainly Battle purposes, although it features tips for Adventure mode. As the Table of Contents shows, users may also suggest changes to or ideas for the guide, and I’ll record them there.

By: Kurakresh (IGN: Melchior)

Table of Contents:
Search the terms in square brackets for browsing convenience.

[#JY] Character Synopsis
[#JG] Stat Growth
[#JE] Ethereal Stones
[#JS] Skills

Skill Sets

  • [#SY] Python
  • [#SK] Jackal
  • [#SH] Hawk

Item Builds

  • [#IY] Python / Jackal
  • [#IH] Hawk

[#JF] Friends and Foes
[#JR] Conclusion
[#JU] User-Submitted Suggestions
[#GL] Glossary

Character Synopsis: [#JY]
Jonathan, an AGI-based hero for Aeonia, is a playful yet arrogant gunner. He utilizes the rather large gun on his shoulder strap, giving him the power to cross vast distances quickly, or just deal out some pain. Jonathan may not appear to have much appeal at first, but his mobility and excellent lining skills present much hidden power to what would appear to be a ‘vanilla’ or average Hero. He’s obtained from Aeonia Scenario 2, and as such, can be used in both Free and Rookie servers. Jonathan, being a long-ranged DPS Hero, is most suitably set towards the mid-late game; he does, however, have a few Skills that can help smooth the early-mid game transition, and his team.

Jonathan fits in well with most team setups, though he does benefit from a tank – to absorb attention / damage. This’ll be touched upon in the next section. Seeing as Jonathan’s main appeal is his mobility, he doesn’t do too well against people who can take that away from him (lots of slowdown, silence, that sort of thing).

Stat Growth: [#JG]
Level 1 -> 25:
18 STR -> 54 STR
22 AGI -> 82 AGI
18 INT -> 66 INT
17 PHY -> 65 PHY

Jonathan’s highest natural stats, in the mid-late-game, are AGI and INT (barely). This means he’ll have a high Attack Speed and damage output, as well as a moderate maximum MP. Like Nachasha, however, he is extremely fragile due to his low natural Defense. His Maximum HP is just pretty much average.
Take this into consideration when choosing pieces of equipment, if you’re following your own builds.

Ethereal Stones: [#JE]
Jonathan benefits the most from:

  • AGI
  • Evasion OR Accuracy
  • Movement Speed OR Block Rate

Skills: [#JS]
Stylish Jump:
Jonathan’s beginning Skill.
An Active Skill with 4 Skill Levels.

Arguably one of the better teleportation or movement Skills in the game, Jonathan’s Stylish Jump gives him the ability to cross large distances (25m, which is about half of the screen) and also deal some heavy Magic Damage early-mid game. Jonathan is also made relatively invincible during the teleport, although when initially startng the jump, you are still vulnerable for a half second or so. As it effectively removes Jonathan from the game temporarily, DoT’s and the like don’t seem to take hold, although their duration goes down. Jonathan’s quite impressive damage output with Stylish Jump in the early-mid game can be devastating, dealing up to – potentially – 720 Magic Damage at its fourth Skill Level. It should also be noted that since Stylish Jump is a movement Skill, it is not affected by slowdown, making it practical for escapes.

This Skill may not appear to be so amazing at first, but due to Jonathan’s nature of being a liner, he can use Stylish Jump to either dodge out of trouble, or chase down a fleeing opponent trying to escape to their outposts. It can save time in helping out nearby allies under attack, as the Skill allows freedom of movement within a large radius. The downside to Stylish Jump, however, is that if you’re clumsy or not careful, you can potentially end up in a worse situation than before (perhaps closer to the opponent’s Outposts, or in the middle of a fray).

Stylish Jump is also Jonathan’s only banned Skill in all Adventures, with the sole exception of Tomb of Asceus for whatever reason.

I recommend this, as its mobility and variability helps in any situation wherein movement is an issue / concern.

Change Location:
Jonathan’s beginning Skill.
An Active Skill with 4 Skill Levels.

Jonathan’s second Skill, and an interesting one at that. When activated, a small aura appears around Jonathan’s feet; when normally attacked by an Oriens Hero, Jonathan will switch places with them, causing decent Magic Damage and a 1-2 second stun. This is an extremely nice counter measure to early-mid game lining harassment, as any ranged attacker will be forced closer to the Outposts (and stunned). The downside to this Skill, though, is that it’s clearly visible when you are planning to switch places, and it lasts for a short duration. Thankfully, its short cooldown allows you to activate it in the middle of being attacked, or after the initial strike.
It’s not only good for Outpost kills early-mid game, but also to help break an offensive push by the enemy. By drawing the aggro for just a split-second, and activating Change Location, you can help to put the enemy offensive out of place, and possibly get your team to finish off the stunned opponent, while you Stylish Jump to safety or behind your fellow comrades.

Something to note, though, is that Change Location does not prevent the damage from affecting Jonathan; in addition, there appear to be slight delays in the effect at times (probably due to lag), so be sure to have enough HP to withstand an attack or two. Lastly, this Skill sees less -potential- use mid-late game, due to the lack of threat from Outposts. It can still be used to place enemies closer to your allies, though.
Although I like the mechanics and possibilities of this Skill, I don’t use it much myself – so I don’t recommend it personally. Maybe you’ll find it more practical.

Rapid Fire:
Jonathan’s beginning Skill.
An Active Skill with 4 Skill Levels.

Jonathan’s third starting Skill, which is pretty neat. It’s a self-applied buff, which raises Jonathan’s damage output, his Movement Speed, and gives him a change to stun enemies on attacking them. The attack bonus is always welcome, as is the Movement Speed increase. The bonus to movement, however, makes this Skill have multiple purposes. It makes it extremely easy for Jonathan to kite outside of his enemies’ range with micromanagement, as his Movement Speed increase will cover the lack of moving while firing his gun. On the other hand, if you’re in dire need of chasing a weakened opponent down, or retreating while providing supporting fire, Rapid Fire allows you to cover a good variety of tactics. To add to this, Rapid Fire’s percent chance to stun an enemy target just slows them down even more when chasing after Jonathan or fleeing from him – allowing for Jonathan to either get in more damage or give him more time to recharge Stylish Jump for a quicker escape.
I strongly recommend Rapid Fire, as it increases Jonathan’s DPS and mobility.

Snake Shell:
Jonathan’s Ultimate Skill.
An Active Skill with 3 Skill Levels.

At first glance, Jonathan’s Ultimate Skill may seem like an underpowered version of Core Explosion (Durof’s Ultimate). It merely plants a weak missile on the ground, spinning, until it explodes and damages everything nearby. Like many Ultimate Skills, Snake Shell’s damage can be prevented by a Magic Protection Scroll – so be sure to dispel the enemy quickly. Two things that makes Snake Shell intimidating, however, are: its ability to home in and chase after the closest Oriens Hero, and its invincibility. Unlike Durof’s Core Explosion, Snake Shell not only cannot be targeted by anything, but chases after whoever steps closest. Jonathan can also set it down a reasonable distance away from himself, giving a very small moment of brief invincibility during it. The damage itself is a bit weak, and requires the upgrades from its future Skill Levels, but it’s very effective in applying pressure / area denial, or to hunt down a retreating foe. Due to its invincibility, it can also be used to damage or take out crucial buildings without fear of retaliation. Snake Shell has an average cooldown of about 150 seconds, making it useful in most battles – as the explosion inflicts an entire area with damage.

The most noticable downside to Snake Shell is its rather stupid AI – it prefers to chase after the first – and not the weakest Hero – it comes across, and (like Gandilva’s Mandrakes) sometimes doesn’t chase enemies that are on higher ground than it, due to a lack of sight. Still very effective in hunting down fleeing targets, or pressuring lining Heroes in the early-mid game.

Burst Dance:
Jonathan’s 500 SP Skill.
An Active Skill with 4 Skill Levels.

Jonathan’s first unlockable Skill. Admittedly, this Skill remains relatively unused due to its bland nature. Burst Dance provides Jonathan with an AoE nuking Skill, which is good in concept; the only problem being that Jonathan is a DPS character, and although it aids him in the early-mid game with both creeps and enemy Heroes, it isn’t all that effective in his role as a mid-late game character. It is good for stealing creeps, mobs, or softening up opponents before coming in with the other Skills Jonathan has.

Burst Dance, however, does help in Adventure mode as a substitute for Stylish Jump. Burst Dance also works well if someone’s set on playing a very peculiar set for Jonathan (see: Hawk, under Skill Sets) which shifts his role from dedicated mid-late game DPS, to a sort of all-round Hero. On the plus side, it does look rather cool, in both the icon and the animation.

Not something I expected on Jonathan, although it can help him to cover the early-mid game a bit better – at the cost of late game DPS, or mobility. Not a Skill I can recommend personally, but like Change Location, I’m sure people can find a use for it.

Highspeed Loading:
Jonathan’s 1250 SP Skill.
A Passive Skill with 4 Skill Levels.

Jonathan’s second unlockable Skill, and his only Passive. It reduces the cooldown of his normal Skills and increases his Attack Speed steadily. This Skill, like Jonathan himself, is deceptively strong; it aids Jonathan in his role of a DPS Hero at all phases of the game, and even increases his potential mobility by reducing the cooldown of his other two Skills equipped. Very strong if you’re planning on running a ‘caster’ Skill Set, or one that tries to make up for Jonathan’s weakness in the early-mid game, as the cooldown for Burst Dance and Stylish Jump are decreased significantly. Highspeed Loading is a very useful all-purpose Passive, as it serves to strengthen Jonathan’s Attack Speed, while allowing him to use his other Skills more heavily.
I recommend Highspeed Loading, as it reinforces Jonathan’s role, whatever it may be (depending on the Skill Set).

Skill Sets:
Numbers refer to the Level at which you obtain each Skill.
You also need not follow these strictly, but these are some Sets which I found to be popular or effective.

  • Python [#SY]
    • Stylish Jump / Change Location / Rapid Fire
    • Jonathan’s beginning Skill Set.
    • This Skill Set does a good job of showing Jonathan’s excellent lining abilities, due to his mobility from both Stylish Jump and Rapid Fire, as well as a good defensive option (Change Location).
    • This Skill Set is based around Jonathan’s DPS, but a few early Skill Points into Stylish Jump doesn’t hurt. Reduces the cooldown, as well. Change Location is nice to have against ranged harassment, as it’ll force the enemy into the Outposts.
    • His DPS is still rather strong in this build, although his Attack Speed will not be too impressive early-mid game, with a lack of Highspeed Loading.
    • The downside to equipping three Active Skills, however, is the amount of MP Consumption from repeated use. As such, in the early-mid game, try to limit when you apply certain buffs to yourself – be it Change Location or Rapid Fire. In addition, this Skill Set trades early-mid game strength for a more reliable defensive option when harassed or attacked.
      1. Stylish Jump
      2. Change Location
      3. Stylish Jump
      4. Change Location
      5. Stylish Jump
      6. Snake Shell
      7. Stylish Jump
      8. Change Location
      9. Rapid Fire
      10. Change Location
      11. Rapid Fire
      12. Rapid Fire
      13. Snake Shell
      14. Rapid Fire
      15. Stats
      16. Stats
      17. Snake Shell
      18. Stats (for the remaining Levels)
  • Jackal [#SK]
    • Stylish Jump / Rapid Fire / Highspeed Loading
    • Jonathan’s best DPS-oriented Skill Set.
    • This Skill Set does a good job of showing Jonathan’s good mid-late game status.
    • This Skill Set balances mobility with Jonathan’s DPS role, allowing for more flexibility in movement throughout the battle.
    • The downside is a lack of early-mid game nuking Skills, but this is remedied by having other teammates to cover Jonathan’s lack of reliable early-mid game help.
      1. Stylish Jump
      2. Highspeed Loading
      3. Stylish Jump
      4. Highspeed Loading
      5. Stylish Jump
      6. Snake Shell
      7. Styish Jump
      8. Rapid Fire
      9. Highspeed Loading
      10. Rapid Fire
      11. Highspeed Loading
      12. Rapid Fire
      13. Snake Shell
      14. Rapid Fire
      15. Stats
      16. Stats
      17. Snake Shell
      18. Stats (for the remaining Levels)
  • Hawk [#SH]
    • Stylish Jump / Burst Dance / Highspeed Loading
    • Jonathan’s ‘Caster’ Skill Set.
    • This Skill Set sacrifices some power mid-late game to be more formidable in the early-mid game. Good if the team is comprised of solely mid-late game characters.
    • The Hawk Skill Set favours a more hit-and-run play-style, but not with normal attacks, and instead Skills. When Skills become less useful in terms of damage, Jonathan can still play the role of a DPS character – just not as well as he could’ve with another Skill Set.
    • The downside is a lack of strength in DPS towards the mid-late game phase, as Rapid Fire is missing; replacing Highspeed Loading with Rapid Fire may make up the lost strength, but not reduce the cooldown of Burst Dance or Stylish Jump, leaving Jonathan at a slower start. Also fairly MP heavy.
      1. Stylish Jump
      2. Highspeed Loading
      3. Burst Dance
      4. Stylish Jump
      5. Burst Dance
      6. Snake Shell
      7. Burst Dance
      8. Highspeed Loading
      9. Stylish Jump
      10. Burst Dance
      11. Stylish Jump
      12. Highspeed Loading
      13. Snake Shell
      14. Highspeed Loading
      15. Stats
      16. Stats
      17. Snake Shell
      18. Stats (for the remaining Levels)

Item Builds:
The numbers refer to the amount of Gold you have.
This excludes the use of Magic Protection Scrolls, Dispel Potions, and various other General Store items.
As with Skill Sets, you don’t have to follow this strictly, but it’s an okay build for those with little idea of how to build Jonathan.
For the ‘Hawk’ Skill Set, it’s debatable whether or not you should invest in a Crystal of Magic [Numpad 6], as it is true, the Magic Damage goes up (720 -> 828 with Stylish Jump, 400 -> 460 with Burst Dance), but it entirely depends on how often you’ll be using the Skills.
Lastly, note that on most of the Builds, I leave a slot open in your inventory. This is for General Store items. If you wish to fill it, or have a Box, then just add a Shield of Combat Master [Combine], or Bow of Chaser [Numpad 6].

  • Python / Jackal [#IY]
    • 900 – Sword of Poison [Numpad 9]
    • 1150 – Battle Hammer [Numpad 1]
    • 1500 – Boots of Quickness [Numpad 2] OR 1400 – Stone of Truthful Vision [Numpad 9]
    • (If Detection was bought) 1500 – Boots of Quickness [Numpad 2]
    • 650 – Sword of Fatal Venom [Combine]
    • 825 – Chain Boots of Darkness [Combine]
    • 1500 – Ancient Armor [Numpad 2]
    • 1450 – Sharp Shooter Bow [Numpad 1]
    • 1850 – Blade Claw of Storm [Combine]
    • 2040 – Armor of the Absolute [Combine]
    • 3750 – Beholder’s Crystal Robe [Numpad 6]
    • 4300 – Sword of Fear [Numpad 4]
    • 1474 – Sell Chain Boots of Darkness, buy Boots of Red Flame [Numpad 2]
    • 1641 – Sell Armor of the Absolute, buy Ether Tunic [Numpad 4]
    • (If Detection was bought) 1800 – Sword of True Vision [Combine] OR 1810 – Sell Stone of Truthful Vision, buy Mask of Divine Power [Numpad 9]
    • (If not) 3950 – Sword of the Dead [Numpad 4] OR 3150 – Sword of Conviction and Punishment [Combine]
  • Hawk [#IH]
    • 900 – Sword of Poison [Numpad 9]
    • 1150 – Battle Hammer [Numpad 1]
    • 1500 – Boots of Quickness [Numpad 2] OR 1400 – Stone of Truthful Vision [Numpad 9]
    • (If Detection was bought) 1500 – Magic Boots [Numpad 2]
    • 650 – Sword of Fatal Venom [Combine]
    • 325 – Spell Breaking Boots [Combine]
    • 1500 – Ancient Armor [Numpad 2]
    • 1450 – Sharp Shooter Bow [Numpad 1]
    • 1850 – Blade Claw of Storm [Combine]
    • 2040 – Armor of the Absolute [Combine]
    • 3750 – Beholder’s Crystal Robe [Numpad 6]
    • 4300 – Sword of Fear [Numpad 4]
    • 1641 – Sell Armor of the Absolute, buy Ether Tunic [Numpad 4]
    • 1889 – Sell Spell Breaking Boots, buy Boots of Red Flame [Numpad 2]
    • (If Detection was bought) 1800 – Sword of True Vision [Combine] OR 1810 – Sell Stone of Truthful Vision, buy Mask of Divine Power [Numpad 9]
    • (If not) 3950 – Sword of the Dead [Numpad 4] OR 3150 – Sword of Conviction and Punishment [Combine]

Friends and Foes: [#JF]
Image Durof:
Yes, after all his mentioning in the Snake Shell section, Durof also provides Jonathan with good support. His naturally high PHY allows Durof to take the majority of the damage for Jonathan when going into battle. Durof’s abilities also aid Jonathan quite a bit, in both scouting and building destruction. Taking Durof with a Jonathan is never a bad thing, though they do suffer from a lack of certain or immediate stuns. Still, a DPS-tank relationship goes well, and coupled with building destruction Skills, Outposts don’t tend to stand very long for the Oriens.

Image Teolia:
Perhaps not so surprisingly, Teolia provides the team with a good deal of support Skills, such as her teddy bear transformation (which slows the enemy, in addition to making them helpless) or invisibility. “Be A Doll” allows Jonathan to hunt and kill his fleeing enemies easier, or turn the tide of a smaller squabble in a battle. Teolia’s fragility early-mid game doesn’t go well with Jonathan’s similar problem, but on the offensive, the duo is capable of dealing lots of damage in a short amount of time. Invisibility only adds to this, not only making Jonathan invincible for a split-second, but also allowing him to roam around the map and either scout or ambush the enemy.

Image Jarje:
Jarje is a great asset to Jonathan, even if you are using the Hawk Skill Set, as his quick and powerful nukes early-mid game really help with harassing and killing off Heroes. Jonathan helps to support the team, and Jarje, when the change to the mid-late game occurs, while Jarje still retains some use in both sniping weakened Heroes, or using his Ultimate Skill as slowdown. Jarje becomes a very useful ally for pressure and harassment, and gives Jonathan an easier time in the early-mid game. Lightning Orb also causes Jarje to inadvertently tank for Jonathan (as it causes short-range Splash Damage), absorbing some of the damage and attention in a smaller battle.

Image Drake:
The pirate makes another appearance, as he is one of the better STR support characters for Aeonia. Drake comes equipped with both mind-games (with Hand Cannon) and two stuns, both of which help Jonathan in getting in more hits to the enemy. Drake suffers from a lack of MP and as such, Jonathan can divert the attention to himself for a small bit to allow Drake to recover some MP for another Skill. Jonathan shouldn’t be in too much trouble, either, due to his mobility, and if the enemy chases after Drake instead, then Jonathan’s DPS will cause some havoc.

Image ARC:
ARC will cause some serious problems for Jonathan, as he has all the right tools to go about wrecking him. ARC can have an extended sight range, ruining sneak attacks by Jonathan. In addition, he gains an added attack range in his Ultimate Skill (which also makes him invisible), meaning that he can simply shoot past someone tanking for Jonathan and aim for the more fragile enemy. He also features a scouting Skill, like Durof, and can land an effect on you that shares sight. Lastly, ARC is a STR Hero who is focused on both Attack Speed and Critical Hits, making for rather sudden deaths. As such, Jonathan needs to work quickly near a good ARC, or work with a nearby Durof for both scouting and damage purposes. Even though Jonathan can potentially end up taking most of the damage for Durof, Durof’s scouting ability can help Jonathan to get around or catch a potentially unsuspecting ARC off-guard, if he’s dealing with Durof firstly. Seeing as ARC is planted to one spot when in his Ultimate, Stylish Jump has the potential to deal its full damage rather quickly – a good counter measure. Even so, always be careful around an ARC.

Image Gandilva:
Gandilva, and a few other Oriens Heroes, can be a pain; he limits Jonathan’s mobility, which is one of the main strengths of his. This means the slowed and transformed Jonathan will be easier to pick off for the rest of his team, and will not be able to escape any further Mandrakes from Gandilva. This match-up depends on whether or not Jonathan can outlast the Mandrake Metamorphosis, due to its limitations – but if Jonathan can survive it, then his DPS and Stylish Jump will make for quite a bit of damage for Gandilva, due to his fragile nature. It’s always advised to try and get an ambush or pincer on Gandilva, as he’ll attempt to retreat using his Ultimate Skill, which provides invincibility to himself and nearby allies. Not as dangerous as ARC, but still very troublesome – especially in the early-mid game.

Image Yoichi:
Yoichi is another problem character, bringing mobility, DoT, and slowdown to the battlefield. Hate of Nature will cause undispellable slowdown with DoT, a very common harassment tactic in the early-mid game. It also provides Yoichi with the ability to catch up with an afflicted Jonathan, as she can then stack other slowdowns. Entangling Roots can prevent the use of a Home Scroll, and seriously affect Jonathan’s mobility. Entanglers deal lots of damage in the early-mid game as well. Yoichi will also go invisible for her Ultimate Skill, but not only gain an innate slowdown to her victims, but also increased Movement Speed. Jonathan has few options when dealing with Yoichi, such as bringing in an ally with some form of stunning Skill and just attempting to out-damage her. On the other hand, Jonathan (if alone) encounters Yoichi, he can try to kite outside of her range with Rapid Fire. If things get too dangerous, then he can always Stylish Jump away to covering fire from Outposts, Towers, or just to outside of Yoichi’s immediate range. Abusing cliff-sides or higher ground will also benefit Jonathan in this match-up, as Yoichi lacks any teleportation skills.

Image Shaochun:
Lastly, Shaochun will prove to be an annoyance. With his high Maximum HP, and long-lasting Magic Immunity in his Ultimate, Shaochun will prevent Jonathan from doing much to him in the early-mid game phase. Shaochun also carries a powerful stun with him with a surprisingly long reach, which can serve to cripple Jonathan’s high Movement Speed. In addition to his tanking nature, depending on the Skill Set, Shaochun can slowly remove your MP in a large radius around him – or, bring high level creeps around with him, through temporary mind control. Shaochun doesn’t pose as much a threat in the mid-late game, but you should still be wary of him. He takes quite a bit of damage, and might be tanking for another ranged DPS, so always try to get some information on any nearby allies of Shaochun before engaging him. Jonathan’s mobility allows him to stay outside of Shaochun’s reach, but don’t get greedy or take too many risks by fighting him for too long without a Magic Protection Scroll at the ready, lest you get stunned. Laina is a nice ally to take his creeps away from him, burn his low MP, or to put Shaochun to sleep while the others fight. Drake can serve a similar purpose to burning Shaochun’s MP with Crab Grapple, and furthering to stun lock him while Jonathan lands a few attacks.

Conclusion: [#JR]
Jonathan is the ideal Hero to perform hit-and-run attacks on Heroes, or for those looking to try out a more agile and cunning character. Jonathan may not appear to be much at first, but he’s nowhere near a bad Hero. His appeal is more hidden with the combination or culmination of all his abilities working together, rather than a few single Skills which appear powerful or devious. It takes a bit of getting used to, and good micromanagement, to play as Jonathan well enough, but he’s incredibly fun the more you explore him. He fares well in any team that would feature someone that can aid his lack of Defense, such as a tanking character or powerful STR Hero. Jonathan has strong DPS qualities, and has the potential to be used as a caster if need be. His strength comes through his mobility and excellent lining Skills, although it seems not many people explore it – which is a shame.
And, hey, his voice clips are always fun to piss off easily annoyed people.

User-Submitted Suggestions: [#JU]

  • A Block Rate Ethereal Stone will help Jonathan in battle, as his Movement Speed and mobility are all fairly high anyways.

Glossary: [#GL]
Scout – Relaying information to your team and yourself by viewing parts of the battlefield, or information about the opponents. Helps to set up ambushes, escapes, or pincer attacks.
Pincer – When you flank an enemy, catching and trapping them between two or more sides of an offensive push by your team. Helps in dividing the attention away from a particular individual, and lessening the amount of damage suffered on all sides.
Harass – Generally concerns using a long-range Skill or item that inflicts either DoT or high Magic Damage early-mid game to deter the enemy from moving. Alternatively, it can simply be to force the enemy to stay on their side of the map, for fear of encountering the harassment. Wrath of God, Arrow of Pain, Summon Mandrake, and Purification Light are all examples of pressure or harassment.
Buff – A term used when referring to a distribution of bonuses to nearby allies or yourself.
Micro – An abbreviation of ‘micromanagement’, which is the process of controlling your Hero to maximize efficiency. This can be done through kiting the enemy – attacking them from out of their range, and running when they come close.
DPS – Damage per Second. Refers to the average amount of damage that a Hero can deal within a second with normal attacks.
DoT – Damage over Time. Poisons, Bleeding, Burning, etc.
Nuke – Large radius, high-damage inflicting Skills. Fletcher Brothers and Hekami specialize in this.
Nukers – Those who use Nukes. See above.
APM – Actions per Minute. An average of your ability to perform lots of tasks under a minute. Useful when attempting to fumble around with the General Store in the midst of a Battle, for Magic Protection Scrolls, Dispel Potions, or Deceleration Potions.
AoE – Area of Effect.
Early-mid game: The beginning of the game, to its middle. Levels are estimated to be from 1 to 16. Heroes associated with this phase are generally nukers or have a high Magic Damage output.
Mid-late game: The period of the game where everyone is a high level, and has a nearly completed inventory, if not complete. Levels range from 17 to 25. Heroes associated with this phase are often those who have two or three Passive Skills, or are dedicated DPS characters that are forced to line early-mid game.

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