Wakfu Osamodas Summon and Catch Mobs Guide

Wakfu Osamodas Summon and Catch Mobs Guide by kelv5

like title says.. this is just a rough rough guide on how to catch and summon mobs..
topic wont be updated.

1st off.
catchable mobs will all have a paw print image on right side of their name.
no paw print image = uncatchable
leveling gobgob spell via special abilities points
= more slots for you to catch more different types of creatures, less points needed to use spell.
(0 wakfu points at lvl9) & also longer casting range.

each slot in gobgob bag = 1 type of mob
@ i caught 5 red piwi = all 5 red piwi will stack in/at 1 slot

if summons die in battle = perm dead = removed from your gobgob bag
@ ive 5 red piwi.. 1 died in battle = came out battle = 4 red piwi left in gobgob bag

catching summons

in battle cast gobgob spell on mobs you want to obtain.
so far ive tried. only able to cast on 1 mob at 1 time.
cast gobgob spell on mob you want to obtain before you kill it.
doesnt matter how low its hp is at. what matters is before it dies.
after mob that has gobgob casted on it dies(catched)
you can cast gobgob on another catchable mob
provided you still have wakfu points (lvl9 gobgob spell dont cost wakfu)
cant cast gobgob spell if your in symbiosa (dragon mode)

inbetween (^^ idk what to call this XD )
gobgob bag can be open via the paw print image right beside hp at bottom of game screen
when you open gobgob bag. you’ll see slots. if youve caught a summon it/they will fill the slots up
and also your leadership points
right click on the summon. there will be a new pop up window. in it you’ll see
summon’s info
options to rename the creature, (key in new name then click on the “tick”)
and also
digest the creature, (click on it = delete the summons in that slot)

– gobup is the spell to summon your creature
using gobup will open the gobgob bag where you’ll choose which creature you’ll summon.
by clicking/selecting it.
theres a shortcut for quick creature summoning where you just double click/press gobup if you
already have the creature you want highlighted.
to be able to summon more then 1 creature. you’ll need at least
2 leadership points
2 creatures (if you want more then 1 of a type of creature, you’ll need to have at least 2 of them in
gobgob bag) @ want 2 gobballs summoned? = need 2 gobballs in gobgob bag
max total level of all your summoned creatures must be below your level @ (to summon 2x lvl5 bowmeows. osa must be lvl 10+)
you cant summon creatures if your in symbiosa. (dragon mode)

remember if your summon creature dies in battle it gets removed from your gobgob bag. so having more then 1 of a creature is best.

gobball steak are feed to gobgob to level it higher before using symbiosa to that osa can get the + % per every 10 levels bonus.
the levels gobgob gained are only during the battle when it was consumed.

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