Tales of Pirates 2 Forsaken City Guide

Tales of Pirates 2 Forsaken City Guide by qooje2

*-* A Word From Author :-
Everyone i have made this guide to be The Ultimate Forsaken City Guide and it will be.
Many reasons have pushed me to make it,because all forsaken city guides only mention monsters inside it, drops and the rate only.
And None of them say anything about farming,how to farm,and tactics of best fighting so i wanted to make difference here.
For your knowing i have been in FC for more than 2 years you can say, so i almost know everything.and really wanted to share my knowings with everyone.
That’s Why i have made this guide, i have put my all effort my all knowing in it.
I hope you like it.

*-* Contents :-
Introduction about Forsaken City.
     Some View and Maps.
How does real FC look like ? from inside to outside.
     Some PKs at FC.
Some of my old fc cleric,and old guildmates attacking and defending dock to show you show PK will be.
     Forsaken City Level 1.
With HIGH detailed information.
     Portal Opening Time.
When FC opens ? when closes and everything about timing.
     How to go to Forsaken City.
Show how to go to FC with 2 Ways Top 1’s way and Top 2’s way.
What do you need to go FC,and be good players ?
     The Best Class For FC.
What is the best classes in FC PKing and Farming ?
     Time For Some Action.
How real farming will be ? what is the best way to farm ?
     Refining Gem’s Drop Rate.
What is my chance of getting ref gems from ?
     The Best Ways Of Being Aware of PKs around.
How to protect yourself ? and be aware of what is going around.
     Dock Strategies.
What is the best Strategies in Defending Dock ? and How can we Strike and win it ?
All Tactics about all classes PKing in FC.
FC Classes’ Guides, Their Stats,Skills,Gears and everything about that.
Special Kills..Tactics and moves.

*-*  Introduction :-
Forsaken City AKA FC as abriviantoin.
It requires specific levels to get in, You need to be lv30 to lv45 to get into.
Forsaken city is a maze which has several things which makes it special maze, it has the highest drop rate of refining gem in tales of pirates’s world (not quit sure) as well as       Godess Favor,it also contains alot of monsters,chests and mini bosses.
You can also find skeleter chests for all classes as well as beautiful chests,mystic chests, many runestones by chesting (killing chests) and Broken gems by killing monsters.
FC has three floors (this guide will have the 1st floor as its main subject), Every floor has its special monsters,The higher floor you reach the harder monster you fight !
FC is a real maze which every player end up lost, unless he/she knows the way or came to it before,this will never happen anymore cuz this guide will solve the problem.

*-* Some Maps and Views :-

Level 1
Level 2

Level 3

     Some FC PKs :-
This is some PK and fun we had in forsaken city long time ago.

** Forsaken City Level 1 **

*-* Forsaken City Level 1:-
This is the first floor and it has the highest drop rate for refining gem among the all floors,it contains 4 chests,4 types of monsters,4 types of Mini-bosses.
it has an special shape which is easy to stick in memory and save it.

*-* Frontal Map For Forsaken City :-

For Further information check this map :-
http://piratia.arbah.ru/en/maps/abandonedcity]http://piratia.arbah.ru/en/maps/ … /maps/abandonedcity

*-* It contains 4 types of monsters which are:
1- Wailing Warrior !

For More Info about the drops of this monster check link bellow :

2- Wailing Archer !

For More Info about the drops of this monster check link bellow :

3- Sorrow Archer !

For More Info about the drops of this monster check link bellow :

4- Sorrow Warrior !

For More Info about the drops of this monster check link bellow :

*-* 4 types of Chests:
1st Chest is at (114,271).
2nd Chest is at (253,166).
3rd Chest is at Boss Room Which is in the Center of FC.
4th Chest is at Boss Room Which is in the Center of FC.

*-* 4 types of Mini-bosses:
They all are in boss room : (Mini-Bosses Do Not Drop Ref Gem!)
All Mini-Bosses drop Skeletar chests for 1st advance classes,and High drop rate of all types of Broken Gems.
Such as Herblist’s Skeletar Chest….Explorer,Swordman…etc.
As well as some Runestones.
1st :-
     Wailing Archer Captain and its at (177,162)
    For More Info about this monster check link bellow :
2nd :-
  Sorrow Archer Captain and its at (176,139)
     For More Info about this monster check link bellow :

3rd :-
  Wailing Captain and its at (153,161)
     For More Info about this monster check link bellow :

4th :-
    Sorrow Captain and its at (153,136)
    For More Info about this monster check link bellow :

*-* When Does Forsaken City’s Portal Open ?
Players always have problem with this,also there’s two way :
Now i will tell you a good trick which can be perfomed at anytime to make sure if FC opened or not.
Switch your char (Relog) and look (Check) the system massage if FC opened or not.
You can know when fc open by checking your clock.
FC Opening time,closing time,map closing time………
Everything about timing Here :-
[url=viewthread.php?tid=47655]http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=47655[/url] by LordChronus722

*-* How to go to Forsaken City ?
Sailing to a Portal which leads to Forsaken city at Magical Ocean (1509,3666).

*-* There’s Two ways of going there :-
*-* 1) Tales of pirates 1’s Way (Common Way) :-
Sailing from shaitan Harbor to east……
*-* 2) Tales pf pirates II’s Special Way :-
which can be done also in top 1 but needs some work.
easily after made your ship go to Canary Isle and sail from there to (1509,3666)
this way is much faster and easier.

*-* Requirements :-
First – you have to have a character with the requirement levels which is lv30 to lv45, but all FC players are lv45.
Have Full Incatation equips according to your choosen class wheter its gemmed or not.
     Forsaken City Crusader’guide :-

     Forsame City Cleric’s guide :-

     Forsaken City Voyager’s guide.
     Forsaken City Seal master’s Guide.
     Forsaken City Champion’s guide.
     Forsaken City SharpShooter’s Guide.
     FC SS Bow :-
Second – After all these,you need a ship whether its Eagle ship or anyother ship.
Best Ship For FC Character is Eagle as have been aproved by many players.
here is one of the best ship guides:

Third – Ancient generator for the players of Tales of Pirates I while it doesnt needed from players of Tales of Pirates II.
This is how to make Ancient generator :
10x Robot Core from lv25 Bandit at Andes Forest 1043,3066 whic has 15.02% chance drop and 5000g.
Then go to Little Daniel at argent city 2193,2730.
You can do this as many times you want.

*-* What is the best Class for FC ?
for me there’s 2 options you have :
*-* 1st : For PK :-
i would like to choose Cleric as the best PK Class in FC !
*-* 2nd : Farming :-
without any doubt its the Crusader.
if dont want crus you can pick up any physical class such as Sharpshooter and Champ.

*-* Now It’s time for real action :
I’ve made this video shows me farming and how is the best way of farming fc.

*-* Going BossRoom :-
     This is how to go to bossromm without revolving around yourself and getting lost.

Part 2
There’s no part since i have lost the video,which is unmakeable cuase i have quited FC and sold everything.
so we can continue by picturing xD

This is the best way to farm full FC without leaving any mob alive and without getting lost without getting lost and revolving around your self.

*-* How is my chance of getting ref gem ?
It depends on how lucky you are.
maybe you get about 6 refs at 1 respawn and get nothing for many days
here are some people talking about drop rate.


Original posted by darkdino2

The drop rate of refining gems is 0.2% witch means that in average u need to kill 500 monster to get 1 ref. 250 monsters using pucca or cb. 167 monsters using cb or          pucca + poss. Although you may be lucky or not lucky getting more or less or none. There are 364 monsters in FC that means that in average using pucca or cb and          poss u get 2,18 refining gems each time the mobs spawn. However considering that sometimes you may get 7 refining gems you have to consider the high possibility          to get 0 refs for 2 or 3 FC in a row in the same conditions


Original posted by Wetew
I personally think it works but not at the 100% they say, I now what u mean, using CBS u get more refs than with pucca. Like cb works 100% (2x) and pucca 50% or less       (1.5x), but definitely I get at least one more ref with pucca than with anything.
Like 1-0 with nothing
1-3 with pucca
2-5 with CBs

*-* The Best Way to Protect yourself :
There’s two ways to protect yourself from getting killed by stealthed Crusader or any other class.
there’s 2 ways to do this…maybe 3 or more..here is my ways of doing this :

*-* 1st You must be able to login (open) more than 1 client ….the more the better.
*-* 2nd Put your game screen to the following options :-

*-* 3rd Login [open] 2x Clients of tales of pirates:
By entering one game,then the other,cause you cant open two games at same time by opening dual updaters,it gives you error or a msg.

*-* 4th  Putting the Clients on Set :
Grab one to the upper left and the other to the other side of the screen,so you can see what is going on,while using the other client.

*-* Now we split accoring to the available options :-
First we need to know many things about tales of pirates’ world…such as tweaks which are kind a popular these days.
as we all know there’s tweak called “Ship Stealth Tweak” featuring the lv5 Inifinitive manufactured items,which makes lv1 Manu items such as lv1 Ship accelator or
Ship  Atomizaer makes as lv5 Ship Acc or atom,and makes 1 Ship acc lasts for ever.(Inifi.).
so if you have one of those tweaks.it will be greatful helping for you.so you can reach the Dock of FC in just 40 Seconds sailing from Canary,maybe 1 min from
Shaitan City.
And i dont have it,so dont bother asking me if have it or not,and give me the download link if you have it.
*-* 1st Sea Voyager’s Way :-
Login a SeaVoy character and put it in the portal (the outer side,as shown in the next image).
and kill everyone who you don’t like in sea very easy,
So as you can see

*-* 2nd Having Buffer/Reviver Character :-
well….this is so obvious you just need to build/make a buffer with full buffs and reviver so it can rev you when got killed or any member of your guild or party.

*-* 3rd Herblist Classes’ Way:-
Which can help you kill others easily,such as Seal Master or Cleric as they have the True Sight Skill which enables you seeing the other stealthed crusader.
and Seal Masters so they can also Seal the Enemies.

*-* Dock Strategies :-

we have 2 types of Dock strategy :-
1st Attacking.
2nd Defending.
Before we start we have to know couple of items.
Stealth Lv5 :Enables Ships to go in stealth mode like the stealth of crusader in land.
Radar Lv5 :Works as True Sight Skill of Herblist to detect any stealth body.
Item Mall : http://top2.igg.com/mall/detail.php?id=1188
    Award Center : http://top2.igg.com/mall/detail.php?id=1188
    Let’s Start Now
    1st Attacking Way :-
Laterly IGG has added new item called Stealth Lv5 which enables Ships to go in stealth mode like the stealth of crusader in land.
With that item we can do some trick while we’re attacking on dock which has taken by enemies.
Use one of that item so enemies cant see you and hit them from sea, your ship can deal some damage on enemies and they cant hit your ship.
you will force them to retreat back which will give you enough time to dock,poss and put pots on.
This trick is soo good for guilds it will give quiet enough time for all guild to dock and get ready for PK.
2nd Defending
First we have to prevent the way i have mentioned in 1st Attacking its quiet easy and simple all we need is Radar Lv5 it’s new item as well as Stealth Lv5 which works as
True Sight to see the stealthed players but Radar Lv5 is For Sea Usage Only, go sea and put it around the dock, If Any stealthed ships approached just attack and sink it

*-* Tactics :-
We Need to know many tactics of the class we are using,and what strategy should use against the other players.
as i have seen till now….many FCers are noobs in PK,but have great eq,i dont lie about this …..
today i have collected some Tactics Easy ways to kill other players,and forgive me for my dead English cuz im dead in Formal English.
*-* Needed Items :-
First of All you have to get Camera Tweak For your version of game.
Tales of pirates 1’s Camera Tweak : http://pirateclub.forumotion.com … irates-camera-tweak
Tales Of Pirates 2’s Camera Tweak : http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum … es-pirates-2-a.html
1st Flash Bomb For All Classes !
2nd Soul Detector For Non-TSing Classes such as Voyager,Champions and Specially For Crusaders.
3rd Radiation Same as Soul Detector but its useless,about Crusaders its sooo good even better than Soul Detector.
4th Healing Up Items Known as Cake (Caking) which has some types according to the choosen class such as :
Consitution Recover Vials Which Recovers (Heals) a great amount of health (HP).
Sp Holy Water Which Recovers (Heals) 250 SP,this is item is good only for clerics.

*-* Cleric :-
Well For clerics most of FC clerics can kill most Crusaders in 2 bolts usually but ofc there’s some players who don’t apply this rule on.
So Cleric Usually has to have (Obtain) Flash Bombs cuase it’s really usefull for clerics as long as clerics cant STOP the opponent from aproaching as we all
know that Clerics dont have seal skill or stun,so Flash Bomb will help alot.
This what clerics should do when seeing an opponent on screen :-
    First  Flash Bomb Then Bolt Run Back Bolt again ! do this that opponent if that one is Crusader or a sealer Class,cuz that sealer class such Sharshooter or Seal
Master will use thier sealing skill first,so bugging that skill with the effect of Flash Bomb which gives stun for duration according to the Flash Bomb’s level will give you
great Oppurtunity of killing that player without getting seald or stunned.

*-* Crusader :-
Well..i dont need to say anything about crus as we all know,but i will add come infomations,Crus fights depends on which class he is fighting.
   Crus vs Cleric :-
Crus have to stun cleric to kill her,thats is the main point,so Flash Bomb will be GREAT useful in here,FLASH BOMB then its easy to stun.
   Crus vs Champion :-
It depends on that champion,many crus cant break champ’s def so i would recommend to stun and move away,or just kill him if you can break his defense.
   Crus vs Seal Master :-
1st Main thing to kill seal master is to avoid getting sealed,FLASH BOMB can easily bug the seal,and slash should do the work,if seal master doesn’t die in 1 slash just
stun as crusaders do with all other classes.
if things went wrong and got sealed,try run away as possible from your oponent and CAKE (Healing Pots) Up ! till the seal effect goes off.
   Crus Vs Voyager :-
This is the most easily class to kill (WITH MY FULL RESPECTION TO VOYAGERS ) you can easily Stun from stealth cuz voyagers CAN NOT see stealthed crusaders.
   Crus vs Crus :-
this fight needs alot of concetration,Cause you will need to know WHEN YOUR OPONENT’S STEALTH WILL FINISH !,then strike at the moment he is trying to stealth again
Radiation and Soul Detector is the best thing you can use in fights like this,USE raditaion or Soul Detector then re-stealth (make sure that you ONLY use 1 of them)
cause trying to use both will just bring your death.
my favorite way is FB,Radiation then slash fast,if you’re kind a slow you can stealth back after used Radiation then SLASH !
   Crus Vs Sharpshooter :-
It doesn’t worth to be mentioned,1 slash should do the job,and if you got sealed you are dead,that’s all !
But you can keep healing up with Healing Up Items such as Cake,Con Vials…etc.till seal effect gets off,or you can try to melee the SS while on seal.

*-* Sharpshooter :-
Sharpshooter is soo sensetive class which means kill or get killed so fast,Just need to seal your oponent and melee till she/he dies.

*-* Seal Master :-

Same As Sharpshooter,Seal and Kill !
As My Partner Do, Seal Kill Avoid Getting Sealed or Stunned By Using Flash Bomb or the Run Back Strategy.

*-* Voyager :-
Voyagers can really be pain in ass (Very annoying) class cause they have the advantage of AOE (Area on Effect) Skill which is Conch Ray,they can damage server
enemies at every hit of that skill,all you need it just to hide into Ami Char or Carsise (Champ) and keep Conching if you’re Ami that’s the best way,but if Lance Phyllis
its hard maybe impossible to do it,anyway what all Voys need it just to hide into some players and keep conching.
    Anyway..Voyagers can only win by using Healing Up Tactic.
    Voy Vs Sealer Classes :-
Voyagers lose against Sealer Classes, such as Sharpshooter and Seal Master, Unless keep Caking Up till seals effect gone then STRIKE !
Voys can bug sealing skills by using Tornado skill at the right moment,then do what voy is good at.
    Voy Vs Cleric :-
Voyagers also loses against cleric,but with the healing tactic i dont think so, is voy survived dying by 1 bolt he can really use the healing up.
    Voy Vs Crusader :-
Now it’s time to use Soul Detector to detect the stealthed (invisible) crusader. Otherwise Voy is dead class against crusaders.
   Voy Vs Champion :-
It Depends on many things,fights like this it’s kind easy for Voy to win, If champ cant break Voy’s def.
But if champ can break, voy has to Conch,Thunder then Tornado the enemy to get some time to heal up by sitting or healing items.then do the same again.
*-* Champion :-
    Champ Vs Crusader :-
Champs has alot of possibilities to win beacause it’s hard for crusader to break champ’s def.
If Crus breaks Champ’s def he MAY win but also champs has the chance by Healing Up and keep attacking on enemy.cause it will take some time for crus to eat up
all champ’s HP.
    Champ Vs Magic Classes :-
Always Champs lose against Magic Classes (Cleric,Slea Master,Voyagers) cause their attacks ignore (go through) Champ’s def which only leaves HP for that champ.
Is he able to kill them before his HP reaches 0 ? that is the question,and the answer depends on that Champ’s Max,HP,Enemy’s State.
But Generally Champions Lose Against Cleric For Sure,Clerics Bolt Run Away of Melee Range Bolt again run back…etc,which makes champ only use Slash to reach
them and that’s kind a useless vs Clerics cuz of Energy Shield, as well as Clerics make alot of Damage depends on that cleric’s spr.
    Champ Vs SharpShooter :-
Here No much to say, Champs has the ability of winning.SharpShooter works as Crusader so it will have to break the Defence of Champ.

*-* Features :-
     This section is a fast guide about the classes,buffers and seavoyagers.

Before we start we have to know some alterenative things in case we don’t agree on same thing on an idea.
  Gears :- Lv40 Con Rings we can always replace it with Lv40 Ring of the Yeti (+9 Defense) can be found in Thundoria Castle Accessory – Wetigo (731,1568)
or From Mystic Chests.
Skills :- has been added according to 99% of FC Players Plus my own Experience but always you put skills according to you wishes.
Here you can find Skill Tree for all classes in Tales of pirates.

*-* Crusader :-

Crusader is the best overpowered class in tales of pirates, So it’s the most perfect class for FC farming and PKing.

Stats :-

First of all you need to get 210 Attack Speed,210 ASPD will upgrade your slash to 7x Stronger.
and the rest goes for Str ofcaurse.
Rings :-
Lv40 Agi or Str Rings, which you like..or use Agi rings to get 210 but if you’ve already reached it by stats get Str rings then.
Lv40 Con Rings when you intending to tank somebody, or showing off with your con mode.
Equips :-
Lv45 Dual Unsealed Blade of Incantations : you can fuse them to any apparel you want and forge with gems you want.
Lv45 Unsealed Platemail of the cursed soul : you can fuse them to any apparel you want and forge with gems you want.
About boots and bloves we have couple types:
Lv40 Incantation Boots : which is obtainable from Incantation chest for Crusader.
Lv40 Incantation Gloves : which is obtainable from Incantation chest for Crusader.
or you can look for some rare boots and gloves with high stats.
I used to use lv35 Swordman gloves with 4 Agi 2 Str but bad hitrate which i solved by forging lusterious gems.
Hat :-
QuiQui Hat which you can obtain it from NPC Weird Hat Seller Argent City (2241,2771).
or any other Hats such as Street Hat,Straw Hat,but for lance i would go for Yahoo’s cap, it gives 20 HP
Pet :-
Str Pet Ofc, Get Any Level of Strength Pet you can get but “The higher level the better”.
Skills :-
We will build skills according to the best way which followed by 99.9% of FC Crusaders.
Lv2 Concentration.
Lv3 Sword Mastery.
Lv10 Illusion Slash.
Lv5 Berserk.
Lv2 Dual Sword Mastery.
Lv5 Blood Frenzy.
Lv5 Shadow Slash known as stun.
Lv3 Deftness.
Lv1 Stealth known as invisiblity.

*-* Cleric :-
Cleric is my favorite class among all, good in PKs.and don’t die easily.

Stats :-

Pure Spirit Ofc, Cleric is Sp Monster as we all know,
Rings :-
Lv40 Spr Rings, All the time.
Lv40 Con Rings is soo good for clerics to tank the Heavy PKs,for my opinion when got enough and good Spr should use Con Rings to have better Defense.
Equips :-
Lv45 Unsealed Staff of Incantations : you can fuse them to any apparel you want and forge with gems you want.
Lv45 Unsealed Coat of Invoncation : you can fuse them to any apparel you want and forge with gems you want.
Lv40 Incantation Boots : which is obtainable from Incantation chest for Crusader.
Lv40 Incantation Gloves : which is obtainable from Incantation chest for Crusader.
There’s several boots and gloves for Ami with High amount of Spr Stats and bad defense which i don’t recommend using them.
Hat :-
QuiQui Hat which you can obtain it from NPC Weird Hat Seller Argent City (2241,2771) For Phyllis
Ami has alot of Caps,Ami has the advantage of the Cap among all Characters,you can find many Ami’s Caps with Good Spr Stats.
Pet :-
Spirit Pet Without any doubt.the same goes for all,high level much better.
Skills :-
Lv1 Heal.
Lv10 Spiritual Bolt.
Lv8 Vigor.
Lv2 Divine Grace.
Lv2 True Sight.
Lv3 Tornado Swirl.
Lv10 Energy Shield.

*-* Seal Master :-
One of the best classes to have them as friend while PKing for it’s good advantages of sealing others.
in Seal Master we have 2 types,Con Seal Master and Spr Seal Master.
Con Seal Master : They have more Defense,more HP and more ability to tank and not dying easily than Spr Seal Master.
Spr Seal Master : First They have low HP and low Defense but they deal high damage on targets,so they can also kill faster than Con Seal Master.
Hybrid : Some players mix the two types togather to gain all benefits of the both types.

Stats :-

Pure Con or Spr according to your desire.
Rings :-
Lv40 Con or Spr Rings.
Equips :-
Lv45 Unsealed Staff of Abraxas : you can fuse them to any apparel you want and forge with gems you want.
Lv45 Unsealed Robe of Abraxas : you can fuse them to any apparel you want and forge with gems you want.
Lv40 Incantation Boots : which is obtainable from Incantation chest for Crusader.
Lv40 Incantation Gloves : which is obtainable from Incantation chest for Crusader.
There’s several boots and gloves for Ami with High amount of Spr Stats and bad defense which i don’t recommend using them the same goes for Phyllis.
Hat :-
QuiQui Hat which you can obtain it from NPC Weird Hat Seller Argent City (2241,2771) For Phyllis.
Ami has alot of Caps,Ami has the advantage of the Cap among all Characters,you can find many Ami’s Caps with Good Spr and Con Stats.
Pet :-
Spirit and Constitution Pet according to your type and desires.i dont have to say “the higher level the better”…well..guess i have said it.
Skills :-
About Seal Master’s skills i cant say anything,cuz i dont know how to arrange skills except a sealer one,
so i will be enough adding the site of Seal Master’s skill tree so you can do your own.

” Credits “

*-* Credits :-
iyashii: For Incouraging me to finish this guide after i’ve given up and decided to delete it.
MichyBoom: For the great Banner and the map for FC,
Jashwin: Cordinates of mini bosses.
Piratia Websie: For the all informations about Monsters and Cordinates.
linwyn: Image of 3 Levels of FC,http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=2431

Speciall Thanks :-
To The Players who i’ve quoted from:
darkdino2 and Wetew.

With My Regards :
Khalid Warsame.

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