SWTOR Vanguard DPS Ability Stats

SWTOR Vanguard DPS Ability Stats by Heezdedjim

These are the base (untalented), minimum damage stats for all the Vanguard DPS abilities. I did not include the abilities that are primarily for crowd control or mobility with damage included as a bonus (e.g., Storm).

The (*) indicates attacks that do weapon damage (the ones that are classed as rifle attacks); which are significant because those are the ones that proc the DOT from Plasma Cell and the secondary damage from Ion Cell.

Colors: Free Attack / Primary Attack (high DPS + high efficiency) / Burst (high DPS + spammable) / DOT

Attack (Abbrev) – Level Unlocked (Notes)

Blitz (BZ) – Level 34 (requires incapacitated target)
Explosive Surge (ES) – 24 (PBAOE 5m / 5t)
Ion Pulse (IP) – 10
Mortar Volley (MV) – 10 (AOE 8m / 5t)
Pulse Cannon (PC) – 8 (PBAOE 10m)
High Impact Bolt (HIB) – 6 (requires incapacitated target or DOT running)
Sticky Grenade (SG) – 5 (+KB)
Full Auto (FA) – 3 (+stun)
Stockstrike (SS) – 2
Explosive Round (ER) – 1 (+KB; +AOE 5m / 3t)
Hammer Shot (HS) – 1

Assault Plastique (AP) – Talent (+KB)
Energy Blast (EB) – Talent
Fire Pulse (FP) – Talent
Gut (GT) – Talent (DMG 595 kinetic + DOT 784 internal)
Incendiary Round (IR) – Talent (DMG 313 elemental + DOT 1178 elemental)

High Energy Cell – +5% all damage
Ion Cell – 15% chance +618 energy damage on (W)eapon attacks (*)
Plasma Cell – 10% chance DOT 1,370 elemental on (W)eapon attacks (*)

Attack / Damage Type / Damage Per Second

ER K 1,565
HS W 670 (*)
ES E 669
IP E 558
SS K 250
HIB W 184 (*)
SG K 125
FA W 104 (*)
AP K 104
GT K 92
PC E 89
IR E 83
FP E 65
BZ K 58
MV K 55
EB E 47

Attack / Damage Per Ammo Point

EB +1
HIB 1,383 (*)
SS 1,124
MV 1,101
FP 982
SG 934
AP 783
FA 777 (*)
GT 690
PC 531
ER 522
IR 497
IP 279
ES 223

Long Range (30m)

Assault Plastique
Explosive Round
Full Auto (*)
Hammer Shot (*)
High Impact Bolt (*)
Incendiary Round
Mortar Volley
Sticky Grenade

Middle Range (10m)

Energy Blast
Fire Pulse
Ion Pulse
Pulse Cannon


Explosive Surge

Spammable (GCD-only)

Explosive Round
Explosive Surge
Hammer Shot (*)
Incendiary Round
Ion Pulse

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