SWTOR Crew Skills Materials Guide

SWTOR Crew Skills Materials Guide by Obi-GYN-Kinobi

Crew Skills Materials Diagram

I made the linked diagram to make my life easier. Hopefully you’ll find it useful. It’s a work in progress as I confirm more information (it’s amazing how much beta information, as well as more-currently incorrect information, you have to sort through to get to the bottom of things).

Please let me know if you see any errors, or additions that need to be made. Also, feel free to private-message me with screen shots if you think it would be helpful. I’ll keep it updated accordingly.

LINK —> Crew Skills Materials Diagram MIRROR LINK —> Crew Skills Materials Diagram

Recommended CRAFTING Crew Skills by CLASS

Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior – Synthweaving (STRENGTH armor); Artifice (Lightsaber and armor mods); Cybertech; Biochem

Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor – Synthweaving (WILLPOWER armor); Artifice (Lightsaber and armor mods); Cybertech; Biochem

Trooper / Bounty Hunter – Armormech (AIM armor); Armstech (Weapons); Cybertech; Biochem; Artifice (Weapon and armor mods)

Smuggler / Imperial Agent – Armormech (CUNNING armor); Armstech (Weapons); Cybertech; Biochem; Artifice (Weapon and armor mods)

Really I would say the only mistakes you could make for selecting a good crafting skill would be to take Synthweaving as a non-Jedi/Sith, or Armormech/Armstech as a Jedi/Sith. All the other possibilities have some use. For example, Cybertech and Biochem are useful to just about anyone. And Artifice is not a solely force-user relevant crafting skill. It creates a lot of mods that can be used in all sorts different equipment.

As far as what gathering/mission skills to take with the recommended crafting skill, I would always recommend taking the gathering skill that goes along with your crafting skill (see link above). This provides you with the ability to easily gather green quality materials you will need to make 90% of the recipes in your crafting skill. And remember, all gathering skills also have missions (a way to spend money rather than time to gather).

Recommended GATHERING Crew Skills by CRAFT

Synthweaving – Archaeology

Armormech – Scavenging

Artifice – Achaeology

Armstech – Scavenging

Cybertech – Scavenging

Biochem – Bioanalysis

These choices are almost mandatory unless you have some other source for your base crafting materials (another character or lots of credits).

Recommended MISSION Crew Skills by CRAFT

Synthweaving – Underworld Trading

Armormech – Underworld Trading

Artifice – Treasure Hunting

Armstech – Investigation

Cybertech – Underworld Trading

Biochem – Diplomacy

These choices are really all pretty optional. You only “need” these skills if you want to be able to acquire, on your own, the blue and purple quality materials it will take to construct blue and purple quality items with your crafting skill. While that sounds important, very few craftable items require such materials, and you can easily buy these materials.

All of the mission skills have some side benefits. See the above linked chart for details.

A Word on Slicing

As you might have noticed, the crew skill Slicing doesn’t appear in any of the above lists. It’s not really necessary for any crafting skill. However, it a good way to make credits. See the above linked chart for details on other benefits of Slicing.

Crew Skills Materials List

Grade Levels
Grade 1 – Levels 10-16
Grade 2 – Levels 17-24
Grade 3 – Levels 25-32
Grade 4 – Levels 33-40
Grade 5 – Levels 41-48
Grade 6 – Levels 49-50


Color/Power Crystals

Grade 1 – Blue/Green/Red Amorphous Crystal, Rubat Crystal
Grade 2 – Blue/Green/Red Igneous Crystal, Eralam Crystal, Nextor Crystal
Grade 3 – Blue/Green/Red Opaque Crystal, Bondar Crystal, Opila Crystal
Grade 4 – Blue/Greed/Red Solid Crystal, Firkrann Crystal
Grade 5 – Blue/Green/Red Lucent Crystal, Phond Crystal, Damind Crystal
Grade 6 – Blue/Green/Red Polychomic Crystal, Upari Crystal

Artifact Fragments

Grade 1 – Lost Artifact Fragment
Grade 2 – Sacred Artifact Fragment
Grade 3 – Prehistoric Artifact Fragment, Ancient Artifact Fragment
Grade 4 – Galactic Artifact Fragment
Grade 5 – Hypertech Artifact Fragment, Alien Artifact Fragment
Grade 6 – Primeval Artifact Fragment


Biochemical Samples

Grade 1 – Dielectric Cell Fiber, Bacterial Strain
Grade 2 – Microscopic Symbiote, Toxic Extract
Grade 3 – Unknown Microorganism, Bio-Energy cell Sample
Grade 4 – Inert Virus, Alien Bacteria
Grade 5 – Quick-Growth Agent
Grade 6 – Mutagenic Paste, Neurochemical Extract

Biochemical Compounds

Grade 1 – Green Goo
Grade 2 – Luminescent Cell Culture, Genetic Anomaly
Grade 3 – Hallucinogenic Compound, Blue Goo, Medicinal Fluid
Grade 4 – Cosmic Trace Particle, Nerve-Damaging Chemical
Grade 5 – Parasitic Microorgansim, Nutrient Gel, Red Goo, Psychoactive Compound
Grade 6 – Immunity Cell Culture


Scavenged Metals

Grade 1 – Desh, Aluminum
Grade 2 – Bronzium, Chanlon
Grade 3 – Phobium
Grade 4 – Bondite, Diatium
Grade 5 – Electrum, Neutronium
Grade 6 – Durasteel

Scavenged Compounds

Grade 1 – Silica, Laminoid
Grade 2 – Plastoid, Plasteel
Grade 3 – Lacqerous
Grade 4 – Fibermesh, Resinite
Grade 5 – Polyplast, Amorphous Carbonite
Grade 6 – Zal Alloy



Medical Supplies

Grade 1 – Biochemical Bonding Agent, Alien Blood Sample
Grade 2 – Molecular Programmer, Mechanical Symbiote
Grade 3 – Neuro-Stimulator, Bioelectric Toxin
Grade 4 – Synthetic Blood, Miracle Fluid
Grade 5 – Experimental Serum, Iridescent Goo
Grade 6 – Smart Cells, Radioactive Paste


Researched Compounds

Grade 1 – Carbo-plas, Nylasteel
Grade 2 – Plastifiber, Polyfibe
Grade 3 – Flexiglass, Ceraglass
Grade 4 – Phrick, Laminasteel
Grade 5 – Plexoid, Plexisteel
Grade 6 – Dallorian Alloy, Ultrachrome

Treasure Hunting


Grade 1 – Exquisite Yellow Crystal, Fire Node, Wind Crystal
Grade 2 – Precious Yellow Crystal, Marilite, Chrysopaz
Grade 3 – Immaculate Yellow Crystal, Tatooine Flamegem, Krayt Dragon Pearl
Grade 4 – Pristine Yellow Crystal, Sunblaze, Ice-Jewel
Grade 5 – Flawless Yellow Crystal, Prismatic Crystal, Nova Crystal
Grade 6 – Perfect Yellow/Orange Crystal, Lorrdian Gemstone, Corusca Gem

Underworld Trading

Underworld Metals

Grade 1 – Terenthium
Grade 2 – Mullinine
Grade 3 – Xonolite
Grade 4 – Titanium
Grade 5 – Quadranium
Grade 6 – Ciridium, Mandalorian Iron

Luxury Fabrics

Grade 1 – Shadowsilk
Grade 2 – Lashaa Silk
Grade 3 – Dramassian Silk
Grade 4 – Septsilk
Grade 5 – Vine-silk
Grade 6 – Nanosilk, Denebrillan Star Silk

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  1. Awesome guide. I'm still tossing up whether to give one of my toons Slicing or not. The missions and schematics you get could well be worth taking it. But I've always loved crafting skills, so I'd have to rely on one toon gathering twice as much material. Pricy!

  2. Excellent information… accurate, precise and to the point. This post was incredibly helpful. I only wish I found it last week when I made some poor choices in skill combinations.

  3. thanks for the info! had biochem, bioanalysis, and underworld trading as my 3…but couldn't for the life of me find some biochemical bonding agent. now i know to drop UT & pick up diplomacy!!

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