Dungeon Defenders Using Any Brand and Type of Controller Guide

Dungeon Defenders Using Any Brand and Type of Controller Guide by ZeidDiez

If you’re like me, you probably wanted to play dungeon defenders on a controller (perhaps just for curiosity) but didn’t have access to an xbox 360 controller.

There are several workarounds to this but this guide will detail one of the most popular/common ones. This guide will teach you how to do this for the steam version of dungeon defenders, but with a little common sense, you can replace some parts to make it work with other versions.

If at any point this guide seems to invade the territory of common sense, don’t let it offend you, I assume the entire process is common sense, but some people may not see it the same way. This guide is meant to accommodate to anyone’s computer prowess.

NEW : If you want to try this without a controller (you don’t own a controller and want to play 2 player using keyboard) check out ice252’s guide on how to set up a virtual joystick here.

Step 1

Download x360ce –

Step 2

Unzip the file, and put the executable (x360ce.exe) inside your win32 folder, inside binaries, within your steamapp folders, within your steam installation.

The image will be much better for explaining this than words.

Step 3

Open the executable (x360ce.exe) and allow it to create (hit yes) anything it wants to create.

Step 4

If your controller is not plugged in, plug it in now.

Once you do, you’ll see a prompt similar to the one in the following image. Check the same things that are checked in said image (which should be on by default, and hit next.

After that, you’ll see a screen like the following, hit finish.

Step 5

You’re ready to configure your controller, I cannot be more in depth into this because this part will vary for people with different controllers than mine. However, make sure you check the presets to see if a controller like yours is present there. If it is not, go ahead and use the clear preset and configure the buttons as you would like them to be.

After you’re done with this step, make sure to save your preset and close the application, otherwise it will NOT work.

Step 6

No step here, just play


Have fun, and I’ll see you online.

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