Digimon Masters Online Bonus Stats Guide

Digimon Masters Online Bonus Stats Guide by kantasai

Hello guys.
Here i will try to explain how you can obtain bonus stats for your digimon.

On the picture above :
1/ The digimon’s base stats. (In the picture, it’s HP)
2/ The bonus stats from emblem.
3/ The bonus stats from tamer.
4/ The total stats which is the sum of 3 stats above.

Question : Can you tell me more about all of the stats?
Answer :You can read this guide below to know about all the stats, their effect and also some short summary from Relva. (Thanx lepper and Relva).
Digimon Masters Online Understanding Stats Guide

So as you see above, there are two way to get bonus stats for your digimon.

First way is to use Emblem / Plate.
Question : What is emblem / plate ? And how to use it?
Answer : Emblem / Plate is a chip used to equip in your digivice slot to directly increase your digimon stats.
A type of emblem / plate will only work for digimons that belong to a field / family.
There are serveral kinds of emblems. Here is the list of emblems in the game so far (Thank lepper for listing those kinds of emblem in his Item Guide) :
Dragon’s Roar emblem. (Eg : starter Agumon evolution line, guilmon, growlmon…)
Nightmare Soldiers emblem. (Eg : Impmon, Renamon evolution nline…)
Nature Spirits emblem. (Eg : Gaomon, Elecmon, Palmon…)
Jungle Troopers emblem. (Eg : Lalamon, H-Kabuterimon…)
Wind Guardians emblem. (Eg : Biyomon,Imperialdramon, Cherrymon, Lilymon…)
Deep Savers emblem. (Eg : MarineAngemon)
Metal Empire emblem. (Eg : Wargreymon,Metalgreymon,Metalgarurumon…)
Virus Busters emblem. (Eg : starter Agumon, Dukemon…)
Unknown emblem. (Eg : Anubismon…)

Question : How to identify which field / family your digimon belong to?
Answer : Just open digimon stat box to see. Like the picture below, my gaomon’s field / family is NSp (aka : Nature Spirits).

By the way, a digimon can belong to two fields / familes.

Question : How to get emblem / plate?
Answer : You can get them by scanning blue frame egg.

Question : Which stat can emblem/plate increase?
Answer : So far, there are 4 stats that can be increased by emblem/plate for your digimon. They are : DS , AT, HP and DE. (DE Plate only drop from Boss and Giant Digimon in D9-Terminal).

The second way to get bonus stats for your digimon is through your tamer’s stats.
Question : What is bonus stats from tamer? And how does it work?
Answer : The bonus stats from tamer are bonus stats that give to your digimon based on tamer’s stats.
From what i know so far, the bonus stats that your digimon can get from tamer are : AT,DE,HP and DS.
The bonus stats from tamer isn’t static. It’s changable depend on your state.
The maximum bonus stats a digimon a gain from a tamer is depend on your digimon:.
– If your digimon only has rookie form : maxium bonus stats is tamer’s stats /24. (max affinity 5, but there are some exceptions that some spec digimons can reach 15)
– If your digimon has Champion : tamer’s stats / 5. (max affinity 20)
– If your digimon only has Ultimate : tamer’s stats / 4. (max affinity 25)
– About mega :about tamer’s stats/3 (max affinity 30)
– You can also infer the current bonus stats from “Affinity” stats in tamer window box. The “Affinity” stats show how much % the bonus stats from tamer currently applying on your digimon. (Thanx Lepper for this infor).
Eg : The picture above is my tamer stats and my gaomon already has his Ultimate form. So we can infer the maximum bonus stats from tamer :
AT(Attack) : 61. ==> Maximum bonus AT for digimon : 15.
DE(Defence) : 33. ==> Maximum bonus DE for digimon : 8.
HP : 280. ==> Maximum bonus HP for digimon : 70.
DS : 320. ==> Maximum bonus AT for digimon : 80.

On the picture above, my gaomon got 44 bonus HP from my tamer and it’s not the maximum bonus HP.
In order to obtain the maximum bonus stats, you need to beat wild digimon.
And if you log out for a while (about 30 mins), the bonus stats from tamer will also drop to a certain amount. The affinity / bonus stats will remain unchanged if you stay afk in game.

Question : Why my digimon didn’t get any bonus stats from tamer???
Answer : Because either your digimon has just died, or you’ve just start the game / log on …You just need to beat wild digimons at a high killing rate to obtain bonus stats.

Question : Is there anyway i can increase my tamer’s stats?
Answer : Yes, you can increase your tamer’s stats by using socketing system . You need socketing jewels (aka : attachments) (which you got from wild digimon or by scanning blue frame eggs) to socket your clothes.
Thanx SimonThorsager for the socketing guide below.
Digimon Masters Online Socketing Guide

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