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Dungeon Defenders Monk Guide by Finally

Not only does the monk get the looks but he is also the most difficult class to play well. Monks will take the longest to level and even longer to fully understand how to play this class. In reality, he is not a child but well over 100 years old… hence bald

How should I build my Monk?
This is a hard question due to the nature of the monk. The monk is the only character based as a support class. This makes for a few unique builds:

Aura Build (all points in tower stats)

  • Healing auras will keep you alive
  • A few auras can cover a lot of the map


  • Low Damage
  • Will require a team or skillful playing

Skills Based (all points in character skills then player stats)

  • Skills do not use Defense Units
  • Can help both towers or players


  • Even the best build will be weaker then other classes damage wise
  • Auras will suffer greatly

Hybrid Build (Mix of the two, most common)

  • Good team player
  • Has good mobile auras(player auras) and tower auras


  • Not specialized

Tower Breakdown

Ensnare Aura(Slow Aura)
-This aura slows down the movement speed of any monster that enters it (except for bosses). The slow aura is best placed in front tower, giving them additional time to attack. This aura does no damage on its own.
Cost: 4 Tower Points 40 Mana

Electric Aura
-Being the only damage aura the monk has (techinally), the electric aura is essential on any main paths. The best combo for the electric aura and Ensare aura placed on top of each other. This will give the electric aura the most time to damage any monsters.
Cost: 5 Defense Units 50 Mana

Healing Aura
-One of only 2 healing skills, this is best placed in a central location in multiplayer games. The aura is also recommended for Insane boss runs or if the player is joined by a Squire.
Cost: 5 Defense Units 40 Mana

Strength Drain Aura
-This aura reduces the damage done to players and towers. Rarely are there Defense Units availbale to build one of these. They are best used against bosses or ogres, else the cost of DU is not worth the small advantage. Healing auras are a better use of both mana and DU.
Cost: 6 Defense Units 60 Mana

Enrage Aura (Rage Aura)
-A great alternative to the slow aura, the enrage aura causes the monsters to attack each other. The aura does no damage but monsters that hit each other do damage making this tower act both like the slow aura and electric aura.
Cost: 6 Defense Units 100 Mana

Monk Skills

Hero Boost
-Hero boost is among other things, a mobile healing aura. The more points invested in to hero boost causes the aura to increase in size and boost stats more. Stats effect are damage, attack rate, and hero health regeneration.
15 Mana activate, increasing mana over time

Defense Boost
-This aura does the same thing as Hero Boost but for towers. It will slowly regenerate tower health and increase damage and attack rate of near by towers.
15 Mana activate, increasing mana over time

Monk Weapons
-The main monk weapon is the spear. There are many different style of spears that can be acquired with varying stats. The monk can also use some ax like spears (poleaxes of sorts) that act much the same as any monk weapon. There are two main stats for damage on the spears, the first being melee damage and the second is the monks chi attack damage.

Monk Stats
There are 10 possible places to spend stat points on:

Player Health
-This stat increases the Monk’s Health increasing his overall survivability. Every class should have some points invested into the heal stat as a lack of doing so will result in 1 hit deaths. (50 max)

Player Damage
-Placing points in Player Damage increase the damage of each attack done by the player. This stat is not as useful for the monk since this only effects melee attacks, not chi attacks. Most players use the monks chi attack so only place points in the Player Damage stat if you intend to get up close and personal. (50 max)

Player Speed
-This stat increases the players movement speed. It is best not to put points in Player Speed due to its relatively low max. Tho at higher levels, this skill needs to be maxed and if necessary points should be placed in Player Speed. Items should cover the player speed stat well over the 20 max. (20 max)

Player Attack Speed
-This stat increases the rate at which the player creates and repairs towers. The monk is a versatile character so placing some points into player attack speed will be quite useful in creating a well rounded toon. (50 max)

Tower Health
-This stat increases the health of all the monk’s auras allowing them to last longer. If the player intends to place a few auras or help a squire tank bosses, a few points should be placed here. (50 max)

Tower Damage
-Tower damages increases the effects of all his auras. This means the healing aura will heal more, electric aura will do more damage, or slow aura slow monsters more. (50 max)

– Tower Aoe Range
-This stat increase the range of the auras, in effect making them more effective (to a point). The more points invested into this skill, the less auras that are needed to cover the same area. The only real down side to having such large auras is placing them as their size makes placement sometimes difficult. (50 max)

– Tower Attack Speed
-Tower Attack Speed increases the rate at which the auras activate. This means healing auras will heal faster or damage auras will do more damage as monsters walk through them. (50 max)

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