Crystal Saga Ranger Guide

Crystal Saga Basic Ranger Guide by stormynight

Hello all,

This is just a short guide on how to use the ranger, with information that i have picked up playing the ranger for the last couple of weeks. I don’t presume to know everything about it, and most of this is personal opinion.

I. Builds,

I started the game going 2 str 1 agi, and later on changed to all str. I found that the added damaged helped more than the Agi. If you are going for the magical ranger i would recommend all int.

1. All STR

Cookie cutter skill builds till level 50(may update till 60 when i hit it), feel free to change

Physical(All around Build):

1/5 Fire Arrow 1
1/5 Paralyzing 1
1/5 Fire Arrow 2
1/5 Strong Shot

1/5 Double I
1/5 Trailing
1/5 Double II

1/5 Anti-Magic 1
5/5 Fortune’s Kiss
1/5 Voids Edge

1/5 Silencing Strike
3*/5 Anti-magic 2

5/5 Elven Swiftness
1**/5 Oak’s Blessing
1**/5 Quick heal

*I believe you need to put points in antimagic 2, to be an effective anti magic pvp character. But is up to you if you want to put 1 or more points in it. Feel free to put left over point in Silencing Strike, Fire Arrow 2, or Strong Shot

**Feel free not taking quick heal if you don’t like. Personally i love the skill, since it works well for me in dugeons as well as battle field. Pretty much crucial if you want to solo dungeons effectively as a ranger.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Skill damage Calculation

I am not applying armor to the raw damage yet, i will do that later.

1. Fire arrow 2: (cd 4sec)
Level 1 = base_damage * 108% + 580
Level 5 = base_damage * (8 + (3 *4)) % + 580 + (49 * 4)

assuming 1000 base damage
1000 + 1000 * 0.08 + 580 = 1660
1000 + 1000 * 0.2 + 196 + 580 = 1976
19% increase in damage

damage over 72 seconds:
level 1: 29880
level 5: 35568

assuming 2000 base damage
2000 + 2000*0.08 + 580 = 2740
2000 + 2000*0.2 + 196+580 = 3256
16% increase in damage

damage over 72 seconds:
level 1: 49320
level 5: 58608

2. Double Shot 2: (cd 4sec)
level 1 = (base_damage * 58% + 403) * 2
level 5 = (base_damage * 58% + (2% * 4) + 403 + (28*4)) * 2

assuming 1000 base damage
(1000 * 0.58 + 403) * 2= 1966
(1000 * 0.66 + 515) * 2= 2350
19.5% increase in damage

Damage over 72 seconds:
level1: 35388
level5: 42300

assuming 2000 base damage
(2000 * 0.58 + 403) * 2= 3126
(2000 * 0.66 + 515) * 2 = 3670
17.4% increase in damage

Damage over 72 seconds:
level1: 56268
level5: 66060

3. Paralyzing shot 1: (cd 18sec)
level1 = base_damage * 136% + 292
level5 = base_damage* (136 + 4*4)% + 292 + 47*4

assuming 1000 base damage
1000 * 1.36 + 292 = 1 652
1000 * 1.52 + 292 + 188 = 2000
21% increase in damage
bonus(116 additional – armor)

Damage over 72 seconds:
level1: 6608
level5: 8000

assuming 2000 base damage
2000 * 1.36 + 292 = 3012
2000 * 1.52 + 292 + 188 = 3520
16.8% increase in damage
bonus(116 additional – armor)

Damage over 72 seconds:
level1: 12048
level5: 14080

II. Leveling Up.

1. Always do bath, there is a really good bath guide (Crystal Saga Bathing Guide)

2. Always do quest, even though they don’t always give enough exp.

3. Got some extra time? Get to know (level 30 -39) and A day in Vadilia (40+) provides level based exp, as well as coupons using which you can purchase afk tokens in the cash shop.

4. AFK Leveling:

There is a trick to afk with Rangers, always pick your spots carefully. If you don’t you may be stuck behind and objects, and unable to shoot. Wasting valuable time. An idea location would be an enclosed square shaped place. (95,57, Celestial Courtyard is the perfect example).

You want at least 5 monsters within range of you, so that you don’t move. This way if they spawn camp fire, you get the benefit from it.

You want to afk near melee monsters, so that they will die close to you, so that you don’t miss out on drops/campfire.

Pick a layer that is not 1, (Click the L1 on the top left corner of your map)


Verse Knight:
Depending on the circumstances you might just want to run away. Unless they are a lot weaker than you, or not paying attention to you, you will either be unable to kill him or die the process. In sengolia though, just move back a couple steps and shoot them. They will probably be too busy with slows and stuns to chase you.

Verse Rogues:
This is a pretty even toss up, they have more damage and stuns, but if you are lucky you can probably kill them before they kill you. If you are with allies, or in sengolia, don’t tank it like a man, Kite or run to friends. They should be the thing you aim to kill in Sengolia. Once they get caught in a priest’s ice spell, feel free to shoot them dead.

Verse Mage:
With the above build you should be able to beat them, fairly easily. Your magic damage reduction hurts their damage alot, you can silence them and disrupt their channeled aoe blizzard spell. Plus due to their builds they tend to have more magical def than physical def. They should be the 2nd thing you aim to kill in sengolia.

Verse Priest:
Depends on the type of the priest you are against. If is an all Endurance blood priest, just run away not worth the effort. Try to fight them at max range, so their annoying freeze spell don’t hit you.

IV Equipment:

This section will be pretty brief for now. But in essence go for th lv 40 pvp set, since it is the best/cheapest equipment you can get for the level.

Order Of importance for upgrades.
Bow Socket Physical Damage
Armor Socket Physical Def
Helm Socket Hp
Glove Socket Physical Damage
Boots Socket Physical Def

Most important Stats to look for in items in order of importance of importance:
physical damage % reduction
Damage % increase
Movement increase
Attack speed % increase
Crit chance
Magical damage % reduction

V. Mounts Verses Wings

Obviously both are nice to have, but if you want to focus on one, I would go for a mystical scorpion first then focus on your wings. The fact that you can ride the mount and fight at the same time is very useful especially for an archer. After that I would pour resources into the wings.

Thanks for reading, please provide comments and feedback, as I said a lot of this is personal opinion. Would love to hear yours as well.
I will edit later for more stuff such as dugeons and daily quest.


Stormynight (lv 5* ranger, Himeng Valley)

Crystal Saga Ranger Guide by Crisis

Want to become a powerful nature type ranger?
Follow this then.

First. If your a nature type, then get only NATURE TYPE SKILLS. If you get a skill in anti-mage , YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE HIGH PATK Damage TO DEAL GREAT DAMAGE.

Second. If your a nature type, then get pure INT.

Third. Your Set must be Physical Defence. It may combine with Physical Def. and Magical Def. like If your Armor is Physical Def. your Helm may be Magical Def. So its ok.

Fouth. Recommended Pet is also Mystical Scorpion.
[QUESTION:How do i make a Mystical Scorpion?]
[Answer: If you reach lvl 30 , theres a quest there that you can get a Rabid Racoon. Morph it with the Baby Turtle Mount you got from the Quest in Orison.]

Fifth. Recommended Pet is a Healer Type or a Hitter Type.
Like Burning Angel.

Recommended Items to become Top 1 PK Monster in Crystal Saga

For 11 – 30 Characters : Shining Set / But Holy Set is more better though shining item will be considered as one of the Holy Set
For 20 – 40 Characters : Dreamwalker set / But Ethereal Savior Set is much much more better [For Priest] , But Ethereal Dragonslayer set is much much more better [For Knight ] , Demonic Set / But Ethereal Phantom Set is much more better [For Ranger] / But Ethereal Assasin [for Rogue]
For 50 – 60 Characters : BloodForged Set / Grand Savior BloodForged Set [For Knight]
/Dragonslayers Bloodforged Set [For Ranger] / Phantoms Bloodforged Set [For Mage] / Saints Bloodforged Set [For Priest]

Note :
For 50 – 60 Character Recommended item Sets is also applicable for high level . Just Enchant them to add some attributes and add Gems . Be Sure those Gems are Shining.

Note :
The Recommended Mount if you want to go PK everyone regardless who are they is the Mystical Scorpion.

The Quality of item Level
White –> Green —> Blue —> Yellow

-Guide by Crisis-
-Main Account Crisis-
-Main Character iCrisis-

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