Crystal Saga Ice Mage Guide

Crystal Saga Ice Mage Guide by Akirye

I’m ~not~ posting a build, this thread will have the ice mage skills and my opinions on them.
All comments made are purely my opinion, don’t follow them to strictly.
With that said, what i want out of this thread is for new ice mages to have some info beforehand.
Please note that you only get “1” skill point every “2” levels.A brief overview of stat builds.
I went full INT, the damage is crazy good and i have mediocre equips,
however you’ll suffer from horrible HP and will die alot at bosses if you get hit.
From personal experience i’d say to be a mix of INT and Endurance, enough END to give you comfortable HP and defense
especially if you have plans for PvP later on.

~Ice Cone~

At level 1: Attack increased by 36%+23 and movement speed -50 to a single target for 4 seconds
My Comments: This is your basic 1v1 spell, not to powerful, movement speed gets lowered an additional 5% per level,I cant comment on the damage at later levels as i did not level this skill.
My Recommendation?: Keep at level 1

~Frost Shield~

At Level 1: MP Regen increased by (i forget amount but its low) and Damage Reduced by 4%
At Max: MP Regen increased by 28 and Damage reduced by 20% it always lasts 10minutes
My Comments: I maxed this skill, 20% damage reduc? yes ill take, and were not fire mages we sacrifice some damage skills for more defensive ones.
My Recommendation?: This is a recommended max, it helps especially when your AoE’ing with blizzard.

Blizzard(Level 10)

At Max: 110%+216, movement speed reduced by 70%, and can hit 15 targets. This spell has to channeled, moving cancels it it lasts 4.5 secs.
My Comments: I maxed this skill, but after alpha is over i wont. At level 50 is a skill called “Improved Blizzard” which functions just like this but better. Leveling isnt really that hard either.
My Recommendations?: Keep at level 1 unless you wanna buy a re-skill at level 50. But once this is learned you cant learn Balrog’s Hell on fire tree.


At Level 1: Passive skill that increases casting speed by 3% and another 3% each level.
My Comments: I’m not sure really, i have this at level 1 and the difference in casting is negligible.
My Recommendations?: This skill is either a keep at Level 1 or Max skill, all i can say.
Requirements?: Frost Shield level 1

Wind Strike(Level 20)

At Level 1: attack increased by 42%+322 to a single target.
My Comments: this is your 2nd 1v1 attack i kept it at level 1 so i cant comment on it’s damage to much.
My Recommendations?: I’d say keep this at level 1 since it has no slowing effect and save skill points for Improved Ice Cone at level 40.
Requirements?: Ice Cone level 1

Magic Penetration(Level 20)

At Level 1: attacks have a chance to ignore you opponents defense values. and has a chance to proc. of 2% and an additional 2% per level.
My Comments: I have this at level 1, I would think this this would be a good skill to max at later levels cause itd be 10% chance.
My Recommendations?: Keep at level 1 until you get higher level’d, best to save your skill points.
Requirements?: Alacrity level 1

Halo of Ice(Level 30)

At Level 1: Roots enemies around caster for 3 seconds and can root up to 7 mobs. with an additional .5 seconds and 2 mobs each level.
My Comments: I only have this at level 1 right now, but i would assume this would be an amazing skill to max for PvP purposes.
My Recommendations?: I recommend maxing this out, this skill is for escaping purposes and keeping your target frozen re-heal, max for longer freeze time.
Requirements?: Blizzard Level 1

Deep Freeze(Level 30)

At level 1: Your attacks do an additional 2% magic damage. and stackable up to 2 times. At level 2 its still 2% magic damage but can stack 4 times, i dont know how well this skill scales cause mines only level 1.
My Comments: From the description it sounds like a nice skill, maybe a max at higher level?
My Recommendations?: Leave at 1, it doesnt scale well enough and skill points are better spent elsewhere at this level.
Requirements?: Magic Penetration Level 1

Improved Ice Cone(Level 40)

At Level 1: attack increased by 36%+787, reduces targets move speed by 50% and lasts 4 seconds. and an additional 5% move speed per level.
My Comments: i’ll update this section once i have the skill but at level 1 it looks like it’ll do a ton of damage.
My Recommendations?: I would say leave this skill at level 1. At level 80 we get Master Ice Cone which is an even more upgraded version of this.
Requirements?: Wind Strike Level 1

Mana Breeze(Level 40)

At Level 1: Restores a large amount of mana for 5 seconds. MP restored 12% with a cooldown of 130 seconds. With an additional 2% MP restored and 10 seconds off cooldown each level.
My Comments: I guess this could be useful for dire situations where your MP pot is on cooldown? I’d leave at level 1 you can buy MP pots to keep MP up skill points are better elsewhere.
My Recommendations?: Keep at 1 as for reasons i stated above, if you find yourself with leftover skill points you could use this as a skill point dump.
Requirements?: Deep Freeze Level 1

Improved Blizzard(Level 50)

At Level 1: attack increased by 98%+982, movement speed reduced by 50% and hits up to 7 targets with a radius of 350 and hits 4 times. The max targets and mspeed reduction increase every level.
My Comments: Max This Skill!! This is like… a godsend AoE skill. Nuff said.
My Recommendations?: Max This unless you REALLLY want to be a pure 1v1 mage.
Requirements?: Halo of Ice level 1

Frost(Level 50)

At Level 1: Attack ratio 40%, Bonus attack 982, and freezes a target for 3 seconds. Any damage done to target afterwards will cancel frozen status.
My Comments: This could be used if you accidentally aggro’d a boss or a PK’er is chasing you or you aggro’d to many mobs and need to run.
My Recommendations?: Leave at level 1, this i would consider mainly an escape skill and wouldnt really add to DPS since frozen status is canceled once you hit your target. Skill points better spent elsewhere.
Requirements?: Improved Ice Cone level 1

Empyrean Winds(Level 60)

At Level 1: attack increased by 26%+1328 and knocksback a target. the knockback range is 180. The knockback range is increased by 30 each level.
My Comments: I see this being useful for if your fighting a boss and need time to use an HP potion or fighting someone and need some space.
My Recommendations?: Keep at level 1, i would say this skill is just to put distance between you and something, not for damage dealing.
Requirements?: Improved Blizzard Level 1

Improved Wind Strike(Level 60)

At Level 1: attack increased by 42%+1523 to a single target.
My Comments:What i said above… is all it does. Level 2 of this skill is 46%+1612
My Recommendations?: Keep at level 1 till all your other main skills are maxed then consider this.
Requirements?: Frost Level 1

Ice Blast(Level 70)

At Level 1: attack increased by 58%+1940, and deals an addition 482 damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.
My Comments: This skill seems like a very good 1v1 skill, id recommend maxing if theres enough skill points.
My Recommendations?: Get this to atleast level 1.
Requirements?: Improved Wind Strike Level 1

Icicle Armor(Level 70)

At Level 1: defense+48 and a 1% chance to freeze attackers for 3 seconds. This is a passive for when Frost Shield is on. The freeze wears off if target is hit, and gets 1% extra proc. rate every level.
My Comments: With a 5% to freeze attackers at max and 5 seconds of being frozen + the increased defense. i would say max this skill.
My Recommendations?:Max this skill! Or if anything get atleast level 1.
Requirements?: Mana Breeze Level 1

Black Hole(Level 80)

At level 1: Summons a Black Hole in the target area. Deals magic damage and draws in enemies every second. attack ratio is 27%+302, hits 7 targets, and lasts 4 seconds.
My Comments: This skill gets an extra 1 second duration every level, and 2 more max targets every level. Lasting 8 seconds and hitting a max of 15 mobs at max level, i would say max this. Nuff Said.
My Recommendations?: Max this!
Requirements?: Empyrean Winds Level 1

Master Ice Cone(Level 80)
At Level 1: attack increased by 36%+2317 an slowing targets move speed by 50% for 4 seconds + and additional 5 seconds move speed each level.
My Comments: This has to be, hands down, our strongest 1v1 skill and it has no cooldown.
My Recommendations?: Max This!
Requirements?: Ice Blast Level 1

Everything i’ve said is purely MY opinion so negative comments about you screwing up your build will be ignored.
At level 80 you’ll have a max of 40 skill points. Every skill maxes out at level 5.
That doesn’t give us a lot of flexibility but this is so people can plan there build.
Good luck out there fellow Ice Mages.
Now go bring about the 2nd ice age

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  1. So basically you have no chance of maxing all skills right i maxed frost shield it helps me with blizzard and when my blizzard transform into the 2 version it would be more faster to level up I could max alacrity but I remember theres a reset skill points at 50 so how about picking the level up skills first before picking the 1 v 1 skill

  2. Which Pet to Have?

  3. i maxed the skill "alacrity" because it helps me to cast faster for the bosses. and i went full INT. i don't max the blizzard because its too corny. i maxed the ICE CONE!!! and max also the improved ice cone!!!! ICE CONE is the best!!!!!!! no need for endurance, you can heal your self by using potions. DUH?

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