Rift Armor Math Guide

Rift Armor Math Guide by Talamare

Now first things first – Armor does NOT have diminishing returns. 1000 more Armor is equally effective if you have 10 Armor or if you have 10,000 Armor

Yes it is true that the “%” of physical damage reduction you see will be less as stack more and more armor, however that number is misleading!

A Discovery I made – The X value of Armor at level 50 is 6500!
What this means is that to calculate how much % damage reduction your armor is providing you need to use the following equation

Armor / (Armor + 6500) = Physical Damage reduction
(It also means that you need 6500 Armor to have 50% physical damage reduction)

This also affects how much Armor you need to gain 1% more effective health
It means that 65 Armor = 1% more effective health

Perceived Diminishing Return
with 1000 Armor you have 13.3% Damage Reduction
increase that by 1300 gives you 26.1% Damage Reduction
Makes you think – ZOMG 13% difference!!1!

but lets factor your 4000 health into it then
4000 / 0.867 = 4613
4000 / 0.739 = 5413

5413 – 4613 = 800

now someone with a high 15,000!!! armor has 69.7% Damage Reduction
increase that by 1300 gives you 71.4% Damage Reduction
Makes you think – WTF only 1% difference!??!1?!

but lets factor your same 4000 health into it (wow someone with 15000 armor and only 4k hp? get some endurance noob)

4000 / 0.3023255813953488* = 13230
4000 / 0.2850877192982456* = 14030

14030-13230 = 800

* Rounding decimals screwed over the numbers, so I used full decimals

Anything I missed from Armor?

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