Rift 51MM 15Rng Guide

Rift 51MM 15Rng Guide by Virchow

Looking through the forums, I thought there was room for a guide on the 51MM 15Rng, an oft overlooked spec.

I almost exclusively PvP, so bear with me. I have a build that works fairly well for me out in the field, and wanted to test it in a PvE setting. I downloaded ACT and hit the Boss dummy after scaring up 100 hit. I have mainly R1-3 gear with R4 weapons (had to throw a few blues on for hit).

-Ranged, no pet
-Steady DPS with nice spikes
-Ok AoE
-Fairly mobile with minimal setup

-A full 10 keys needed for full use=complex compared to alot of builds
-No pet
-Need the pedestal


My build.

The build I suppose you should be using for PvE


Disclaimer: Please don’t use these macros for PvP aside from H&R; with trinket and Empowered, or maybe the finisher.

Use Words of War
Cast Improved Hit and Run
cast Empowered Shot

cast Crippling Shot
cast Piercing Shot
cast Quick Shot

Finish (***rotation change to help with energy starvation and improve overall dps***)
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Deadeye Shot


For Single Target:

Cast Predatory Instincts
Sniper’s Pedestal>Strafe>Headshot
H&R; to over 5points>Deadeye Shot (Until Hit and Run times out, then Quick Reload and continue until Hit and Run finishes again.
Lazy to 5points>Finish
Repeat until energy depleted, then Strafe>Finish or Splinter Shot>Lazy to 5 points>Finish and back to Lazy until Hit and Run ready)

For AoE:

Cast Predatory Instincts
Pedestal>(optional: Strafe>Headshot>Lightening Fury>)Crossfire>Spam Fan Out

Note: The pedestal will wear out and you’ll have to replenish it after 3 minutes.

Is this a mildly complex rotation that requires a modicum of attention? Yes, and I apologize for that, but it’s nice to know that there are viable options besides Sabo and Sozu for ranged PvE.


-Don’t be near the front of the battle when it starts
-Assist a tank who doesn’t target warriors, or find another MM and assist them
-Take out Mages and other MM’s asap
-Stay near cover
-Eradicate when you have to, but realize you’re the cannon on the field
-Use Eradicate on MM’s when you see they activate Hit and Run, or someone is going to die.
-In a fair fight with another MM or caster, if you don’t have Hit and Run or it’s dispelled, find cover, and right before you duck out of sight cast Strafe
-If that didn’t work, pop your head out and cast Rapid Fire Shot and Crossfire on them and duck back.

TL;DR = Garbage PvP player throwing garbage on the forum for PvE crowd on never used spec.

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