Ragnarok Online Beginner’s Guide

Ragnarok Online Beginner’s Guide by dobby

Guide from Novice to 1st job for Newbies *Black Party Version*

1. Introduction
2. Diffrent Servers
3. Important Rules and regulations
4. Start off in-game
5. Job Path
6. Leveling Advice
7. Partying
8. Stat Uses
9. Skill Debates
10. Easy Money Making
11. Priority Equipment
12. Cards
13. Upgrading
14. Helpful Links
15. End

1. Intro
After installing your Ragnarok Online (Whichever Countries) you instantly log in unable to conceal the fact that your thirsting a feeling for a good online gaming session . DREAM ON! Just kidding , on most server theres plenty of nice person around , so does alot of jerks well thats the world isnt it?

well I hope this guide help whichever newbie which reads it , Godspeed! I don’t mind whoever which uses this guide , just as long newbies are helped with its information

2. Servers
There are plenty of diffrent version from around the globe . Let me list down all those I know :
Korean – Kro
Taiwan -Tro
China – Cro
Thailand -Thairo
Malaysia – Mro
europe -Euro
Australia – Oro
Indonesia – Idro
Philipines*may have typo , sorry* – Pro
Brazil- Bro(I just Knew about it lately)
and last and the most important , which had lead to creation of this forum!
International – Iro

All version of RO have servers which mainly are , Chaos , Loki , Sakray , Iris , Penril and alot more!

3. Main Important Rules and Regulation
A. Botting are forbidden for all server , Their are usually banned.
B. Hacking or any scripting are forbidden too.
C. Respecting other player , though in game they look lifeless , but behind it is a person.
D. Do not harass other people beliefs and religion
E. Private Server are Illegal , Well If your Mro player , Private server might be better then official though…
F. I just can’t take it anymore , Don’t act big and b1tch around , face the facts , suck it up and learn from better players you dirty little bragging F***ers

4. Start Off In-Game
First time off in-game you will see yourself on a small island , Moving east is toward the novice training ground . Which I strongly recommend any newbies to access and learn , It teaches alot of basics.

Here are they Basic Menu’s

Now teaching the basic hotkeys . Theres alot of hotkeys in RO for everything.
To open your Status Menu – Alt + V
Inventory – Alt + E
Stat Points allocation – Alt + A
Skill tree – Alt + S
Equipments – Alt + Q
Option – Alt + O
Opens hotkeys for skill – F12
Hotkeys for Skill – F1 to F9
Emotion Menu!! – Alt + M
To sit or stand – Insert
Open a Chat room – Alt + C

Now , you should use those hotkeys for a moment just to get use to it , now you should walk around abit too . just left click the mouse pointer at the tile that you want to move to. To turn the screen angle , hold down right mouse button and move left/right .

Now to Commands
/noctrl – Enable you to attack continously without pressing Ctrl
/nc – Same as above
/noshift – Enable you to cure on undead without pressing Shift , Used when Healing Undeads and so.
/ns – Same as above
/help – Open a list of commands that you wont need for now
/leave – Leave a party
/organize – Create a party Need a certain level to do so
/where – shows the map and coordinate you are at

Now I won’t list down all the emotion , its going to take a year , Now heres some basic emotion . Dont worry if they say you cant do it yet . You need a few Job level before you can start doing emotions.

Heres a Few Basic ones :
/swt – A sweat Drop , Commonly use , I do it 300 times at least a day
/heh – a laughing emotion
/an – An angry emotion
/ho – A Melody symbol emotion
/pif – Well…its kind of like the thing ya’ll do when irritated
/kis – Kissing with a heart
/kis2 – kissing without heart
/lv – a heart awww..Cute..
/e1 to /e18 – new emotions , try em out yourself =P

Now we should really move along .

As you enter the beutiful and newbie feeling building , there would be a NPC there standing in middle , talk to him and see what selection you got . And oh yeah if you dont know how to access a building , See the blue portal thing? walk into it.

Once you access novice training ground , just walk in and explore .
The first NPC you should see once you joined the training ground will be…

Talk to her and inquire about things , can get an idea of what the place is about from here.

Now move up alittle you should see the examiner NPC

There would be a test exam in the first room , you need to get at least 8/10 to pass if you fail , you would sent to a room to be educated again . *I strongly suggest you fail it for the first time to go that room , Learn more there and get some novice equipment very handy* .

A picture of the room ,

Explanation of diffrent NPC , You must talk to them all , in the circle i will show you in pictures .
1st NPC

2nd NPC

3rd NPC

4th NPC

5th NPC

Now talk to the NPC at the far end of left hand side and go back to take the Exam!

After taking the Exam , you should be sent to another room .

After talking to that NPC , go right hand side talk to the other one to get Novice Knife , and get send into the field! This is the part where your going to get your first battle!

Talking to both of the npc , you should get a novice knife and the NPC would send you to the fields . Here you could see Fabres , Porings and Chon Chon once in awhile . Dont worry about hitting them , their weak . Try hit the fabres first , they have been weakened alot . Have fun whacking and bashing all the way to 10 job level is recommended , Unless you got friend teaching you out there and tanking you . You wont have to be reading this here then . So move along.

*Hint : If you get bored , find ppl there to chat or surf a forum while you whack the monsters , dont think its hard , its one of the easiest level..Sit down if you need HP , Or use apple , carrot and other things that is consumeable you find . .If you die , you would be sent back to the room with half your HP , Novice specialty and you can talk to the npc to go out again*

Now once you reach 8/x*may be vary* , you could leave the place though i suggest you max your job lvl to 10 there . Which you would be around 13/10 before you continue . Now continue on to the north side of the map talk to the npc there to continue . He would send you too a room to talk to a Job NPC , learn from him . unless you know what job your heading already , be my guest to talk to the other NPC.

Picking a starting town after the talks and stuff , maybe a personality test , I’m not sure havent been there for a Looong time . Anyway move along after you done everything .

And welcome for your first experince in the real game . Remember to be nice out there .
And oh yeah , a basic NPC list outside in the world.

Kafras – Those cute lady let you save your location , open storage to keep your items , rent a cart for Merchants/Blacksmith and alchemist which have the skill Pushcart , and check your kafra points! this points can be used to trade for Items in kafra headquarters , Al de Baran. Dont Hang out too long with them , their married I think.
I just remembered about Kafra Pass , Consult the kafras about them . You can buy them in Kafra’s Crib ..Ops I meant Headquarters

Tool Dealer
– Sells your daily Potion , Buy from merchants shop that have been discounted is better though , *those players that have a cart at their back with a chatroom like thing on them* You may sell your loots to them . If you find equipment that could only fetch 10z in shop , DONT SELL EM! keep them and ask what are they in forums . but first buy a magnifying glass to identify it.

Weapon/Armor Dealer – Buy your basic weapon and armor here , item sold might vary if its in diffrent towns . Note: The weapon sold are normal weapon , may have no slot at all or no extra slot , use for starter weapon before hunting/buying equipments which you would use for all eternity . Mind you ask a merchant with max discount to help.

4. Job Path
Well lets get rolling with this , theres 5 Job Path , 6 if you include Super Novice , I’ll make simple explanation here.

Archer – Path not Recommended , Zeny Consuming

To those who wish to be a Marksman , shoot with a bow , just like Legolas in LOTR . Obviously they use arrows , therefore the zeny consuming . Anyways this arent recommended for beginners , consume alot of zeny. if your a newbie witout luck of getting rares for zenies, too bad . Main stats are Dex then Agi .
The quest to change to archer is to collect trunks (Those with quality graded) . Kill willows to obtain them! The NPC for job change is in archer village , north of payon , in the building in far north east ,Archer guild.
Archer can change to Hunters and Bard/Dancer as they reach 40 job. *this isn’t in my part anymore go find another guide sorry*

Thief – Path Not recommended unless you have Professional Advice , Hard stat builds

Sneaky aren’t you , always feel your hand itchin to be placed in a pocket? This job mainly uses daggers for weapon , though theres a build which uses bow(Not Recommended,Hard as hell to level) . Main stat are Agi/Str/Dex , Though upon reaching 2nd job, you might require diffrent stat build to be good though .
Job change is in morocc pyramids .Underground Level 1 , from morocc go north west to the portal then north west again to another portal . Thats pyramid , Strongly recommend you ask a stronger people to escort you in there , Familiars rapes innocent little novice .
go in the middle portal , once your in there , you would be at a place that looks like an alley , go slightly south and enter the left portal . Talk to the guildmen there . The quest is fairly simple , Mushroom collecting,head out and find the test NPC outside of pyramid . *walk your self , enjoy the scenery , a hint to you his at around 3o clock.*
Thief can change to Assasin and Rogue at job 40 , Dont play this job if you can resist , play them when your more experinced. Thats what I recommend , though if your dead interested , go ahead.

Swordman/swordwoman – Great Job for Beginner , Its quite flexible class really

heh , I see a great Knight or honorable Crusader in making here . This Job use 1h sword, 2h sword , and spear (If your going lancer knight or agi crusaders) . Their damage are incredible if your good . As their a tanker their main stat would be either Agi or Vit ,Str and Dex. I strongly suggest Vit build for real beginners and agi build for those which have experince.*Vit build have easier time lvling , agi need some equipment to enjoy a fast paced lvling*

Job change NPC is in Izlude , West island , go in and talk to the NPC , quest is fairly simple ,it trains your hand eye coordination , if you fall , you would go to a fabre map . then you have to work your way out , I dont have a Map sorry.

This Job path continue as Knight or Crusader at job 40 .Their both great job if you have a good guidance or experince . Personally , I love Knights , Vit Lancer knights to be exact . They rules.

Merchant – Prepare for hell if you pick this path

You gotta love zeny to think about this job man . you even need cash to complete the job change quest. Its job change NPC is in merchant guild south west in Alberta , talk to NPC there , make sure you get the numbers right. Their main stat is same as swordmans. Though theres forger wannabe that uses pure Dex and Luk . Dont do that unless you got another char at 2nd job and your pretty rich.

This path can chose to be a Blacksmith , Forging and battle skills are cool as for Alchemist , Potion making , Summon Flora/Marine Sphere are cool too. Blacksmith are PvP , Player Versus Player god if you know how to play them , alchemist are great support class if you have the right build . Note: Blacksmith have weapon research which gives you +20 damage which would NEVER miss no matter what , and boost chance of sucessful forging and weapon upgrading.

Did I mention? Merchants ASPD stinks , a pure vit without agi using a dagger would have like 14x aspd probally barely scratch 150 when with awakening , I might be wrong though. Worse of all , a lvl 40 merchant with 5x Agi only has 151 aspd with concentration when using a Swordmace.

Acolyte – Get closer to god , or to Asura-ing peoples.

Acolyte path are limited to mace weapons. As they reach Priesthood , they would be open to Books while Monk are open to fist weapons. Priest are basicly the healer of the game while Monk are suitable for crazy tanking or damage dealing. But monk take abit of experince and skill to be played flawlessly while priest require fast reaction and coordination to keep your party alive in MvP or WoE situations.

Acolyte’s job change NPC is in top right corner in prontera (AKA Sanctuary). go the first portal on the right upon entering , and talk to the father right in the end , he’ll send you to look for NPC either in Prontera Fields or Morocc fields , Good luck on finding them. At job 40 ,you’ll be able to turn into a priest or monk.

Priest test is conducted at the same place only in the other room (Go left upon entering) and the father right at the end. Monk however have to go a few map away from Prontera in middle of the wilderness. Priest quest are semi-easy whereas monk’s time consuming.

Mage – Variety of magic at your disposal

Mage are nice and fugly..Well because alot of mage I seen are well…simple to say Rude. anyway their main stats are Int/Dex and dont need much cash to start off .

The quest for job change is irritating yet managable . Its NPC is located Geffen’s outer ring , North-west corner. The Mage guild enter and look for the Guild NPC . and prepare for the Annoying quest . If you kept jellyopies and stuff during leveling then your in for some easy quest , if not , well either buy or hunt your choice

They can be Wizards or Sage at job 40 though recommended to head for 50 job. Wizard are major ouchies if you have your practice . Sage can kick wizard butt badly if you know how to use the skills.

And the last and most unique job! SUPER NOVICE!!

They have access to all the 1st class Skills , though their HP/SP is stinks , their cool to be and cute! . you need to be a 45/10 novice to be a Super Novice though , their quest requires hunting , NPC is located in Aldebaran ectly .
Note : Super Novice can achieve 160 Dex with pure dex equipment , Look for it in Super Novice forums for more info.

Perma novice – known as permanent novice
this guys are hardcore player . Being a novice all the way , My respect for them is deep . Their cool too but limited on alot of stuff though they respawn with half HP/SP during respawn and no exp lost upon death. Gravity have kindly added several limited to novice equipments which I have to say are very helpful.!

6. Basic Leveling Advice

In RO , player can chose to level alone (Solo) or go in a party . Party offers you chance to interact with other players and opens up a variety of leveling spots where it would be near impossible for solo-ing.

For low level , Solo players can try this spots.
Payon Cave Level 1
Culvert lvl 1-2
1 Map outside every town.

For location of Rockers , check RoE database.

7. Partying

Always find ppl in 10 lvl range to set share . to make a party
/organize “PartyNameHere”
then set the experince either share or each take .
Have fun experimenting this your self ok.

Organizing a party

Party Made!

Setting Share , or each take . Upper selection is Each take ,Bottom is Share

8. Diffrent Uses of Stat

Bonus comes in 10 . I dont have to list of bonus though
Each str increase damage by 1
weight limit by 30

Increase 1 vit defence *reduce damage by 1 for each vit defence*
Increased your Maximum HP
HP recovery bonus at every 5 vit
Healing item would be boosted at every vit by 2% per vit
Vit bonus is at 6

Increase your Flee by 1 per agi .
Increase your attack speed at around 1 per every 6 agi
Reduce spell delays

Increase your minimum damage every 5 and 10
Increase your hit
increase bow damage
increase attackspeed *around 1 atkspd at around 40dex i think*
Have a bonus every 10 for bowmens
Every 15 reduce cast time by 10%
160 dex equals to instant cast for spells .

Increasement of Magic attack
Increasement of maximum Sp
Sp recovery bonus at every 6
Min Magic attack bonus at every 7
Maximum magic attack bonus at every 5
Increase your Magic Defence *Not the kind from armor , another kind*

1 Perfect Dodge known as PD every 10 luck
1 damage every 5 luk
1 critical hit every 3luk
Luck also works as defence againts critical attacks from monster * im not sure the formula , but you should not worry about this *

And oh yeah , each level increase your hit and flee by 1

9. Skill Debates , Importance of Starting Skills

now , Most newbies screw this up. Never screw your skill build up. It would stuck with you for a Long Long time. and I’m Serious. Imagine You play archer without Vulture’s eyes.

Now I’ll Split this into Jobs


Just Max the skills you Had. Basic Thinggies. What else skill do you have LoL.


Archer has the least skill ammount. A very good thing.
This you must max would be :

Vulture’s Eyes –
Max this or use a Darn dagger and use a thief build .
Owl’s Eyes –
The dex is passive Bonus. Why not?
Double Strafe –
Godly Skill , 400% of your normal damage with 12 sp! Kick arse skill
Improve Concentration –
Temporily Increases your dex/agi . Not effective at low Level , but darn handy at higher lvl. *get this the last skill*
Arrow Shower –
Most Will say useless , for me , I say darn *** handy. get at least one if you can help it . Knocks back mob in a 3×3 area. Good for Escaping. If people say “When your hunter , You have blitz beat” . yes you do my friend . but , Blitz beat have cast time . And delay AND…dont have push back effect.

Area Effect hunters *woe usually* maxes this , they use effect bows and arrows to defend their castle in WoE


No matter what skill you add , You wont screw up on this.
Just listen to this advice .Pick one of your sword masteries. I recommend 1h sword. but your choice. Agi build usually pick 2h mastery.

Bash –
which is a real good skill which you use in PvM*stun high agi monsters* , PvP/WoE *stun high agi char*

Provoke –
Highly recommanded . It increases your damage by alot when its lvl 10. Cuts monster/player Defences by half , This cancles Frozen Effect too! Im not sure its Vit defence or Armor defence. But im sure its one of them . Never had the need to use this in PvP

Endure –
This is a must . For peco riding at lvl 1 *this is Not wise* try get at least 5. It improve your tanking ability by alot. And after update , it doesnt improve your tanking ability except your trying to drag monster away from your friends. more like Yralyn said , Survival skill. Simple to say Chicken Run!!!

Magnum Break-
getting it at lvl 1 is handy. Kick mob away while you Endure and escape. Yralyn said its a good leveling skill. But at lower level , It doesnt seem to be good damage for the high sp requirements. And by the time you have enough SP to spam it , you would probally be a knight with bowling bash/Brandish spear. -Im saying this as a vit knight , never liked agi knights-


Too Much skill for Too much diffrent build. Dont ask me these , Look em up yourself in Mage’s Forum.


I’ll split this into Rogue and Assasin. All of their skill are handy.

Max this , This skill never misses , High chance of poisoning people at max lvl. Cope this with Effect daggers to stun,sleep,silence or anything else on foes.

Useful , Never worry about poison with this.

Improve Dodge/Double Atack
Max these skills. Increase your dodge by 30 for thief and rogue. 40 for sin. Double attack is very useful when lvling except if your going Critical Dagger sin build. *yes this build exist*

Get at least 5 , you would be tunnel driving alot , so long hide time is a must.

Gankers , Max these , increase ur sucess chance when gank is activated.

Get 2 just enough for cloaking. You would be using cloaking Most of the time unless when your grimtoothing.
If your build have high dex, get this. If not dont waste your time in this at all. Its just not worth it. Sin dont waste time steal..


Its hard to teach ya here . So I’ll just mention the skill you should max , find the requirements for that skill yourself please. I’m Lacking of time.

Increase Agility
5 Angelus ( you would max this when ur priest )

Well thats for full support , Monk wannabe

Devine Protection
Increase Agi/Angelus your build would pick one
Usually 5 heal

I cant give indepth in this even im expert of these to 2nd job. Monk and priest have too big diffrence and variety in skill builds.


Blah blah blah. Nothing of our skill is Battle. Get anything you want. but i Suggest you to get this

Vending – 1-3
Over charge – 10
Discount – 10
Push Cart -10
Mamonite – 10

Thats all.

And theres Special Quest skill.
I’ll only mention those for Novice , cause for those which arent novice. When your at the lvl to learn those , you would have sufficient training and information to go learn yourself.

This is Ripped from Molokov . So Sue me if you hate it.

First Aid
Info : Use 3 Sp to recover 5 Sp.
Requirements : An excess of Job level 3.
Items needed.

1. Red Herbs 3 EA
2..Clovers 3 EA
3. Sterlized Bandage 1 EA **** You get it during the quest, don’t worry.

First, talk to the NPC in the hotel in pontera. (Left path above it)
He will tell you to get the 3 items listed above. After you finish
talking to him, he’ll tell you to go to the nurse. Which is in the
castle. Go to the castle, (walk around 2 screens forard) and go east.
Then, go up the stairs and walk around till you see the NPC named
“Nurse”. Talk to him and he will “give” you the bandage. ***But, it
won’t appear if you press Alt-E***. Then return to Nami and he will
teach you how to use First Aid.

Trick Dead
Info: Act Dead, Agressive monsters or the monster that
we are attacking will stop attacking us. Attacking spells
cannot be targeted at the person, but supporting spells such as
Heal can be used on the player. Uses 4 Sp
Requirment : Job level 7 + and only if you are a novice.
Item :

1. Novice Name tag ****You get it during the quest****

Go to the pontera chivary. The place where you enter for
the culverts and/or change to being a knight. Talk to an NPC
named “Blma”. He’ll tell us to go get the Novice name tag in 10
minutes. ***There is really a time limited, if you fail you have to
start over.*** To get the novice name tag, is that you have to talk
to the “Nurse” in the castle. The same person in the First Aid quest.
Look at the First Aid quest for directions. Talk to him and he will
give you to Name tag. Then, you must come back to Blma and talk to him.

10. Easy Money Making
Now you must really be wondering , with such little zeny , how the heck am I suppose to buy decent equipments?!?

The solution is easy , try pick everything you see and sell to tool dealers , Do not loot though , I repeat DO NOT loot.
When your low level , i suggest you buy some weapon with 60+ attacks , go culvert and mascarre there . Look at the cash flow in . the item drop there are in large ammounts after a few hour of slaying .

Theres your good cash , you can go there till lvl 30 . thats pretty much enough to give you like 50k for a very good weapon from shops so you can go better place to level for more income + equipment.

11. Priority Equipment

Since novice , you would have notice your damage been very low and weak . Well once you reach 1st job , it would still be the same! to boost them you need to get a nice little weapon to begin with.

Heres a simple break down on what should you get.

Starting off , you should be rewarded with a bow , get more trees to that test npc , you could get alot more arrows , More then 100 . Thats a good way to save zeny for start off .

Now you got your bow , so you should not worry that much , since a normal bow + decent dex + sliver arrow = good damage on zombies . the first equipment you should target would be a simple Crossbow . You could use it for a long time . In the mean time , you could try to collect money for a better bow . I would suggest a arbalast .

Its a good bow , tagging along with it is a nice +2dex bonus.


Now those who are determine to play thief path , see the hardship of starting? Everything hits you big time . Now try to live with it , use red potions.

Now the equipments , sticking with your knife is a bad idea , you should quickly save enough cash for a simple main gauche . Not very strong , but it could last till you could afford a stiletto . once you get a stiletto , time to collect money for a gladius or damascus , Thats when your life is full of enjoyment due to your high damages.


Should be easy if your playing a vit build one . now if your using 2h sword , save up for a katana first , don’t worry too much , swordman have 2h mastery and 1h mastery to improve their damage . *w00t* so using a weaker weapon for starting isn’t all that bad .

So for 2h sword user , quickly save up for a nice bastard sword yay! for 1h sword user , get a ring pommel sabre . Their good enough to use till lvl 40s.
once you reach 33+ , go get a 2 hand sword/broad sword for 2h user . and a haedongum/tsurugi for 1h user .


well good thing about mage..Buy a simple rod just for that extra magic attacks . Save for an arc wand slowly . you dont really require it though . since you only do magic , and that magic attack bonus from staffs are good enough.


Sames as mages , but you could do with a mace too. Good thing about it is , you could deal with pesky things such as familiar if your lvling in payon dungeon.


In my oppinion , this is the most troubling . You need to get 1k for merchant job change . now there goes 1k from your pocket . So I suggest you level in Morocc deserts. Picky/Super Picky would drop yellow gem which could sell for alot to Sages . Good luck!

Now merchants i would suggest for daggers . I’m no proffesional , but Their attack speed is very slow compare to other jobs , so a dagger type weapon would do great . Get main gauche first then a damascus.

if your rich , get a swordmace . I suggest you use a damascus for merchant age , and swordmace/axe once you reach blacksmiths/alchemist.

Item Hunting

Patience is a must my friend.

hunting , basicly pray for lady luck if your a guy and men luck if your a girl . Just hope for the best , try hunt while finding someone to chat , so it won’t be so boring .

Luck favors the determined , Good Luck hunting .

12. Cards

Cards come in many diffrent type. Their used to slot into armors and weapons to give extra effects or change armor’s element. Cards that are slotted to Accesory like Clips and Belts are usually cards that give skills.

Heres a few common example

Deviruchi Card – +1 str , immune to blind

Pecopeco Card – +10% mHP ( Max Hp )

Whisper Card – +20 flee and 50% more damage from ghost elements

Sohee Card – +15% mSP and +3% SP recovery.

A normal Card would look like this

The cards effect would be listed .

Its usually :
Type of Item
Card Effect
Slotted into

Lastly , a carded equipment would have diffrent name then usual

Notice the slot there is filled by a card image .
and my +4 shoes is turned into +4 soul enchanted shoe? Thats my Sohee card in there.

13. Upgrading

Upgrading , it improves your armor defence , or weapon damage.
Level 1,2,3 and 4 weapon needs diffrent ammount of zeny require to upgrade.
Item to upgrade are

Elunium – For all armor
Oridecon – For lvl 3and 4 weapon
Emveretarcon – For lvl 2 weapon
Phracon – For lvl 1 weapon

Elunium/oridecon can either be obtain via monster drop , or made by roguh Elunium/oridecons . The NPC can be found in refinary shop.

Now Refinary shop , its hard to give you exact location. But I’ll give you Prontera’s and Payon’s here.
Payon is located near weapon/armor shop . Theres 3 portal to enter the building , middle is to no where , right is to the dealers , and left is to your refine shop! check it out yourself , its more simple

Prontera , its located 5 o clock from prontera square , *the inner circle* . Inside the NPC are all there. *P.S. Cant find any where to mention , if your weapon broke , theres a NPC in these refinary shop too , they repair em for a price.*

I dont Have any good chart for the upgrade chance.

This chart is stolen from Tila , Which had stolen from Loner , Which had stolen from rodatazone. Thanks to all the thief*includes self!*

Now theres rumours , Dex and Luck increase your upgrade chance. Well , Its completely Bull Sh*t , Nothing Increase your chance except Blacksmith Weapon Research skill.

That skill at lvl 10 , gives you 10% extra chance in upgrading and forging! Good stuff eh. Another factor might be your base level , But I heard nothing more convicing then rumours , so screw it.

If anyone insist Dex Luck increase their chance , advice em its useless , but at least it make them feel better.

A technique to upgrade
a simple one for you guys.

If you had two slotted boots , Dont make upgrade 1 all the way to it breaks. Upgrade both to +4 and start working 1 by 1. If 1 make it to +5 other 1 is gone , keep the +5 and try again when u got more slotted boots. if both manage to reach +5 , try the same way to +6. and to +10 .

It takes patience and zenies for overupgrading.
Best way is buy +7 armors and upgrade to +8. If you suceed , it probally able to be sold at double the price? Sell that +8 buy a few more +7 and try ur luck.

because the chances are , Buy +7 for 10m , made it +8 ,sell for 50m and buy five +7 back and try your luck again.

14. Helpful Links

Iro Calculator site , Not only calculator , it has everything you need , stat calculator , ele chart , TU chance

Skill charts and for trying to figure how much skill you can get
Just click of whichever class your interested , then select class tree then start clicking and stuff .

15. End
This Guide is copyrighted by Me , that is Dobby . also known as Dark Breed , Dewby and also Dobbytheten.
If you want to use this guide on any other website , please do so but inform me at ilovemyfurylittlebud@msn.com
I would like to thank Gravity for making this game and all the Moderators in Roempire =)
I would like to thank Tila for giving my first warning point w00t!
And I would like to thank everyone I knew
Do not flame me for In correct build or say my ideas are lame . I played several job before if you dont mind , Vit lancer knight , Full support priest , Agi/Dex hunter , Trap hunter and Asura/Combo Monks . and Nat Crit Sin too so far..

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