Pandora Saga Blacksmith Legend Quest Guide

Pandora Saga Blacksmith Legend Quest Guide by Proakis

You have to be at least level 37 and:

The prerequisite for this quest is another quest. This quest is given by Caruna. She is pretty stupid and she is located on the Confederation Street as shown below:

Posted Image

This is a 3 part quest. First she will ask you to get 5 splintered claws. Go kill some bats at Nelstad and you should get it. Come back and give it back to her.

Secondly she says she forgot something and will ask you to get 5 sharp fangs. Bilbourn Boa’s drop this in abundance. Just teleport to middle of Mt. Jotiro, whack some snakes and get it. Come back and give it to her.

Lastly she gives another stupid reason and asks you to collect 5 durable bones. Go kill some skeleton archers or pulverizers to get this. I would recommend you to kill archers as the drop rate is high, and you can get a bow drop, which I’ll gladly take from you. Collect it, come and give this back to her and you will complete this quest.

The quest will go away from the quest box. You now have completed the pre-requisites. Now the hidden part of the quest starts.

After clearing Caruna’s quest, talk to Winki who is located just beside her. He will agree with you that she is stupid and she does not have the brains to be a blacksmith. He then tells you about some letter, which you will obviously skip as we don’t really read the dialogues. No quest will appear in your quest box.

But, if you read the fine line you will find that you have to deliver some letter to someone at Varik. Who and where is not mentioned. Don’t bother reading that, just head back to Varik and go to the spot shown in the map below. Make sure that your quest lists are not filled or you will not get this new quest.

Posted Image

You should get a popup saying that you have delivered a letter and you should go and talk to Caruna again. Go speak to her and she will tell she will make you a new weapon and gives you 3 choices. I chose the sword. She then tells you that she is too dumb to do it and you should go and see Argan in Nelstad Plains. This is where the insane part of the quest starts.

Now, you should go and see Argan. This dude is very rude and is hiding in the end of a tunnel at Nelstad Plains. His location is as shown below:

Posted Image

Go talk to him. He will ask you who told you about him. Obviously he has a very bad impression about Caruna, so he will scold you if you choose that option. Choose Winki as the referrer and you will get the quest “The Legendary Blacksmith”

This is where the actual quest start. It may take days, even months to get anything out of this quest. The first thing that you have to do is to go and collect 10 Light Crystals. This is an extremely rare drop and it is dropped by Kobolds (mainly Priests) at El-Behd. After you finish up this tough part and collect 10 light crystals, go and talk to Argan again. This quest is now complete and Argan now officially belongs to you to modify your weapons and armor.

Now if you think the difficult part is done and you can get that super cool weapon (bow.. Hehe), well you’re wrong. The hardest part begins now which is to collect the items required for modification. Each item needs different stuff in order to be modified. I am going to start listing them with Bows and end them with Armor.

Modifying Bow:

Recommended: Collect 300 muldian medals and get a Guardian Bow.

Items you need to collect in order to modify the bow:
Yellow Crystals x 80
Orb of Melancholy x 1
Orb of Savagery x 1
Orb of Avarice x 1

P.s: Unfortunately I have all the orbs other than Melancholy and Avarice. If anyone want to exchange, be my guest.

Type of modifications:
Now, according to the wiki, it says that you can modify a piece of equipment two times. It can only be done when:
1. You have not enhanced the item, beyond +6. All Enchantments will be lost.
2. Any soul in the item you have chosen will be LOST.

I do NOT know if you can modify the same item twice, and if you do it what happens to the property. I’ll make it a point to check it out and report it here. Till then, I would not recommend it.

First Type: Strength Modification
Before Mod: Guardian Bow 118 Attack, 1 slot, Level Requirement 40
After Mod: Guardian A Bow 130 Attack, 1 slot, Level Requirement 45
That’s a freakin 12 attack increase there. Ooooh, feels good unless you are a mage….

Second Type: Slot Modification
Before Mod: Guardian Bow 118 Attack, 1 slot, Level Requirement 40
After Mod: Guardian Bow 118 Attack, 2 slot, Level Requirement 45
Hehe… I don’t wanna say more here :P Watch out mages, here I come :D

Third Type: Special Modification
Before Mod: Guardian bow 118 Attack, 1 slot, Level Requirement 40
After Mod: Guardian S Bow 125 Attack, 1 slot, Level Requirement 45
Special Adds you get: Increase in range (equivalent to 2500 Hunter ring in Pvp points), Increase in Attack Speed.
This is tempting. But is also unconfirmed. Since I will most definitely break a modified guardian bow, I’ll try this and let you guys know.

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