Grand Epic Online Mount System Guide

Grand Epic Online Mount System Guide by GEO

Overview of Mount
We provide various mounts in Grand Epic Online for character to move faster and enhance character HP, MP, attack and defense power. Mount is the other helpful assistant besides pet and it will level up like pet along with character. Players can gain mounts through questing or forge powerful mount in Mount Forge Stove (in the Mall).

Acquisition Method Materials Needed

Big Turtle
15 15 15 15 NPC: Guard of Raoyun Town Essence of Devil Fox x1 + Coin x5000

Violet Gourd
20 20 20 20 NPC: Shine Star Fairy, Chang’an City Pearl of Wild-goose x2 + Coin x5000

Flying Chilopod
25 25 25 25 Forged from Mount Forge Stove. Big Turtle x1, Mount-forging elixirs

Ghost Horse
25 25 25 25 NPC: Carpenter Lu, Herming Mountain Leather of Gost Horse x1 + Attack Elixir x2 + Coin x20,000

Cloud of Somersault
30 30 30 30 NPC: Wuxin, Tianmu Cave Martial Eagle x10 + Queen-bee Elixir x2 + coin x40,000

Giant Scorpion
32 32 32 32 Forged from Mount Forge Stove. Flying Chilopod x1, Violet Gourd x1, Mount-forging elixirs

Flying Sword
35 35 35 35 NPC: Drunken-sword Fairy, Shu Mountain Aura of Swords x10 + Evil Sword Fragment x30 + Sin-meridian Elixir x5 + coin x200,000

Martial Eagle
37 37 37 37 Forged from Mount Forge Stove. Giant Scorpion x1, Ghost Horse x1, Mount-forging elixirs

Fire Dragon
42 42 42 42 Forged from Mount Forge Stove. Martial Eagle x1, Flying Sword x1, Mount-forging elixirs

Related elixir: Mount Aptitude Elixir
Effect: To improve mount’s aptitudes
NPC: Daoji in Herming Mountain
Materials needed to refine: Mana Elixir x3 + HP Limit-extension Elixir x3 + Defense Elixir x2 + Attack Elixir x2 + Di-meridian Elixir x10 + Kuang-meridian Elixir x5 + Mount-forging Elixir x2000 + coin x50000

Mount Forge
Mount forge system offers players a chance to upgrade mount to a more powerful mount, like Martial Eagle and Fire Dragon, which are upgraded from the basic mount step by step by using Mount-forging Elixirs. Players can buy Mount-forging Elixirs in the Mall or gain it from questing. Click “Mount Forging” on the Mall interface, and there pops up the Mount Forge Stove.

It shows the powerful mounts list players can forge. Select one mount, and you can see its image and the rate of success. This interface also shows materials needed to forge it, including needed mount. Player can drag the needed mount from “Mount” interface to Mount Forge Stove. Click “Forge” to start if all materials are ready. The more times the same mount is forged, the higher rate of success.

Mount Strengthen
To strengthen a mount, players can visit Aoguang, the Dragon King of East Ocean at Dragon Palace. After strengthening, mount will gain extra aptitudes of attack, defense, HP and MP. And for Martial Eagle and Fire Dragon, their images will change and can gain another extra 10 more aptitudes by using Mount Aptitude Elixir.

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