Ether Saga Odyssey Super Pet Easy Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Super Easy “Making a Super Pet” Guide by Anrisa

Here’s a quick guide on maxing the stats of a Fiesty Whelp pet
Follow these steps for making any pet, however, Hulons are a bit extra which I will mention.

Why a Fiesty Whelp? Well Whelps have the highest max of any common pet. The only things higher than a whelp are Hulon Firedrakes, White Dragons, and Oxen Ulteras.

Most DD pets will be whelps, UNLESS you want to max something else. For example, I maxed a Foghorn Rooster, just for fun. :P

1) Get a whelp with the element and combat type you want. Recommendations include: unda bright (for unda pious), calm pyra (for sensible pyra), bright widu (for passionate widu), calm widu (for wild widu), fierce erda (for fearless erda), and fierce oora (for potent oora).

The types in parenthesis are the ultimate goal for your finished pet. The best way to get your desired combination is to

(1) get a whelp with the types in front of the parenthesis and meld it ONE time for a combat type change, or

(2) get a pet with the desired combination and meld it ONE time, then meld it as the host and any whelp with the support and hope it mutates (you can use Charm of the Addition now to make sure it does). This will cause the whelp to take on the stats of the host pet, yet be a whelp. This is called forced mutation.

Pet types and Element combos:
1. Unda/Pious – best for Mystics, b/c they can unda buff it. Great healing/buffing pet, and good for PVP and PVE
2. Sensible/Pyra – amazing PVE pet. Great for tanking bosses.
3. Passionate/Widu – amazing PVE pet. Great for tanking bosses.
4. Wild/Widu – specially made for PVP. Most high rank skills are stuns.
5. Fearless/Erda – specially made for PVP. Most high rank skills are stuns.
6. Potent/Oora – increases owners crit rate and dmg, but best for PVE

2) After you have acquired your 1 or 2 meld whelp (depending on which of the above you did, set it aside. You will not need it until the sacrifice pets are ready. Now, if this is your first super pet, I recommend maxing HP first as it is an easier process.

First, go and catch some sheep. Yes, sheep. These are located at Lorden’s Tree house in Gaap Lands. Pet nets are fine for these. You will need one sheep of the same element as your whelp. For example, if your whelp is unda, your sheep will need to be unda. After you have found your elemental sheep, catch 8 more sheep of any kind. You will need these to meld. (Pro tip: rank 6+ sheep usually have an element)

Now, level your unda sheep (for use as an example) to level 61, level all the rest to 30, and meld each of the non-elemental sheep into the unda one. With the new “takes half of the total exp” melding bonus, you will not need to level the unda sheep at all. Just meld them all together until your unda sheep is 9 melded. MAKE SURE TO USE A GREEN TOKEN (Charm of the Memory) FROM WEHN FOR EACH AND EVERY MELD!

Note: It’s ok for the sheep to not be a sheep. If it changes into something else, it’s ok!

Good, 1/4 done!

3) Now it’s time to catch or buy some Storm Raiders. These are the best for HP maxing b/c they have the highest HP growth base of many pets. Buy or catch a fierce unda storm raider and a bunch of other storm raiders (they do not need to be unda, but you will not have to meld as much if they are unda). Each storm raider shold have a base HP growth of at least 35, if not 36 or 37. The more the HP growth, the less melds you will need.

Level the unda storm raider to 61 and the others to 30. Meld the others into the unda storm raider until the HP growth reaches 45+. If you have reached 10 melds, and the growth is till not enough, get a new unda storm raider and put it as the host (level 30 is fine), and the 10 meld as support and meld it. All the growth should transfer to the new 1 meld storm raider. MAKE SURE TO USE A GREEN TOKEN (Charm of the Memory) FROM WEHN FOR EACH AND EVERY MELD!

Now, take that storm raider (LEVEL 90), and put it as the support pet, and the unda 9 meld sheep (LEVEL 90) as the host. Use a green charm (Charm of the Memory) and meld the two pets. What comes out should hopefully end up as NOT a sheep. If it ends up as a sheep, then you have to start over. Anything else, especially a beastkin pet, is absolutely fine.

4) Now, level this new pet to level 90, and your whelp to 90, and use a Charm of the SOURCE so the whelp stays a whelp. Put the whelp as the host, and the new pet as the support, and GO! You MAY need to level both pets to 95 before melding b/c Whelp HP growth is the highest common pet stat. MAKE SURE TO PREVIEW TO MAKE SURE IT WILL MAX.

Now! 1/2 done! Your maxed HP whelp should have 102 HP growth.

Whew…that’s only half? Maxing int and str is even more complicated! D:

{{ PLEASE SEE UPDATE ON THIS STEP 5) Now you need to go into the dreams instance and catch a bright unda silver warrior.

How do you catch them? Well, take off all your gear (EVERYTHING) and AOE a group so they follow you. Hopefully you wont one-shot them. xD Bring the group up to the green traps in the west(?) so they get caught in them and die. They will drop Silver Nets. Use these nets to catch them!}}

Now, you will need more sheep. They do not need elements. Follow the above steps for the sheep (except the host is a silver warrior) and make it 9 meld. If it changed into something else other than a sheep or silver warrior, its fine as well. MAKE SURE TO USE A GREEN TOKEN (Charm of the Memory) FROM WEHN FOR EACH AND EVERY MELD!

NOTE: IMPORTANT READ. Now that dream trials no longer exists, use a BRIGHT or CALM dewdrop bunny from next to Roor the Hunter in Pokari. Standard nets are fine here.

YAY! 3/4 done!

6) Next you need a bright unda humanoid (Feline Champions and Fallen Ones are popular for this part as their stats are decent) with int and str growth ABOVE 3.0 and 3.1 (str and int respectively), and other bright humanoids with similar stats. The support humanoids so not HAVE to be unda, but like the storm raiders, the element reduces the amount of needed melds to reach the needed 4.0 str growth and 4.5 int growth. Once again, if the pet is 10 melded and not at the requirement, simply find another bright unda humanoid and meld the 10 meld into it. MAKE SURE TO USE A GREEN TOKEN (Charm of the Memory) FROM WEHN FOR EACH AND EVERY MELD!

Next, level this pet to 90, level the silver warrior to 90, and meld them together using a Charm of the Memory.

Now take this new pet, level it to 90 and the whelp to 90, and use a Charm of the Source (whelp is the HOST and the new pet is the SUPPORT) for the final meld. (MAKE SURE TO PREVIEW IT. If the preview is less than the max, DONT MELD and level the pets more!)

[[ Note: If you whelp currently has 3 melds, there is an 8% chance of FAIL with the charm of the source. You can either risk it, or combine a Charm of Truth from the CS with a charm of the memory to ensure 100% success. ]] EDIT: THIS METHOD NO LONGER WORKS. CHARM OF TRUTH DOES NOT PREVENT MUTATION

Now, your stats of the whelp should be maxed! Congrats!

However, if you are looking to max a Hulon Firedrake, you can now do so. Level the Hulon to level 111, the Whelp to level 111, and meld them together using a Charm of the Source. Now your Hulon is maxed!

NOTE: The Hulon must have been mutated for this to work. DO NOT use this method on your bound 5 meld. Force mutate the Hulon as explained above (you may want to use a Charm of Addition for this so you don’t lose the Hulon).

Have fun!

The older method can still be used but this process is MUCH MUCH faster and cheaper! This method is recommended if you have experience in pets and want to max something else quicker!

Maxing HP:
1) Catch a sheep of the element you have chosen
2) Catch a storm raider of the same element (if is not required to be of the same type but same type will mean less leveling needed)
3) Level both pets for at least 90. Higher is better, sometimes I go to level 100.
4) Meld them together, sheep as host
5) Level the maxed sheep to at least 90, and whelp (or pet that you are maxing) to at least 90
6) Meld maxed sheep to whelp (or pet that will be maxed)

Maxing INT/STR:

1) Catch a {{Silver Warrior}} 2) Catch a humanoid (Feline Champ or Fallen Ones work well) of the type you have chosen (if is not required to be of the same type but same type will mean less leveling needed)
3) Level these pets to at least 90 as well
4) Meld them together, SW as host
5) Level maxed bunny to at least level 90. Again, higher is better.
6) Meld maxed bunny to to whelp (or pet that will be maxed)
NOTE: A maxed bunny may or may not be enough to max your pet. If that’s the case, level it to 90+ and meld it to another humanoid.

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