Ether Saga Odyssey New Jewelry Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey New Jewelry Guide by Vincentius

First of all, grab the quest from the Acheivement Shrine. You can get the quest by pressing “Q” , clicking on “Available Quest” tab at the bottom right hand corner, and expanding the “Storage Quest” tab. Scroll down until you see the quest, “Sealing Nightmare.”

The quest location can be picked up at the Achievment Shrine in Pokari City at coordinates (129, -26). Click on the Shrine, you should see the quest, “Sealing Nightmare.” Take the quest (if you cannot, it is because you are too low lvl’d)

The quest will require you to kill 10,000 mobs that are the same lvl as you (white named mobs). So go to where mobs are white named and start possing. For some this is relatively easy, and for others it might take the whole day (for me rogue, it takes me 7.5 hours 1-shotting in dlw)

Once you have collected enough Debris, you can go to Lars Lazek and trade them for a Left Hand Ring (10k), a Right Hand Ring (10k), an Upgrade Scroll (10k), a lvl 3 Necklace (30k), or a lvl 4 Necklace.

To upgrade the rings, you will need different quantities of reroll jade and a scrolls depending on the level of the jewel (1-4 stars). There are 4 different types:

Beginner (25%), Adept (50%), Advanced (75%), and Master (100%). The scrolls can be found dropped by mob, or from larz lazek and later on from the Heaven’s Repository.

In the upcoming examples I will use Oora Rings (because I’m a rogue). It works the same for all other affinity.

Scrolls:For Lvl 2 (1 star)

For lvl 3 ( 2 star)

For lvl 4 (3 star)

For lvl 5 (4 star)

Materials Needed

For lvl 1 (No Stars): 10k Debris at Lars Lazek (-138, -63 : Pokari City)

For lvl 2 (★): 1xx Solar Debris + 1x Juntan Scroll + 1x 0 star Ring

For lvl 3 (★★): 1x Solar Fragment + 1x Xuantan Scroll + 1x ★ star Ring

For lvl 4 (★★★): 3x Solar Fragment + Yuatan Scroll + 1x ★★ Ring

For lvl 5 (★★★★): 5x Solar Fragments + 1x Haotan Scroll + 1x ★★★ Ring

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