Ether Saga Odyssey Attack Pet Melding Guide

Ether Saga Odyssey Attack Pet Melding Guide by s0jukills

*Note: this is the process I’ve read about and tried myself. This process worked for me — if you follow it correctly it will surely work for you.

Although the fusion stats would not play an obvious role, having three or four fusion stats will increase the pet rank and ultimately increase its strength. I have read on these forums on many occasions “what bright/cautious pet is right for me?” In my opinion, the pet that’s right for you is the one you want battling by your side. If it’s for aesthetic reasons (usually the case) or purely stats, go with your own opinion. Your peer’s opinion is not your own. I personally use a Lady Whiteskull because I’d rather have her following me all day than anything else (even if it’s stronger). The choice is yours!

Now here is my view on creating the [Ultimate Attack Pet].

Step 1: Obtain an [Attack Pet]. For this example, we will be using a Pyra/Cautious pet.

Step 2: Collect and raise 1 Silver Warrior, and 9 Sheep to lvl30. The Silver Warrior must be the same affinity as your [Attack Pet] and must be Bright. It doesn’t matter if your [Attack Pet] is Fierce/Cautious/Bright/Normal, you will need to use Bright. This is because Bright pets will transfer STR/INT much better than any other type. For our example we will use a Pyra/Bright Silver Warrior. The Sheep can be any affinity — it does not matter. Use the Silver Warrior as your main and meld it with the 9 sheep. The process should look something like this.

[Main-Silver Warrior] + [Sheep#1] = [Silver Warrior-Meld1]
[Silver Warrior-Meld1] + [Sheep#2] = [Silver Warrior-Meld2]
[Silver Warrior-Meld2] + [Sheep#3] = [Silver Warrior-Meld3]
[Silver Warrior-Meld3] + [Sheep#4] = [Silver Warrior-Meld4]
[Silver Warrior-Meld4] + [Sheep#5] = [Silver Warrior-Meld5]
[Silver Warrior-Meld5] + [Sheep#6] = [Silver Warrior-Meld6]
[Silver Warrior-Meld6] + [Sheep#7] = [Silver Warrior-Meld7]
[Silver Warrior-Meld7] + [Sheep#8] = [Silver Warrior-Meld8]
[Silver Warrior-Meld8] + [Sheep#9] =
[Silver Warrior-Meld9]

*Note: Remember, mutation will occur at any meld — that’s a good thing. The reason is, whatever the Silver Warrior mutates into will have a greater MAX STR/INT growth rate than the Silver Warrior.

Step 3: Collect and raise 11 Bright Humanoid pets with the same affinity as your [Attack Pet]. For our example, we will collect 11 Pyra/Bright Humanoid pets.

Why Bright? Bright pets will transfer STR/INT much better than any other type.
Why Humanoid? Humanoid pets have the highest well-rounded STR/INT stats; typically 3+ STR/INT. (ie. Feline Champion, Tigero Ranger, etc.)

With this process, you are now creating a secondary pet (a sacrificial/support pet) for your [Attack Pet]‘s STR/INT growth. Meld all 11 together using the pet with the highest STR/INT as your main. You will get about 4.5+ STR/INT Growth after the 10 melds.

[Main-Bright_Humanoid] + [Bright_Humanoid#2] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld1]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld1] + [Bright_Humanoid#3] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld2]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld2] + [Bright_Humanoid#4] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld3]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld3] + [Bright_Humanoid#5] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld4]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld4] + [Bright_Humanoid#6] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld5]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld5] + [Bright_Humanoid#7] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld6]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld6] + [Bright_Humanoid#8] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld7]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld7] + [Bright_Humanoid#9] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld8]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld8] + [Bright_Humanoid#10] = [Bright_Humanoid-Meld9]
[Bright_Humanoid-Meld9] + [Bright_Humanoid#11] =

*Note: Pets with the same or similar STR/INT growth rates should not be melded together. You will see only a very slight increase. [ie. 3.05 STR/INT + 3.08 STR/INT]

*Note: Mutation may occur in this step, but that doesn’t matter.

Step 4: Level both these pets (ideally to lvl90) as best you can before melding them. When they are higher levels, the better the stats may transfer from your [4.5STR/INT-Bright_Humanoid] to your [Silver Warrior-Meld9]. If melded at high enough levels, it should result in a final pet (unable to say which one it will be due to mutation) with an 7.5+ STR/INT Growth Rate.

*Note: 7.5STR/7.5INT can max out ANY pet below a max 10STR/INT at lv90. If your pet has more than 10STR/INT, you will need to meld them at lv90+.

[Silver Warrior-Meld9] + [4.5STR/INT-Bright_Humanoid] = [Silver Warrior-Meld10] aka [Super-Mutated-7.5STR/INT-Silver Warrior]

**Caution, there risks the possibility that your mutation may become mechen/elementa type, STR-capping at about 6.7STR. This will not be able to max certain pets like Tomero Gilgunners, Hulon Firedrakes, Fiesty Whelps, and other high STR/INT pets. If this happens to be your mutation, please re-level it to 90 and meld it with a new un-melded lvl90 Feline Champion, Trident Bullero, or other humanoid and continue the process.**

Final Step: Meld together your [Attack Pet] with the [Super-Mutated-7.5STR/INT-Silver Warrior]. Again, and more importantly at this stage, please be sure your pets are around lv90 — or until your [Attack Pet]‘s STR/INT are maxed in the preview.

[Attack Pet] + [Super-Mutated-7.5STR/INT-Silver Warrior] =
[Attack Pet-Meld1] aka [Ultimate Attack Pet]

With this, your new [Ultimate Attack Pet] will/should be maxed out in STR/INT. Maxed or near maxed stats will appear in orange highlight.

*Note: “Rank is power” -Fate. This holds true, and a pet with maxed STR/INT with little HP Growth will have a lower rank and result in less damage (with rank dependent skills). Make sure to read my max-HP guide to learn more on how to max the HP of your attack pet.

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