Battle Dawn Galaxies Absolute Victory Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies Absolute Victory Guide by 2457

This guide will help anyone, regardels of the experience to win a battledawn seerver, even without an alliance.

It is very important to read and understand the key elements of this guide to ensure the recepie works.

The first thing You should do is join a world.
It does not mather if the world is a new one or is allready running.
From Your perspective it makes no difference.
You do not need too many ticks to win all by Your self.

The fundamental element of the game is to be able to take the relics.
The rest is not important.

The unit type used is allso based on Your preference, no real need to spend Your time with playing with the simulator to find good unit setups.

Spy actions are allso absolute waste of time, there is no need to know what Your proposed enemy has.

Many veterans may disagree with the above, but let us continue to Your first steps showing the world what a brilliant player You are.

Right after You enter the game, you should click BOOST button.
Then, click the PURCHASE TOKENS button.
Choose Your type of finance option, and pay as mutch as You can.

From then on, You can use the numerous boosts available,
such as gold / wood boosts.
The amount may seem to be low, but for those pesky ones who registered to a FREE game and therefore did not purchase bonus tokens the same amount of resources will take around 12 ticks to obtain.

Be sure to absolutely purchase every possible BOOST, as this will give You the edge to win regardless of Your oponent’s strategy.

The most fundamental mistake people make when registering to battledown is to think its a free game. It is FREE TO PLAY, not free to enjoy.

The next mistake most people make is to think that this is a tactical/strategy game. Your goal is not to play with tactics.
The size of Your wallet determens Your ability to win, and nothing else.

Here are some figures.
If You are a noob and do not have cash to get tokens, even with a fully built castle you shall not make 100 gold in a tick, as a startup.
Any experienced and talented player with tactics (that is a deep wallet) will have right on the verry first tick:
3000 gold as the small gold boost
least 5-6000 as the heavy boost
and 5000 gold as emergency boost.

Given these fgures one can right at the very first tick playd get a strategic advantage over others with starting funds of what would take around 130 ticks.
The same ratio is presented for other resources.

From this point Your duty is to make sure You spend a lot on tokens, take all boosts available, and keep Your self defended and go for the relics as soon as possible.

You will have income matching f around 100 players, givent he fct that an alliance can have 12 members it is reasonable to say that around top 10 alliance would have to fight against you to win.
That will not happen.

so here is it, the key is Your strategy to become the ultimate battledawn.
Cash = units.

Actualy there are other games in this world that are FREE TO PLAY,
and there are bonuses available for them.
Key difference is, that bonuses do not give this mutch “strategic” advantage.

For those who are disappointed, and try to play the game as best as they can but allwas end up counqered:
not your fault.
You just did not have enough cash, thats all.

Play a nother game, that has reasonable bonuses.
And do not thing ketting counqered is “not” a problem in battledawn.

It is, You can not get counqers, You can not get additonal income that way.
So even if at one point You can break free, You have a major disadvantage that will insure that You can not achieve anything at all.
Best you can be is a puppet of those who pay for tokens.

Just follow my guide, and you WILL be a battledawn.
Do not pay for tokens, and You will be counqered, and regardles of Your actions You are gong to stay like that, or even if You break free You will not be able to achieve anything at all.

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  1. Destroyer says:

    I don’t agree.
    I have won many Era’s without boosting at all.

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