Travian Teutons Speed Server Guide

Travian Teutons Speed Server Guide by slave

Table of Contents:

€ Introduction
€ What is Teuton?
€ Troops of Teuton
€ Choice of hero
€ Capital
€ Offense Village
€ Defense Village
€ Resource village
€ Diplomacy ( Suitable for newer players )
€ WW Killers & Wall Destroyers
€ Conquering & Settling villages
€ Tricks ( Slightly Advanced )
€ Conclusion

€ Introduction

Basically, if you are reading this guide, I will automatically assume that you have a decent level of understanding of the game and therefore I will not explain the basic stuff. Remember, this is an advanced guide ONLY for speed server. I do not play regular servers so I do not have any idea what to do there. Speed servers are much harsher than regular servers and therefore, if you are a new player, I don’t think you should attempt playing it. For all crybabies and sore losers, get lost. Travian IS a war game. You should not even whine about getting owned or people bullying you. Those who whine are usually those who would do the same thing given the chance. If you are one of those who are extremely nice and think that no one should attack each other, go play sim city. If you cannot afford sim city, go get some dolls and play. Remember, if you are not a friend, you are a farm. If you don’t farm me, I’ll farm you. My guide is not in any order due to the fact that I am not sure what im typing and I am typing whatever is in my mind now.

Also, I am a Teuton player and therefore what im saying will be more Teuton based but most are generally suitable for everyone playing on speed.

€ Whats Teuton?

The Teutons are the most aggressive tribe. Their troops are notorious and feared for their rage and frenzy when they attack. They move around as a plundering horde, not even afraid of death.

But they lack the military discipline of the Gauls or Romans, which causes their weaknesses in speed and defense. For aggressive and experienced players the Teutons are an excellent choice!

• Plunder bonus: the cranny of enemies only hides 2/3 of its content.
• The earth wall is DURABLE
• Merchants can carry 3000 units of resources (speed: 36 fields/hour)
BEST cavalry ( Teuton Knights )

• SLOW troop. Very, very slow.
• SLOW merchant. Very, very slow.
• VERY BAD infantry defense. Paladin is crappy.

€ Troops of Teuton

Prerequisites: Barracks level 1
This is a monster. Cheap and strong. Strongest troop per resources. It is not crop-friendly in the way that for the same offense power it give, Clubswingers eat 50% more crops. However it is also the best raider early game. It will dominate your 7×7. However a SINGLE Theutates Thunder will kill 18 clubswingers in an attack. A TT hero will easily kill 50 of them without even blinking an eye.

Clubswingers are rarely used late game due to crops constrain but if it is NOT a problem, clubswingers are way better than axefighter.

Research Cost: 0 Lumber, 0 Clay, 0 Iron, 0 Crop, Length: /
Velocity: 14 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 60 Resources
Upkeep: 1 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: Academy level 1
BEST anti cavalry troop around. It is the only Teuton troops that should be used for defenses. It is pointless to build this until mid-late game so do NOT bother building it until mid server. Phalanx and Prae own early game.

Research Cost: 970 Lumber, 380 Clay, 880 Iron, 400 Crop
Velocity: 14 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 40 Resources
Upkeep: 1 Crop per hour

Axeman ( Axefighter )
Prerequisites: Academy level 3, Blacksmith level 1
Most commonly used troop for Teuton. It make up the base of most Teuton armies due to the fact that it does not take as much crops as a clubswinger. The only disadvantage is that they are NOT as good as clubswinger in terms of producing offensive power.

Offensive power production

Axefighter – 0.882 offensive point per sec ( Rounded off )
Clubswinger – 0.975 offensive point per sec ( Rounded off )

The above calculation is made by using offensive point divide by time to produce one troop.

Research Cost: 880 Lumber, 580 Clay, 1560 Iron, 580 Crop
Velocity: 12 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 50 Resources
Upkeep: 1 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: Academy level 1, Main building level 5
Best defensive scout but worst offensive. The reason I say that is because they only use 1 crop per hour while other scouts use 2. Therefore you are able to keep twice the amount of scouts while using the same amount of crops and therefore you are able to defend against scouting attacks. It is also the most wanted scouts when people are defending WW. However, they are the slowest and therefore is not good when you are trying to scout people far away.

Research Cost: 1060 Lumber, 500 Clay, 600 Iron, 460 Crop
Velocity: 18 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 0 Resources
Upkeep: 1 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: Academy level 5, Stable level 3
Crappy, useless, lame, expensive troop. I hate this. I cant stressed how much I dislike paladin but hell I hate them. I only suggest you building 1 to make it as a hero at the start of the server to kill clubswingers. Other than that, don’t bother with them. Phalanx and Prae are the best. Don’t count on paladin. Waste of resources. Play gaul if you are trying to play defensive.

Research Cost: 2320 Lumber, 1180 Clay, 2520 Iron, 610 Crop
Velocity: 20 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 110 Resources
Upkeep: 2 Crop per hour

Teutonic Knight
Prerequisites: Academy level 15, Stable level 10
BEST cavalry. The offensive point / crop is the highest amount ALL cavalry. I personally use them as a hero but paladin can also be used even though I don’t like it. Read the hero section to know more.

Research Cost: 2800 Lumber, 2160 Clay, 4040 Iron, 640 Crop
Velocity: 18 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 80 Resources
Upkeep: 3 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: Academy level 10, Workshop level 1
IMPORTANT. VERY IMPORTANT. Every army need rams. It can be the deciding factor as to whether you survive or you are a goner. For most cases, 1k – 5k rams will be enough. For special case , read WW killer section.

Research Cost: 6100 Lumber, 1300 Clay, 3000 Iron, 580 Crop
Velocity: 8 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 0 Resources
Upkeep: 3 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: Academy level 15, Workshop level 10
Your best friend against rude idiots. Your best friend when you are sad. Your best friend when you are bored. You best friend when you cannot stand someone name. Read Catapult section and WW killer section for more informations.

Research Cost: 5500 Lumber, 4900 Clay, 5000 Iron, 520 Crop
Velocity: 6 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 0 Resources
Upkeep: 6 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: Academy level 20, Rally point level 5, free expansion slot in Residence / Palace

Your savior. They save time and resources. They are the best. Why the hell do you need to play sim city? Let others do that and you can just take the end result. Its also the single best way to totally destroy someone offense. I’ll explain more later on.

Research Cost: 18250 Lumber, 13500 Clay, 20400 Iron, 16480 Crop
Velocity: 8 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 0 Resources
Upkeep: 4 Crop per hour

Prerequisites: free expansion slot in Residence / Palace
I don’t like settling new villages but well, sometimes you have to do it and when you have to do it, this is how you do it but conquering a village is 10x better than settling one.

Research Cost: 0 Lumber, 0 Clay, 0 Iron, 0 Crop
Velocity: 10 Fields/Hour
Load capacity: 3000 (T2: 1600) Resources
Upkeep: 1 Crop per hour

€ Choice of hero

A hero is EXTREMELY important. They add up to 20% offensive bonus and defensive bonus while they can kill A LOT of troops without even losing anything. You should only have 2 choices when you choose your hero, paladin or Teuton knights. A Teuton knight is always my choice due to the fact that I am more of an offensive player. While a paladin have slightly faster speed, its pointless if you always send your hero with an army due to the fact that you cannot possibly have 100% paladin while attacking. Therefore, with a Teuton knight hero, I gain more offensive point while having a worse defense point. However, I don’t really care about defenses so its not a problem to me. My defenses are ALWAYS from my allies. You need to be in a good alliance with friends. Helping does not mean that you have to defend. You can just destroy the enemy so you don’t need to be a freeloader.

How do you pump a hero?

Level 0 – 5 points to offense
Level 1 to 5 – 1 point to regen , 4 points to offense
Level 6 to 25 – 5 points to offensive BONUS
Level 26 to 45 – 5 points to defensive BONUS ( Yes I hate defense but it’ll be useful )
Level 46 onwards – Pump everything to offensive points until you can’t and then repeat it for defense point and regeneration.

You do NOT need more than 5 points of regeneration at any point of time so its enough with 5 points.

€ Capital

15c , 9c , 6444?

A capital is the SECOND most important village after your main offensive village. We are playing the offensive giant Teuton style and therefore we can ONLY use a 15 cropper. A 15 cropper is not as useful at the start but in the long run, it is VERY important. However, a 9 cropper would be more suitable for new players but hey, this is an advanced guide so if you are too new, you will probably have problems doing what I am asking you to do. A 6444 village would be ridiculous for an advanced player trying to get 300k or more crops per hour army. Generally, a 75% crop oasis 15 cropper will be enough but the higher, the better.

Also, a 15 cropper capital will be extremely helpful if you are a gold user at the start. You can just NPC all the crops you get to resources and after that use the resources to upgrade your 15 cropper resources field. After you get to the level you want, you can use all the resources you NPC in your offensive village.

For a 15 cropper, if you are a big time gold user, you will generally probably delete and rebuild granary and warehouses a couple of time. I am not exactly the best at building 15 cropper in the sense that I don’t get my 15 cropper over level 16. You will have to ask someone else about this.

Generally, for a 15 cropper capital, you do NOT need a hero mansion after conquering all the oasis you can. A marketplace is optional but if you do not have a marketplace in your capital , you will need another village with quite a couple of granary with a marketplace to NPC trade the crop. Barracks, stable etc are all pointless in the 15 cropper so do not bother building them.

€ Offense Village

Offensive village is the single MOST important village. Regardless of what happen, you should NEVER let it get destroyed or conquered because all your army WILL disappear without a fight in the case that they are not in the village at the time of attack.

3-Chief-Offensive Army

What is a 3-chief-offensive army? Its just an attack with 3 chief together with your main offensive army. The advantage is that you can conquer a village without having to time another attack and risk being intercepted. How you do this is that when you have a capital, you destroy the palace there and instead of a residence at your offense village, you have a palace and bam, you can now make 3 chief in your offense village. There are, however, a couple of disadvantages as well. I will explain more in the tactics section so I will skip it here.

Buildings in the offense Village

Generally, in the offense village, you do NOT need academy, blacksmith, armoury, after you finish researching the things you can.

As for the crop and resources bonus buildings, delete them while building granary. You will need to have at least a 540k granary while having at least 160k warehouse. I would personally suggest 240k warehouse with 540k granary because you will often get raids with 160k or more resources each. Trust me, you will. A tournament square will also be needed due to the fact that you will have to do some long distance attacking sometimes so it will be extremely useful. A level 10 tourament square is the minimum but I suggest you get at least 15.

Type of village that you should use for your offense village

Unlike some jokers, I do NOT encourage anyone to build your offense village at a 15 cropper. A 15 cropper non capital produce 13.5k crop while a 6444 produce 5400 crops. When you are already -300k when all your army is back, a difference of 10k will not even make you take note. It is more useful to let your allies have it so don’t bother trying to take a second 15 cropper.

€ Defense village

Unlike an offense village, a defensive village is not as important due to the fact that you can produce defenses in multiple villages. Also, remember that you should NEVER EVER build a great barrack in a defense village because you can always just get another village to produce defenses as unlike offense, you can merge your defenses from different villages. The only thing that is required in the offense village is for you to get a level 20 armoury but you do not have to keep it as soon as you get the level 20 research done. Repeat the procedure for as many times as you want but for an offensive Teuton, you only need 1-2 of these because your allies should provide you with defenses when you need it. Also, try not to build paladin because they are useless but you can build a few if you want.

€ Resource Villages

Unlike others, a resource village is like a farm. Its your OWN farm. For the resource village, the only thing you NEED is level 10 resource field and AT LEAST one level 20 granary and warehouse although I would personally suggest at least 2 of each. A marketplace is also recommended but its not required because you can always raid your own village. In fact I recommend that you raid your own village due to the fact that it is way faster and personally I suggest you use your TK to raid them if you have a fair amount of them. Axes will sometimes die due to the level of residence but a Tk will never die this way.

€ Diplomacy

Ah, this is extremely important. Watch what you say because it can change your entire round.

What to do when you are getting farmed?

Unlike what most people suggest, I personally think that contacting the guy farming you is not always the smartest things to do. Sometimes it will just irritate the guy more. Remember something. You should always be friendly even if the guy attack you every 5 min for whatever reason. First of all, try to find a common link between you two. For example, if you found out the guy is a Manchester United Fan, IGM him and tell him Rooney ( or any other MANU player name ) owns. However, do not go “Hi I like rooney so can you please stop farming me?” It is extremely important to start a conversation going on and after a while, ask if he can stop and promise that you can help him in the long run if he needs help. Furthermore, even though this is a game, remember that a promise is a promise. You should NEVER break a promise. Those who say that this is just a game and therefore you can break a promise are always the one who would break a promise in real life. Morals are more important than anything else. Backstabbing someone is the way of a scum. NEVER ever do so.

Sometimes you will not be able to find a common link with the guy farming you but still, you should always try to start a conversation with him. Slowly, ask him if he can stop or at least limit his attack but even if he say no, be POLITE. I cannot tell you how important that is and do not try to bug him by sending him message asking him to stop daily. Slowly build up your crannys and get a residence and get out of there. You can also ask if you can join his alliance or not. Even if he is NOT a leader of his alliance, you should ALWAYS ask him first.

Also, there are many idiots ( yes you must be an idiot if you do this ) who would send attacks to people who are farming them even though the differences in strength is a lot. They just want to irritate the farmers. Its not going to help in any way. If you do that to me, I’ll just make sure you are a goner the minute I get my catapults.

€ WW Killers & Wall Destroyers

What’s a WW killer?

A WW killer ( AKA WW hammer ) is basically a huge offense army which is solely used for destroying a WW’s infrastructure. They are generally extremely big armies. For a minimum, a WW killer should be at least 150k crop per hour due to the fact that WW generally have at least a few million defenders and anything less than that will almost never do a damage. Generally, a WW killer should at least have 3-5k catapults and with just 3-5k catapults, you should ONLY do single attack ( Aim for Great warehouse and not WW ) when you use it on a WW. Generally, most WW killers are Teuton due to the fact that Teutons are able produce more offensive points over the same period of time and therefore I’ll touch on this. Generally, the offense army will NEVER be too much but I’ll list out the minimum.

Axe – 80k
TK – 30k
Catapults – 4k

Those are the minimum you should have. Unlike a regular offense army, ram is NOT important due to the fact that unless you have a huge amount of ram, you will NOT be able to even lower the ram by one level.

Also, please note that you should ALMOST ALWAYS aim for great warehouse. WW are MUCH harder to damage and the damage will not be as great as a Great Warehouse. For most cases, you should single attack when you send the attack because the damage done will be minimal if you dual attack.

The following are the minimum amount of army you need to have before you should dual attack.

Axe – 140k
TK – 50k
Catapult – 10k

Catapults are the single most important one because if there’s not enough of them you will not be able to damage the Great Warehouse but if you have a lot of catapults but not enough of other troops, the damage will also be minimal.

This is a screenshot of my army.

This is a screenshot of my ally WW killer

WW Wall Destroyer

Unlike a WW killer, a WW Wall Destroyer is used to destroy the wall of the WW. A wall will increase the defenses by 60-85% and when you have millions of defenders, THAT’S A LOT A LOT OF BONUS. Generally, you will need to have the army of a standard WW killer but its just that instead of catapults, you have rams. This is my personal suggestion of the size of a WW Wall Destroyer.

Axe – 150k
TK – 50-60k
Ram – 20-30k

You only need to have one WW wall destroyer and it will always go in the first wave but due to the fact that you only have one chance, you should almost always choose one of the biggest army to do that. It will make the job of a WW killer MUCH MORE effective.

This is a screenshot of my ally WW ram-er


Please note that you should NEVER show or tell your army size to ANYONE, not even a farm if you are a WW killer. Once the enemies know that you have an army that big, they will be coming for you.
Also, a WW killer should NEVER take a WW due to the fact that WW holders get more attention from the enemies than they need and most of their villages will be under attack. It may cost you to lose your army because of the constant attacks from the enemies.

€ Conquering & Settling Villages

Settling New Villages

Generally, I do not suggest settling new villages due to the fact that its not only slow but its troublesome. I personally suggest conquering but if you have to settle a new village and I am assuming that the 15 cropper we need is already fixed so its just a regular village we are talking about.

Regular Resources Village – 5 iron
Defense Village – 5 lumber
Scout Village – 5 lumber

Iron is the most important resources unless you are building clubs but if you are building clubs, then everything is 5 lumber for you.

Conquering New Village

Try to choose villages closer to your capital and offense village. There is no point in conquering a village that is 150 square from your offense village. The resources will take years to reach you. Note that to have nearby villages to conquer, you must ALWAYS remember that you should NEVER destroy a farm unless he is really getting on your nerves. Personally, I am against people cataing random farms just because you does not like him as it is a lose-lose situation. You end the game for the guy and you lose the chance of having villages to conquer. Farms almost always make villages for me to conquer and it help a lot because it take quite some time to grow a village to a decent level. Generally, I don’t suggest you conquering villages less than 400 population but if theres nothing to conquer, feel free to conquer lower populated villages.

€ Tricks

This is probably the most important sections. It is about some of the tactics that separate the elite players from the good players. You will require a decent understanding of the game before you can do it. Practice make perfect. You don’t learn it just by reading. Also, a single mistake may cause the entire thing to go haywire. Please note that the tricks do NOT require any script or bot of any type.

Trick 1 – Countering
Trick 2 – Conquering a village in a second.
Trick 3 – 3 waves of catapults per second.
Trick 4 – Anti Conquering
Trick 5 – Intercepting
Trick 6 – Fakes
Trick 7 – Self Lowering of Loyalty
Trick 8 – Population Bonus

Trick 1 – Countering

What is countering you? It means we send an attack AFTER the enemy attack hit us and we will time our attack to make it such that our attack will reach seconds ( The closer it is , the better it is ) after the enemy army return from attacking us. This will take some experiences to be able to calculate the time. I am assuming that we are all Teuton players so let me tell you how to estimate. This will ONLY work in short distance battles, especially useful when the server just started. It is stupid to use this tactic for a long distance fight when the enemy can easily just get 10000000000 defenses to defend against your attack.

I’ll give you an example.

Player A is attacking Player B
Player A is a Roman.
Player B is a Teuton.

Now, let us assume that this is an early server fight so a roman will probably send legions as Prae are cost more but are weaker.

Legion move at 12 square per hour and axe move at 12 square as well. Clubswingers move at 14 square per hour and therefore is faster than Legion. Therefore, you will be able to estimate the time taken for Legion to reach his village. Since clubs are faster than legion, they are good to use when you are trying to counter him. I’ll give you the calculation now.

Time when the enemy army reach his own village – A
Time reach enemy attack hit your village – B
Time that your troop of the same speed ( axe in this case) take to reach that village – C

A = B + C

I am not going to go anymore deeper into it because I think its good enough for now. Now, even if our guesses that the attack is purely legion is wrong and its actually Prae, we will just have to send the attack later because Prae take longer to reach him and you will have to time it accordingly. If the attack is imperians, and you have clubs only, you will have to send the attack as soon as you can after his attack reach. It will be very troublesome to do that. If you have axes, and the enemy used imperians, then you will have to send BEFORE the attack reach. The same calculation method apply but its just your experiences. It’s the same for everything. Just practice and practice.

Trick 2 – Conquering a village in a second

I will assume that you have as many Chief as you need so this is simple. You can only have 2/3 chief per village so just estimate the number of chief you need to conquer and then send the chief that take the longest time to reach first and then go on until you send all the chief you need to take over the village. The amount of loyalty that the chief will lower is due to certain factors like your population , whether they are having a celebration or not etc but I’ll give you a rough estimation about it.

Your population is much higher than the guy you are conquering village from – 6-8
Your population is much lower than the guy you are conquering village from – 4-6
Your population is similar to the guy you are conquering village from – 5-7

Those are merely from my experiences and therefore I cannot guarantee anything.
There is also an even more advanced version of this but I do not have the details of how to do it but well the attacker will time the attack such that ALL the attacks, inclusive of the clearing wave, reach at the SAME second but the attacker are still able to make sure the clearing wave reach before the chiefs do. It takes a whole load of skill but trust me, it CAN be done AND it’s not using bots or scripts.

Trick 3 – 3 waves of catapults per second.

First of all, you need a decent internet connection and a decent mouse ( Yes the thing you use to move your cursor ). For the method to work, you will need to send at least 20 catapults per wave so a decent amount of catapults are needed.

After that, all you need to do is to click the “OK” button as fast as possible and that’s how people send 3 waves per second.

However, the problem with this way is that you CANNOT choose different targets for different waves.

Quote Originally Posted by Phanttis View Post
Good guide!

To the question: you need a browser with tabs. So, Firefox or new Internet Explorer will do.

1) prepare 1 attack (do not launch yet) in each tab. You can change the target and army composition. For example, 6 fakes and 1 fist… or 1 fake(cata), then fist+1cata and then 5 waves of catas… whatever you want. You can also calibrate the intervals if you have good sense of seconds.

With Ctrl + Tab, you can change tab in your browser. Ok-buttons for launch are all in same place in each tab so…

2) While pushing Ctrl + Tab and at the same time clicking mouse over OK-buttons, you can launch as much as 9* attacks per second, with different armies from same village.

If some attacks went to ‘wrong’ second, you can cancel some or all the attacks and try again if you wish.

If you prepare two kinds of attacks in two tabs, and you click Ctrl+Tab furiously enough, you probably succeed in launching two or three attacks of both type at same sec.

[EDIT]If you prepare 20 tabs and furiously click Ok-button in each, you can send even 150 attacks in ~30sec time frame… but that is annoying and therefore I already regret saying it here instead of letting you find out yourselves. -.-‘

Depends on your connection speed… I have managed max of 9 attacks at same second with university 100MB connection. From my apartment where i have only 1MB connection, i have managed 6 attacks at same second average.

Therefore I guess at least 11 attacks at same second is plausible without illegal scripts.


^ This above way is better than mine if you are prepared to do that. If you’re a bit lazy like i am, then do it my way.

Trick 4 – Anti Conquering

Now.. what the hell is anti conquering? Well it’s a bad name but I cannot think of any suitable name. Either way, it is to help you when you are getting conquered and no help is available. However, it will not always work and certain things have to be there before you can use it.

Oh and it is not the Sitters or Same PC Usage thing. I personally despise that method due to the fact that I think it’s against my principle. I will not go deep into that so don’t bother asking me about it. Now let me start.

People are conquering your villages using Trick 2 ( Scroll up ) and the clearing + Catapults will reach 1 second before his chief and you do not have the army to defend anything.

Now, you have a choice. You can either make a palace ( and either change it to the capital or pray that when his catapults did not hit the residence, it will not hit your palace ) or you can just time the residence.

What the heck is time the residence? It is to time it such that your residence will finish after the catapult reach and just before the chief reach. The bigger the gap between the clearing wave and the chief, the easier it is to do it. Lets say there is a 1 sec gap between the clearing wave and the chiefs. You can time it such that the residence will finish during that gap.

Trick 5 – Intercepting

Intercepting. What is that? Its usually used to avoid the main clearing wave due to reasons like not having enough defenses etc. Like countering, you need to time your troops. However, in this case, it is to time your reinforcement such that you will avoid the waves you wanted to. It is commonly used to defend against mass catapult attacks and used to defend against people conquering your village. I will not go into the details but I think you guys know what I mean.

Trick 6 – Fakes

Ha. Fakes. What’s so advanced about it? Well, it is extremely important that you send an X amount of waves before your real attack to mask your real attack and making interception harder.

Another tactic is that you send mass fakes to a village and send 3-5 to each of the other villages of the guy but actually send the real attack to 1 of the village with just 3-5 fakes. Usually the village with the most incoming attack will be guarded better so you can actually destroy major infrastructure to that particular village. Repeat that a couple of time and destroy the infrastructure.

After that, when people think the village with the mass fake are usually not the target, you repeat the situation and just hit the village with the most fakes. It will be a lot more convincing if you do that with your alliance.

Trick 7 – Self Lowering of Loyalty

Hell, why the hell are you asking me to lower my own loyalty when people are trying to conquer my villages?

Well, sometimes when you are fighting against someone with far superior offense than the defenses you can gather and the village is just a mere resources village, you can do this. However please note that if this village is important ( like an offense village ) , then you cannot do this. Your army will disappear and you’ll cry.

Remember the 3-Chief-Offense village thing? Not everyone have 3 chief in their army but a lot of them have 1-2 chief with their main offense army. They usually try to lower loyalty with their first wave and this trick is to lower your own loyalty down until like 10 and when the enemy first wave reach, they’ll immediately conquer the village with that wave.

Due to the fact that the first wave with all the offense army conquered the village, they will reinforce themselves at the village and that’s where the good part comes in. You just need to time your own offense army to reach AFTER his army reaches and you can just slaughter all his offense army. In most cases, you can slaughter an offense army twice your size easily this wave and after all his troops died, you can just reconquer it back with your own chief and there you go, you have the village back but the enemy just lost all his offense. Even if in the case whereby you are not able to wipe out all the enemy army, you will still wipe out a sizeable part of his army and it will surely be worth more than the village you lost.

Trick 8 – Population Bonus

Well, this isn’t exactly a trick but is actually more of a fact. I don’t have the exact amount but from what I believe, the guy with a smaller population will be given a bonus % while attacking and defending.

Therefore, in most situations, a 5k pop with a 100k crop army will fare better than a 10k pop with a 100k crop army. I think that’s all you need to know so a higher population isn’t always better unlike what most people think.

However, population bonus does NOT apply to a WW village so don’t bother planning for that.

€ Conclusion

With all those said, I probably said most of what I wanted to say but well I have to say I enjoyed the tiring experiences and the current speed server will probably be my last full round due to real life issues and I felt that I should share what I know with everyone around. It was fun typing those stuff out but I have to say it is a little longer than I expected. I had a lot of fun playing the game and I met a lot of friends and jerks around. Speed server is fun but tiring and its easily the most competitive server around so I think everyone should play it once at least.

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