Rift Fire Raid Guide

Rift Fire Raid Guide by RaspFatality

Hello fellow Rift players!

After experiencing some tedious and painfully bad PuG groups while trying to complete the daily Fire Raid Rift quest, I decided that it would be a good idea to make a short guide for people to be able to read my own personal tactics for this Rift.
So, I thought I should share it around the shard and hopefully we can all get our daily quest done more often, and getmore shiny purplez!
(Disclaimer)This isnt the only or the best way of doing this Raid Rift, but it HAS worked, repeatedly, in PuGs. Please feel free to correct anything I get wrong, nobody is perfect!

So, to the basics…

Of course you are going to need a proper 20 man raid setup, which should consist of the following(imo):
>> 2 x Tanks, preferably ones with brains, who can respond quickly when the poop hits the fan.
>> 3/4 Supports, I personally like to have 1 x Archon, 1 x Bard, 1 x Chlorolock, 1 x Full Chloro, but thats just me.
>> 5 Cleric healers, 2 Single target healing, 3 AOE healing. AoE Cleanse if possible from somebody.

Fill up the rest of the raid with dps, try to get a mixture of ranged + melee, but try not to stack melee as with most Raid Encounters, things could go bad very quickly, and this rift is one where you especially do not want to be all bunched together.

OK, so, you have your raid team, stick numbers on the tanks, and stick a number on each your 3 aoe healing clerics. (This is not compulsory, I just like to do it, and thats just me).



Now on to the tactics for the difficult stages, as we all know the first stage and the Raptor/Handler phases are easy for any relatively competent raid, just stay spread out, avoid cleaves, and do not ninjapull.


Potentially the hardest encounter you will face in the whole Raid.

Glowing White Rings will spawn in a pattern on the ground, shortly after they show up a bomb will hit the ground and cause a Damage Over Time (DOT) tick and lots of damage on anyone caught sleeping in the aoe. This can wipe your raid very quickly.

Tactics are as follows:

TANKS – Make sure that you are tanking the boss far enough inside the rift that you are not losing 99% damage. NOT TOO FAR THOUGH – or your Clerics will not be able to heal you = fail
You will get a red blood bleed on you, at 4 or 5 stacks, the other tank should swap with you, and you should run out of the AOE area to be healed up.
Rinse and Repeat until dead.

CLERIC Healers – Stand on the edge of the white circles, so you dont ever get hit. Stand still, and spam heal as much as you can. Dispel the fire debuffs as and when you can.

If you are single target healing on a tank, be aware that when the tank switch occurs, you need to keep healing the one who has the bleeds stacked on them.

MELEE DPS – Wait for a good enough tanking position before you start to dps. An early loss of aggro can completely mess this boss fight up. DPS from the side, not the front or back.

When the white rings come, just run out. Wait for the place to clear up, run back and dps.

RANGED DPS – Make sure you are spread out, and when the whire rings come, just run out. Wait for the place to clear up, run back and dps.

Chlorolocks – Stay in the rift at all times if you can, do your best to avoid the aoe, but if you get caught by too much or are not confident enough then just run out.

51 Point Chloomancers – Act like the ranged dps, and use your single target heal on the tanks when you have ran out of the rift to avoid aoe.[/COLOR]

This link will take you to a picture I made which demonstrates how I would space out my raid!http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/…reRaidRift.png


Not gonna go into this one in detail, but a few points…

AFAIK they need to die at the same time, so set the one you are not dpsing as a focus target, and then you can see both HP bars and stop dps when you need to.

MELEE – Run when you see an emote!

RANGED DPS/Healers – move quickly if fire spawns on your head (Raiding 101!)


Easy when performed correctly. I promise you.

TANKS – Keep the boss STATIONARY / STILL / NOT MOVING, his side should face the raid, and he should be right in the middle of the rift.

MELEE – DPS from the side, when he rears up, run away… (omg I’m not doing any dps?) no, but you are alive. Go back when it is safe.

RANGED – DPS as spread out as you possibly can be. Move if there is aoe near you, move if you are pulled to a location.

ALL RANGED + HEALERS – if an add has a red beam pointing to you, and is moving towards you?? RUN AWAY!

This is a picture I made which demonstrates how I would space out my raid!

ALL AVOID ADDS, ALL AVOID AOE, ALL AVOID HEAD + TAIL (it is a dragon after all!)

Thanks for taking time to read this, I hope it helps

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